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  • rue mcclanahan as blanche deveraux246443the-golden-girls-posters

    By AD Lynn


    Rue McClanahan's death coming within a week of Gary Coleman passing away seems remarkably symbolic. The Golden Girls andDiff'rent Strokes were hallmarks of a TV era - my formative TV era. What makes it all so poignant is how that generation of television is so completely unrecognizable by today's entertainment standards.

    Rue McClanahan's Blanche Deveraux and Gary Coleman's Arnold Jackson weren't memorable simply because of these actors' sharp comic performances. Back then (Strokes ran from 1978-1986, Girls from 1865-92), with fewer channel choices and less or no interference from the internet, TV watching was a communal activity. We all gathered around the same shows. We were all following "Whatcha' talkin' about, Wills?" at the exact same moment. DVRs? Didn't exist. Online gaming? Barely a blip.

    It makes me sad, as a mom, for my son. Will there be TV actors who hit the zeitgeist in the same way for his generation? People whose

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  • Explain the Oil Spill to Your Kids, Via James Cameron Movies

    oil spilloil spill james cameron

    As the Gulf Coast oil spill hits Florida, the updates are getting worse by the minute. Sort of like the first half of a James Cameron movie. Mayhem! Creeping dread! Big Hollywood names! My son, and probably your kids, is wondering what's going on. Mostly, he's captivated by the gut-wrenching photos of oil-slicked birds and the impending terror on Florida's beaches. "What's happenin', Momma?"

    Well, I'm no expert, but James Cameron is. As you've likely already heard, the oil spill is James Cameron's latest project, thanks to a summons from the U.S. government. So sonny, are you listening up? Here's a little James Cameron oil-spill primer - 4 Movies That Shed Light on the Oil Spill:

    1. Remember Titanic? Just like in Titanic, what we're seeing now is merely the tip of a much bigger iceberg. Experts are saying we'll feel the damage for years, or eons, to come. Really, the bulk of the truth still remains deep underwater. Cue the music, cut to Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

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  • Ted Koppel and Al Gore: Dads Who've Discovered that You Can't Have It All

    al gore ted koppelal gore divorce, ted koppelYesterday Ted Koppel and Al Gore both proved one tough lesson: fame and money don't buy happiness. As the rest of us sit here in our paltry little homes, dealing with our everyday drudgery (a toddler who refuses to sleep in his own bed, melon rotting in the fridge, not quite enough cash for this month's bills), these two much-respected, hugely famous, political superstars have experienced mammoth family eruptions that remind us that their lives aren't, necessarily, any more desirable than our own.

    Andrew Koppel's death topped the news yesterday morning - Ted Koppel's son died after a night of heavy drinking. Then the Al Gore divorce news (so far it's technically a separation, but divorce seems close behind) quickly overtook the Koppel shocker as the fastest spreading story. The juxtaposition seemed especially horrible since Gore, too, knows all about having a son with a tendency to overindulge...(more)

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  • Bret Michaels Wins Celebrity Apprentice! How's He Look?

    celebrity apprentice bret michaelsbret-michaels-cowboy-hatIt was the tensest Celebrity Apprentice finale ever. After nearly dying of a brain hemmorhage a month ago, and then landing back in the hospital with a small stroke, Bret Michaels was slated to appear on the show live. Which meant that the question on fans' lips wasn't so much "Who will be theCelebrity Apprentice winner 2010?" but was, "Will Bret really make it?" Also: "How's he look?" and "Can he handle the stress of a live finale?"

    How about if we let the newCelebrity Apprentice winner-and runner-up Holly Robinson Peete!-answer in their own words?

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  • Naomi Watts Rocks a Mom-Swimsuit, in Cannes!

    naomi watts cannes bathing suit68931EM_WATTS_B-GR_02

    Glitz, glamour, and the hippest-designer fashion: these are the hallmarks of Cannes. I'd never fit in. Or so I thought until today. Because today, I saw something that made my heart flutter: Naomi Watts, swimming in the pool at the legendary Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, wearing a mom-bathing suit. You know the look. It's not just a one-piece, but a one-piece with modestly-slung legs for full coverage.

    To boot, even with this near-full coverage, she didn't strut her stuff in public. When leaving the pool with son Samuel, she topped the suit with a decidedly mommish cover-up. Swoon. Check out the cover-up. She looks like one of us.

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  • Dancing With The Stars: Evan Lysacek Inspired by Nephew

    Evan lysacek Dancing With The Stars31820786

    On Dancing With the Stars, Evan Lysacek has wowwed the judges with his technique, grace, poise-but not his passion. Until last night! On the May 17 episode, Evan's partner,DWTS' Anna Trebunskya, asked what makes him happy. He answered "coffee" (he may be an Olympian, but he's also human). And then, with the widest smile we've seen all season, he said, "My nephew."

    He went on to dance his most let-loose, grin-ful, passionate piece of the season, a Foxtrot that earned him and Anna a rocking 29 out of 30 points. It's not the first time Evan has mentioned his nephew in public. It seems that the one-year-old, named Mason, is the key to keeping this world-class skater grounded:

    Mason's mom is Evan's older sister, Laura. The siblings are only a year-and-a-half apart in age, and started skating together as kids. Now, however, "we have such different lives. He always tells me I'm so real," says Laura, who lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., with her fiance and Mason. Evan is "a really

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  • What's in a Name? Amy Adams Chooses Aviana for her New Baby.

    amy adams babyAmy Adams, Darren Le Gallo

    Amy Adams and fiancé Darren Le Gallo are officially parents! They welcomed daughter Aviana Olea Le Gallo on Saturday, May 15.

    See the pic at left? That was taken on Friday, one day before Amy gave birth.

    "Mom and baby are home and doing great," Adams's rep tells PEOPLE. "Everyone's healthy and happy." Aviana weighed in at 7 lbs. As for what her name means?

    Well, let's just say that this family can expect lots of good news in their future...
  • Celebrity Apprentice Finale: It's Power Mom vs. Super Dad

    holly robinson peete celebrity apprenticeholly-robinson-peete-autism-kids-familybret michaels celebrity apprenticebret_raine_jorja2

    Celebrity Apprentice 2010: the finale (airing on May 23) is shaping up to be especially interesting for parents. Because last night, after a rigorous interview process lorded over by Trump himself, three of the remaining five contenstants were booted. Sharon Osbourne (the season's Mother Hen herself!), chef Curtis Stone (the most divisive figure who was left), and WWE's Maria Kanellis were given the boot.

    Who's still battling vying to be the Celebrity Apprentice winner? Mom Holly Robinson Peete and dad Bret Michaels. And their charities, this year, are especially personal. Life and death, it seems, hang in the balance.

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  • 4 Reasons We Wanted to Believe That Matt Lauer Cheated

    Matt Lauer Cheating National Enquirer 4 Reasons We Were Eager to Believe Matt Lauer Cheated Matt-Lauer-Cheating-National-EnquirerMatt Lauer: Cheating Scandal 2010. It was a roller coaster of a 24-hours. Within minutes ofThe National Enquirer breaking news that Lauer had moved out of the apartment he shared with wife Annette Roque, the story was picked up across the webwaves. It spread as fast as the Tiger Woods debacle-never mind that unlike the Lauer case, Tiger's came with proof in the form of a mangled car. This time, armed with only National Enquirer hearsay, we took the story and ran. We believed, and you did too. And then Lauer, apparently hurt, came forward to say the whole thing was a lie.

    Why were we so eager to believe that Matt Lauer cheated and his marriage had ended? For four reasons, reasons that tell us a lot about who we are today, as a media culture and as parents.

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  • sandra bullock mtvsandrabullock4_300

    For a mom, one thing tops winning an Oscar (well, one thing other than a good night's sleep): Winning an MTV Movie Award. Because honestly, for the under-16 set, MTV's awards are the highest film honor. So I was thrilled, truly over-the-moon, to see new-mom Sandra Bullock listed three times on the nominee list. What's she up for? Only two of the nods are for her Blind Side role. Check out her nominations, how to cast your vote, plus a few of the other parents in the running for the Golden Popcorn.


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