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  • You’re Smokin’ Hot: Grapeseed Oil Turns the Heat On

    Yesterday your man treated you right. Dark chocolate, paper kisses and a rub-down good enough to put your masseuse out of work just sealed the deal. Your gift in return? A three-course meal with dessert so hot you made Smokey the Bear blush. But before you could stop, drop and roll, your main dish was on fire. Not you, my little tart, your stir-fry.

    Was it the heat? The pot? Maybe, it was your cooking oil.

    Smoke Point vs. Flash Point. Smoke-point is the temperature to which an oil can be heated before it smokes, generating toxic fumes and harmful free radicals. At the smoke point, the oil begins to give off unpleasant odors and unsavory flavors to your meal. At the flash point, there are tiny wisps of flames and at fire point, a fire is blazing. Duh.

    The best oils for cooking and frying are those that have a high smoking point - that is, they can be heated to high temperatures before burning. There is a general misconception that extra-virgin olive oil should be used

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