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  • Releasing: The Beauty to Enhance the Fashion!

    Releasing a part of you, is a part of fashion, we all have a love that runs deep and it shows on us, how loving you are, it makes you a special person and special to others. But, their is a side that we all need to allow to come to surface a little more often and that is the beauty of love, "It looks good on you". You are exploying a newer side of you, not holding back who you really are. Well, it's time to take you to a whole new level; and do those things for you, do something you have not done.

    Find the time to enjoy your life with you and even your mate, the things you sit back and say "I can't do that" that is the one thing you should do for you. "Just do it", the beauty of it, you will feel great, you will feel younger and you will feel good about you. You have to do it for you, it is a way of exploying the deeper part of love, meaning you what you're doing and you are loving you. That is the best fashion statement you can ever make, which will allow fashion to become

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  • Love To Love!

    Love to love is what makes it loving! You love no matter what; but you learn, how much to love so you will not lose yourself. One thing I've learned my relationship, my marriage is, those things that may irritate me, are those things that is within myself. My husband is in me and I am in him, when you marry you become "One" and after becoming intimate with your mate intimate your souls ties together. That's how you know what eachother are going to say before you say it or you say it at the same time.

    You also know it's him calling when the phone rings and it rings the same for everyone. You also know, what he's thinking about, before he shares it with you. Have you ever thought about those things that bother you about your mate is a part of you, you see yourself in him and he sees himself in you. One of the ways to know yourself is through the eyes of your husband, your wife or fiancee.

    Having compassion for who you love, makes it that much easier to love. Our spirit is

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