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  • Cheap, Chic, and Antiaging: What's Not to Like?

    Despite being pretty fanatical about sunscreen (I'm obsessed with Colorescience's powder version, which I use daily and might be my favorite beauty product of all time), after reading the umpteenth article about premature aging I've been thinking I ought to find a hat to wear at the beach. My criteria are that it's inexpensive (I'll only use it at the beach or pool, and I don't go nearly as much as I'd like), packable, and doesn't look too dorky or matronly the way sun hats often do.

    After striking out in the women's department, I've settled on this crushable Aussie style I spotted in the men's section at It's only $20 and, as the name suggests, it's meant to be taken on the road. In the customer reviews, one guy even said he'd brought one on a trip to Morocco and although he smashed and folded it a million times, it still retained its shape. It's made of breathable, moisture-wicking cloth, so you don't have to worry about overheating, and it looks classic and coolly Read More »from Cheap, Chic, and Antiaging: What's Not to Like?
  • Fine linen accessories: Hau Hauz Tango Bag

    I first caught on to Finnish accessories company Hau Hauz a few years ago at the Maison et Objet housewares show in Paris. The bold-but-feminine patterns are block-printed by hand on beautifully textured linen and applied to everything from table runners to throw pillows to little handbags like the one seen here. The pieces are striking but still so refined, and though the overall vibe is definitely modern, there's a crafty homespun element that adds to their charm. I've wanted one of their clutches for ages and finally just bought one at, which is one of the few places in the U.S. where you can get their stuff, and the only one I've found that sells the collection online. The bags come in a couple of different colors; you can specify whether you want one with or without handles (I went for natural, flax-colored linen without the straps); and all have old-school silver clasps and a playful, poufed silhouette. This is going to be my new evening bag for the rest of the

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  • Toting Around: Kit + Lili Graphic Print Tote

    I'm of the mindset that one can never have too many totes. I carry one most days, in addition to a purse, and never seem to have trouble filling it. Usually it houses an extra sweater to ward off the chill of overly air-conditioned buildings; my sunglasses case, which is roughly and frustratingly the size of a football; an umbrella and rubber flip-flops in case of rain ... the list goes on. Why I don't just consolidate and get a really big handbag (or carry less stuff), I don't know. In the meantime, I'm always excited by the idea of adding to my stock, and am loving this one I just stumbled on by Kit + Lili. It's made of rugged cotton canvas, and the wavy graphic print and deep sea blue color are so perfect for the season. And even if you're not someone who carts around as many odds and ends as I do on a daily basis, just think how perfect this would be for travel or the beach.

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  • Another knockout summer dress from Free People

    I'd like to wear this Free People sundress every day for the rest of the summer. The geometric motif is softened by a pretty, watercolor-y palette flecked with pale blues and yellows. It's smocked at the bodice, and an intricately embroidered patch in the middle gives it an exotic feel. The bottom half is decked out with three tiers of ruffles that somehow don't come across at all fussy. Instead, they just add to the cool, romantic vibe of this piece. It's unclear why they made the model wear those woolly above-the-knee socks--I'd ditch those in favor of bare legs and sandals. Oh, and it's also worth noting that this dress is made of silk, is fully lined, and comes in at a reasonable $118.

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  • J. Crew Summerweight Cashmere Cardigans: Best. Sweaters. Ever.

    The summerweight cashmere cardigans from J.Crew are one of my all-time favorite wardrobe staples. The quality of the cashmere is on par with that of the fanciest, priciest of labels-so soft, fine, and appealingly sheer-so they're great for layering year-round. I've been steadily building my supply for years now, and I thought I'd finally reached the point where enough was actually enough until just a minute ago, when I saw that they're offering a new, modified silhouette that's longer and leaner with a V-neck and short sleeves. Now I might need one more to add to my collection, this time in goes-with-literally-anything heather gray. I think I might buy it one size up, so it's nice and loose, which would also complete my vision of the perfect slouchy tissue-thin cardigan to wear with leggings on the plane.

    Want more tips and suggestions from Lucky editors? Visit our how-to channel for expert advice in fashion and beauty.

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  • What's the best bargain you've found this summer?

    Behold the black suede wedge oxfords by Christian Louboutin I bought a couple of days ago at Bergdorf Goodman. I first spotted them there at the end of last season, fell in love, and immediately came up with about a million different scenarios in my head for which they'd be perfect. I'd been looking for a men's-style oxford for ages though none were quite right. Adding a wedge heel-which I never would have guessed would work as well as it does-brings a sexy, feminine spin to the style, and although it's quite tall, it's also surprisingly comfortable. But then I noticed the price, $695(!), which was way, way more than I was prepared to spend. In an awesome twist of fate, when I dropped by the store again this week, they had one more pair in my size and it was on sale, massively reduced to $278. Still not cheap, but at 60 percent off and considering how badly I had coveted them for months, how could I refuse? So I ask you: In this, the height of the summer sale bonanza, what's the best

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  • Handmade wooden coasters: A gift for yourself and your hostess

    Coasters, much like toothbrush holders, are the sort of thing you don't think about until you really need one, and then when you start shopping around, you realize how many totally uninspiring, even cheesy, options are out there. I love this handmade set of polished wood discs. They're so elegant and simple, and they'd go well with any decor, whether it's warm and earthy (Persian rugs, brass fixtures, lots of candles) or more Zen-minimalist (slick concrete floors, bare white walls, Noguchi lamps ... you get the picture). Shockingly, you can get six of them for just $15, and between their bargain price and versatility, I suggest placing an order for a couple of sets now-one to keep for yourself and one to hold on to for the next time you're in a pinch for a hostess gift.

    Create a space that's truly yours with more unique and affordable home accents from these incredible stores and online sites.

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  • Sating my insane scarf obsession—this Chan Luu one is amazing

    As is well documented in this very blog, I'm a huge fan of the oversize scarf. And now I've found yet another one that's so extraordinary that I've just got to share it with you. This time it's from Chan Luu, a designer more widely known for her jewelry collection than for her knits. Her fabric pieces might appear deceptively simple, but when you're able to see and touch them in person it's easy to understand what makes them so special. They're large enough to function as travel blankets, but they're also as soft and sheer as anything I've ever felt, with a gauzy texture and delicately frayed edges that lend a faintly exotic quality. In cashmere with a bit of silk, they're totally seasonless, and they come in a slew of different colors. Right now I have my eye on this vivid rose, which would both accentuate a tan and add a nice dose of brightness to counteract paler skin come fall.

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  • Bathroom Beauty: Jayson Home and Garden Branch Toothbrush Holder

    In terms of toothbrush holders, this is for sure as good as it gets. It's an item that's typically an afterthought in your bathroom, which really makes no sense considering that you've constantly got to look at it on the countertop. This sculptural porcelain version actually makes a graceful, design-y statement, which is especially great considering it's only $30, and can also be used as a bud vase. I'm thinking of picking up a second one for makeup brushes and starting a mini all-white forest next to my sink.

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  • Halo by Wacoal: A strapless bra that really holds up

    In your comments the other day, a few of you raised the issue of what kind of bra to wear with a bare summer dress. It's an excellent question, since most strapless bras are either overly padded and/or constantly slip down your rib cage. After years of searching, the best I've found is this Halo style by Wacoal. It's made of seamless stretch lace with underwire for support and the edges are lined with silicone beading, which really helps the thing stay put while you're wearing it.

    That said, I am stumped as to what kind of undergarment would work for a dress with a really low back. I'm curious about those adhesive strapless, backless bras, but to be honest, they kind of scare me: If they're really meant to stick to you, could they possibly be easy (or painless!) to take off? This nylon style from Gap looks relatively innocuous; more befuddling is the chicken-cutlet-esque rubber one that a salesgirl tried to push on me once upon a time in a lingerie department. Can any of you vouch for

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