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  • Is Bacon a Cure-All for Nosebleeds?

    Is Bacon a Cure-All for Nosebleeds?Is Bacon a Cure-All for Nosebleeds? By Letisha Marrero

    Jack Frost sure knows how to mess up a woman's sexy game. In addition to the alligator skin, chapped lips and hat hair, winter weather makes the nasal region extra ugly, causing sniffles, sneezing and snot galore. Uncontrollable, hotter-than-July indoor heating and lack of humidity doesn't help either, drying out all those sensitive, irritated nasal membranes. So much blowing and honking could easily lead to a nosebleed. If tissue after tissue doesn't stop the bleeding, try this: Head to the fridge and grab a wad of bacon. Why, you ask? It seems the cure for nosebleeds might lie in a slice of cured pork.

    While it may not sound (or be) kosher, an article in The Guardian reported that a trio of Detroit doctors cured a young girl of "extreme epistaxis" (the medical term for nosebleed) by creating, get this, a "nasal tampon" made from strips of cured pork.

    Now, nose-packing is standard ER procedure, but usually, the main ingredient is gauze. And salt

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  • What to Say When…the Sex is Bad

    What to Say When…the Sex Is BadWhat to Say When…the Sex Is BadBy Kimberly Dawn Neumann

    If you find yourself stammering, hesitating or lying through your teeth when your lover asks, "Was it good for you?," it's time to speak up.

    Problem is, when people get naked together, they feel vulnerable. Be careful not to offend your partner.. "You've got to find a tactful way to make suggestions, without saying anything is wrong with your mate," says Laurie Puhn, couples mediator, relationship expert and bestselling author of Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In. "Blame the situation, offer new ideas, include yourself in the problem, but don't ever say 'you suck at this.'" When you start blaming, your mate will simply point a finger back at you and nothing will improve. "People are defensive about a lot of things and their sex technique is definitely one of them," says Puhn.

    If you've been together for a while, the first thing to explore is whether the sex has always been

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  • Food Expiration Dates 101: How Long to Keep Spices, Peanut Butter and Other Pantry ItemsFood Expiration Dates 101: How Long to Keep Spices, Peanut Butter and Other Pantry ItemsBy Lisa Cericola

    It's hard to tell when pantry basics like dried pasta, herbs and spices, rice, honey, sugar and flour expire - they often live in our kitchens forever! While some foods keep indefinitely, others have a shorter shelf life than you may think. Read on for expiration guidelines from

    1. Most Dried Ground Spices

    Unopened or opened: 2 to 3 years

    When it comes to spices, fresh is best, but they should remain flavorful for up to three years. While spices do not spoil, anything older than three years will most likely be lacking in flavor, aroma and health benefits. Store in a cool, dark place away from direct heat or sunlight, closed tightly when not in use. To test when an herb or spice is still potent, rub or crush a small amount in your hand then taste and smell it. If the aroma and flavor is weak, it should be discarded.

    2. Olive Oil

    Unopened: 2 years in the pantry or refrigerator

    18 to 24 months in the pantry or refrigerator

    Store olive oil in a

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  • 3 Easy Golden Globes Beauty Trends We're Stealing

    3 Easy Golden Globes Beauty Trends We're Stealing3 Easy Golden Globes Beauty Trends We're StealingBy Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester

    As much as I love watching awards shows like Sunday night's Golden Globes, the fashion usually isn't exactly translatable to real life. Do I think, for example, that 2012 will present me with an occasion where I'll be wearing a mermaid gown like Reese Witherspoon's? Unlikely.

    The same wasn't true, however, of the Globes' beauty trends this year. From stars' sparkling headbands to red lips and nail art, I haven't wanted to make so many celeb looks my own in years.


    What to do with short hair for the red carpet can seem to stump even the most style-conscious stars. But Michelle Williams found the perfect solution at the Golden Globes--and it required nothing more than adding a shimmering headband.

    How to do it off the red carpet: As quick-and-easy as they are elegant with short hair, headbands instantly change-up a pixie hairstyle while staying true to the integrity of the cut. An outfit doesn't

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  • Penis Tattoo Gives Man Permanent Erection

    Penis Tattoo Gives Man Permanent ErectionPenis Tattoo Gives Man Permanent ErectionBy Jill Provost

    Think before you ink, especially if it involves your dink. That's the lesson we've learned from one guy's decision to get a tattoo on his penis. The 21-year-old man from Iran - no, we're not penning a limerick -thought it would be a swell idea to bedeck his beanpole with the Persian script, borow be salaamat (good luck on your journeys), along with the initial of his girlfriend's last name ("M").

    Unfortunately, his journey to the tattoo parlor was not a fortuitous one. In addition to a decoration to last for all eternity, the man gained a permanent stiffy as well.

    While that might sound kind of kinky, especially for a guy who has no problem getting needles jabbed into his winky, a lasting erection --actually, a semi-erection, in this guy's case -- is not the barrel of fun you'd expect it to be.

    Plenty of movies and TV shows, like Love and Other Drugs and Grey's Anatomy, have gleefully demonstrated just how painful priapism, the medical term for an

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  • Paula Deen Tells IVillage: You Can't Just Eat Lettuce Every Day!

    Paula Deen
    By Heather M. Graham

    After announcing on the Today show Tuesday morning that she has type 2 diabetes, Paula Deen has come under fire from critics -- and received support from fans -- about whether her lifestyle and the recipes she's become famous for are responsible for her type 2 diabetes diagnosis. The famous Southern chef spoke to iVillage about diabetes, her critics and the craziest recipe she's ever come up with.

    First off, Deen isn't going turn tail on her down-home cooking and distance herself from her the food she's known for. "It's not good for us to eat just lettuce every day," she says in her sweet southern drawl. But she does acknowledge that you can't eat fried chicken and biscuits every day, either. "I've always encouraged people to use moderation," she says. "[My] show is meant to show my southern roots, my heritage, and southern recipes -- it's entertainment."

    My diabetes diagnosis was shocking
    Though some of Deen's detractors weren't surprised to

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  • 40 No-Fail Diet Tips to Keep Your Resolutions on Track

    40 No-Fail Diet Tips to Keep Your Resolutions on Track40 No-Fail Diet Tips to Keep Your Resolutions on TrackBy Gina Colonette

    Experts share how to create -- and stick with -- a New Year's diet plan that works!

    No-Fail Tip #1: Start Small
    "I'm not a fan of "resolutions" because, too often, people try to tackle too many changes at once and after two or three weeks, feel overwhelmed and decide it's too difficult. So, identify one or two issues and deal with those first -- i.e., eat two bean-based dinners a week or have oatmeal with almond butter for breakfast instead of sugary cereal, Monday to Friday."
    -- Andy Bellatti, MS, RD, Seattle-based dietitian

    No-Fail Tip #2: Get Your Head in the Game
    "Losing weight is 50 percent attitude, so you have to really want it. The sad truth is it's not really worth making a weight loss resolution if you're not fully committed."

    "Do some serious soul-searching and identify a significant and enduring source of personal motivation for shedding the extra weight -- maybe it's to better manage health conditions, be around for your kids and grandkids, finally

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  • The Best DIY Cures for Everyday Health Hassles

    The Best DIY Cures for Everyday Health HasslesThe Best DIY Cures for Everyday Health HasslesBy Brenda Kearns
    Massaging pressure points and using oils, herbs and supplements found in health food stores are just a few home remedies that can bring you relief.

    1. Tension Headaches
    At least 45 million Americans are regularly hit with headaches, say researchers at the National Headache Foundation. Blame cortisol, the "stress hormone" than hampers your body's production of painkilling hormones called endorphins. On top of that, cortisol makes scalp muscles more likely to become inflamed and tight.

    Rx: Chamomile essential oil. Massaging this aromatic oil into your temples and neck can shut down a tension headache in as little as 10 minutes, says James F. Balch, M.D., co-author of Prescription for Natural Cures. "Chamomile is rich in salicylic acid, azulene and chlorogenic acid -- plant compounds that soothe overactive nerves, dampen pain and relax tight muscles."

    DIY: Mix 12 drops of chamomile essential oil into one ounce of olive oil and massage gently but firmly into your temples

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  • 10 Diet Resolutions Anyone Can Keep

    10 Diet Resolutions Anyone Can Keep 10 Diet Resolutions Anyone Can Keep By Deborah A. Wilburn

    Forget starving, cravings, and all-or-nothing eating plans! Pick and choose from these "if it feels good, do it" tips that make weight loss painless.

    1. Make Mini Resolutions That Last
    If dropping pounds is on your list - as it is for many of us -- approach your resolution in a way that doesn't set you up for failure by the end of January. A major goal like "lose 20 or 30+ pounds" not only sounds like drudgery, it suggests that you're staring ahead at months of trying hard not to eat - much. Not the best way to start the New Year.

    In addition to overreach, another key reason diet-related resolutions fail is because they lack a feel-good component, according to Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN, a dietician in private practice in Massapequa, New York, and author of The African American Guide to Living Well with Diabetes. "Any resolution you set for yourself needs to be something you'd want to do," says Brown-Riggs.

    Try a few of these one-size-fits-all

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  • 8 Myths About Acne and What You Can Do to Treat It!

    8 Myths About Acne and What You Can Do to Treat It!8 Myths About Acne and What You Can Do to Treat It!By Jeanine B. Downie
    Acne isn't just for teens -- find out what's fact vs. fiction when it comes to acne breakouts and how to control them.

    1. Myth: Acne Is for Teenagers
    Fact: You can develop acne anytime. In fact, most patients treated for acne are between the ages of 20 and 52.

    2. Myth: It's Just a Phase -- Acne Goes Away Eventually
    Fact: Acne can last for years, if not a lifetime. If left alone, without even topical treatments, it can worsen and scar. Acne is treatable and usually begins with mild, over-the-counter topical treatments. If that doesn't work, your dermatologist may prescribe oral and topical medicine. Control it well and breakouts will become scarce.

    3. Myth: Acne Is Caused By Dirt
    Fact: Acne is a complex skin condition that has nothing to do with dirt -- bacteria is the culprit. A type of bacteria called Propionibacteria acnes (P. acnes) gets into the pores, causing inflammation that results in pimples. Blackheads are caused by a buildup of sebum -- your skin's

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