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  • Layer it On! 10 Holiday Wardrobe Staples to Mix & Match

    Layer it On! 10 Holiday Wardrobe Staples to Mix & MatchLayer it On! 10 Holiday Wardrobe Staples to Mix & MatchBy Venus Tsang

    Basic but never boring, add any of these separates to your wardrobe and change up your look in an instant.

    The Coco JacketThe Coco JacketThe Coco Jacket

    We can't get enough of this knitted jacket-it's just the touch of Coco we've been missing. We'll pair it with jeans for lunch, and over a LBD for dinner and drinks.

    Get it now: By Malene Birger striped jacket, $119 at

    The Cropped PantsThe Cropped PantsThe Cropped Pants

    We're generally hesitant about wool pants, as they can add bulk. Not these, which are stretch-wool, cropped, and slim fit-we'll wear them straight from the office to a holiday party by swapping our button-down and blazer for that sequined sweater we've been waiting for an excuse to wear.

    Get it now: Helmut Lang stretch-wool cropped pants, $162 at

    The Boho TunicThe Boho TunicThe Boho Tunic

    We just found our next lazy-day favorite-just throwing on this printed tunic gives us a put-together look, so all we need to add are our favorite leggings and funky accessories for a

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  • 9 Reasons Why Overdoing it at the Gym is Hurting You

    9 Reasons Why Overdoing It at the Gym Is Hurting You9 Reasons Why Overdoing It at the Gym Is Hurting YouBy Leslie Goldman

    We'd never advise you to ditch your regular workout sessions, but too much gym time can weaken your bones, ruin your sleep, and affect your chances of getting pregnant.

    1) Your Bones Could Get Battered

    Not all cardio was created equal. Weight-bearing activities such as walking, running, basketball and dancing are the smartest, most effective ways to build bone density. But if you start to experience pain in your shins or feet, you may need to lighten up -- heavy pounding can result in stress fractures, tiny cracks in the bones of your feet and lower legs. Biking and swimming aren't any better. Non-impact activities don't build bone strength at all. In fact, a recent Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness study found that competitive cyclists had lower bone density than non-athletes, thanks to all that time in the saddle. Pete McCall, an exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise, suggests changing up your cardio routine, incorporating

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  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex

    10 Things You Didn't Know About Sex10 Things You Didn't Know About SexBy Ronnie Koenig

    You've taken sex ed, have hands-on experience and have seen every episode of 'Sex and the City' -- twice. So, you think you know a lot about sex? Here are the 20 things your health teacher most certainly never taught you.

    1) Women Can Ejaculate, Too

    Although it's a hotly debated issue, many women claim that before or during orgasm, they expel a fluid that's not urine and not vaginal lubrication. It's a clear, odorless fluid that comes out of the urethra itself (or its surrounding ducts) and can range from a few drops to a flood. "It can happen as a result of G-spot stimulation," says Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of "It can take practice and a sense of letting go to have this experience, don't fret if you aren't able to do it," she reassures. But, don't be alarmed if happens either.

    2) It's Possible for You and Your Partner's Parts Not to Fit

    He's the keymaster and you're the gatekeeper…but in reality, that's not always a combination

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  • Gift Guide 2011: 10 Present-Perfect Jewelry Picks

    By Ingrid Schmidt
    Add a little extra twinkle to her holiday with our ooh-and-ahh-inspiring jewelry guide, from $12 stocking stuffers to one-and-only gifts.

    Lulu Frost for J. Crew BanglesLulu Frost for J. Crew BanglesLulu Frost for J. Crew Bangles

    These exquisite arm confections are exclusively created for J.Crew by Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer, known for her vast vintage collection and heirloom-inspired designs. Decorated with Czech glass crystals and colored glass stones set in intricate designs, the cheerful colors are an everyday pick-me-up.

    Get it now: Lulu Frost for J. Crew resin bangles from $45 at

    Digby & Iona Magnifier NecklaceDigby & Iona Magnifier NecklaceDigby & Iona Magnifier Necklace

    This super-chic update on the reading magnifier is the perfect gift even if her vision's 20/20. Each glass medallion is an authentic vintage piece that's been recycled. A handcrafted creation by Brooklyn jewelry designer Aaron Ruff, the long brass-link necklace has a worn-in oxidized finish, just like an old favorite. We adore how its topped off with off-the-moment tassel trim in

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  • 10 Holiday Dresses for Every Party on Your List

    10 Holiday Dresses For Every Party on Your List10 Holiday Dresses For Every Party on Your ListBy Ingrid Schmidt

    Festive frocks for every holiday soiree, from the office party to New Year's Eve.

    Pretty Polka-Dots Pretty Polka-Dots Pretty Polka-Dots
    Flirt alert! This charming little polka dot dress in the season's favorite lipstick-red shade may appear innocent, but don't be deceived. With a mini cut and coy keyhole back, it's ready to vamp it up at a cocktail soiree (simply add fierce black heels) yet looks equally cute going out to brunch with the girls. And how sweet is that velvet bow sash?

    Get it now: Juicy Couture silk polka dot dress, $248 at

    All Laced UpAll Laced Up

    All Laced Up

    One part sweet and one part sexy, this one-shoulder frock is our pick for a magically romantic date night out with a husband, boyfriend or love interest. The season's on-trend lace looks incredible in midnight blue, with the luxury treatment of all-over beaded shimmer. P.S. If you have any holiday wedding invites, this dress is the answer.

    Get it now: Jessica Simpson one-shoulder lace dress, $148 at

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  • When Objects Get Stuck Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

    When Objects Get Stuck Where the Sun Doesn't ShineWhen Objects Get Stuck Where the Sun Doesn't ShineBy Jill Provost

    It may be time to rethink the phrase, "Go shove it up your butt." Because, apparently, a lot more people than you'd think are taking the command literally.

    Just in time for the holidays, a book that makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the anal-retentive friend on your list. Stuck Up!: 100 Objects Inserted and Ingested in Places They Shouldn't Be is a collection of enhanced X-ray images of items doctors recovered from their patients' rectal cavity. Ouch.

    As Alice Park reports on, the book's authors -- all doctors -- first encountered these tales from the dark side while poring over scientific journals in medical school, and the images have been burned into their brains ever since. Should you take a look at them, they may get forever marked in your memory, too.

    According to the authors, Rich Dreben, Murdoc Knightmen and Marty Sindhian, men are 28 times more likely than women to lose things in their rectum. That should come as no surprise

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  • 10 Ways to Fight Belly Flab

    10 Ways to Fight Belly Flab10 Ways to Fight Belly FlabBy Jessica Smith
    Get rid of your muffin top for good with these crunch-free tips.

    Belly Flab Fighter #1: Eat Good Fat

    Believe it or not, following a low-fat diet is not the best way to reduce belly flab. "People who have a big middle do not respond well to a low-fat diet," says Mehmet Oz, M.D., Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University and host of The Dr. Oz Show. To reduce belly flab, Dr. Oz advises avoiding refined carbohydrates that are low in fat (like white rice) and can have a yo-yo effect on blood sugar. Instead, add "good fat" foods, like olive oil, avocado and sea bass. Dr. Oz recommends toasting Ezekiel bread (or another sprouted 100-percent whole grain bread) and topping it with avocado, olive oil, lemon and chili flakes for a belly fat-fighting meal or snack.

    Belly Flab Fighter #2: Eat Your Binge Food Every Day

    Yes, you read that right, eating the food you crave the most, even if it's high-fat, could help you finally beat your belly-busting cravings

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  • You'll Eat 4,500 Calories on Thanksgiving -- but It's Not Your Fault

    Here's what 4,500 calories looks like

    By Jill Provost

    Did you know that, by the time the last piece of pumpkin pie is devoured, the average American chows down on 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat during the Thanksgiving feast? Yikes! Thanks, Calorie Control Council for calculating that number for us and sucking all the joy out of what would otherwise be the happiest day of the year.

    But before you go lambasting yourself for being a horrible, gluttonous, no-good piece of lard who can't fit into her favorite jeans, you should know something else: It's not your fault!

    No, really, it's not your fault. (Here, reader should envision the uncomfortable Good Will Hunting scene between Matt Damon and Robin Williams so that we can avoid telling you 12 more times that, really, it's not your fault).

    But, no, it's not your parents' fault, either.

    Turns out, there are powerful environmental cues that take aim at our willpower every day - without our even knowing it! -- trying to sabotage our best dieting

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  • Your Honey Might Not Be the Real Thing, Says New Study

    Your Honey Might Not Be the Real Thing, Says New StudyYour Honey Might Not Be the Real Thing, Says New StudyBy Caroline Russock

    Everyone knows that honey comes from bees, right? Well, according to an unsettling study from Food Safety News, it might not be that simple. The study found that the majority of what's being sold as honey has been ultra filtered so that it no longer contains pollen. Without pollen, the FDA does not consider these products to be honey. After all, pollen provides antioxidants and nutrients and is what gives different types of honey distinctive flavors. But more importantly, without pollen, it is impossible to trace where honey comes from and guarantee its purity.

    Food Safety News analyzed the pollen counts of honey from supermarkets, drugstores, big box stores and specialty markets in 10 states and the District of Columbia. Shockingly, 100 percent of the honey bought at drugstores contained no pollen, 76 percent of the samples bought at grocery stores had all the pollen removed and 77 percent of honey bought at big box stores like WalMart and Target contained no

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  • Grandparents Need to Get Laid, Too!

    Grandparents Need to Get Laid, Too!Grandparents Need to Get Laid, Too!By Jill Provost

    I categorize old people into two groups: The sweet grandmother and grandfather who mellow with age, hobbling about on their canes and doting on everyone who crosses their path. Then, in the other corner, there are those who grow curmudgeonly and bitter, and would like nothing more than to take you out with aforementioned cane, because you smiled at them or offered to help them cross the street.

    Well, a new study sheds some light on what may push senior citizens to be sweet as sugar, or acrid as your husband's sweaty gym clothes. And the answer is really no shocker at all, except that it applies to the AARP set. It's sex. That's right. Turns out, grandma and grandpa get sexually frustrated just like the rest of us. The study, presented at the Gerontological Society of America's (GSA) 64th Annual Scientific Meeting in Boston, found that the more often married seniors do the deed, the more likely they are to be happy with their lives and their marriages --

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