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  • Five exercises to tackle the Mom-Flap Challenge

    You know of this mom-flap? A.k.a. the spare tire, the c-section remnant roll, the muffin top. Crabmommy, who coined the term, is tired of hers and she has issued a challenge. Five minutes of abdominal exercises daily to banish the flap for good. She put out a call to her readers, and is now on week two, but not especially happy with how it's all going. And this is where a sister wants to help a sister out.

    Yeah, I'm a fitness dork and a personal trainer, so I figured it'd be good to share some evil moves and a little strategy towards her goal. But first, I really, really have to emphasize something, even though it already came up in the comments thread.

    You can't spot tone. Well, actually you can, but no one will see the fruits of your hard work if there is a layer of fat over the newly strengthened muscles. And the way to get rid of fat? There's a few, but most involve a combination of cardio exercise (running, biking, swimming, etc.) and nutritional choices. Oh, and for

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  • Food for kids is mostly junk

    With all the talk about childhood obesity, there's been a push towards trying to get children to eat healthy foods and become more active. I doubt most parents would assume a box of cereal with a picture of SpongeBob on the front was necessarily health food. But what if the box also had a label saying, "high in essential nutrients for growing kids"? Even if you don't consciously think about it, you might soften in your approach to the cereal. Well, I've got news for you: That food is most likely junk.

    See, researchers in Canada analyzed more than 360 products marketed to children. They did NOT include junk food, so there's nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide on this study. Instead they covered what is sometimes packaged as "fun food", products with cartoon characters and so on pimping the contents, such as prepackaged dinners. And guess what? Nearly 90 percent did not meet established nutritional standards, measured by percent of calories from fat, and the amount of sugar and/or

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  • Put those guns away before you get us all killed

    The whole idea that girls may not be strengthening their legs because they are torn between wanting to play a sport and yet look like they don't (i.e. be un-muscled and not "thick") made me totally sad. How lame that girls have to feel the pressure to have bodies that are skinny instead of functional. Course I also like the way muscle definition looks, I think the athletic aesthetic is awesome. But sadly, teenage girls aren't all about getting my approval, you know, cuz I'm not taking 'em to prom.

    Now, as someone who does have muscle definition in, say, my arms, I do know you get mixed responses from others and lots of interesting messages about muscles and being female. I've yapped about this before, but maybe if I talk about it enough, when I die I'll get to be the patron saint of buffed chicks everywhere. I'm just a person, and a neurotic one at that, so it's not like I'm any stranger to body freak-outs and insecurity and angst---though it has lessened significantly since I got

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  • When Girls Get Hurt, People Get Stupid

    cavewoman.jpgcavewoman.jpgNature intended her for team sports, yo.

    So recently lots of people talked to me about the NY Times magazine thang on girls and sports injuries. I wrote about it already, but there's oh so much more to be said, especially when you start to delve into the controversial responses to the article. One of the things I mentioned to a number of people was my distaste for the fact that some people interviewed for the piece said girls need to learn to "run like a boy." 'Kay, couldn't we just say, "girls need to learn to run with different mechanics to protect their bodies"? Because naturally the article was used as fuel by some jerks to say that girls are not as suited for sports as boys.

    Now here's where we have to remember a few things. One: Dividing groups up by sex may be helpful for measuring some things, but it's hardly helpful when examining individuals. I'll give you a highly unscientific and anecdotal example. In my personal and un-researched experience, many women, when learning how

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  • Girls Getting Hurt

    ambition.jpgShow of hands who read the article on girl injuries in sports in the New York Times magazine? This alone is yikes-worthy: Some experts believe that in sports that both sexes play, girls rupture their A.C.L.s (i.e. blow out their knees) at rates as high as five times that of boys. Girls are also more likely to suffer concussions in sports like basketball. The piece is totally worth checking out, cuz I think this is an issue we need to care about for a number of reasons. Shall I lay those down for you right now?

    -If you happen to have a girl child who is into a sport, you may find that kid sports are kinda wicky-wack in some ways nowadays. Many kids play the same sport year-round, often joining multiple leagues and doing regular tournaments. In fact, multi-sport kids feel the pressure to choose one sport if they hope to compete with other players. This is baaaad, because doing one sport all year is hard on anybody, especially developing little bodies with softer bones and forming muscle

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  • Everything I needed to know I learned from kickboxing

    Today stupid stuff interfered with my workouts, never a happy thing. This meant I had to miss my kickboxing class. I have to tell you it made me sadder than I expected it would, and I expected to be sad. This is kinda funny, since the first time I did kickboxing, I experienced a special kind of frustration, the kind that comes from wholly and royally sucking hard at something.

    Nowadays? I'm totally into it, I lurve it.

    It takes me out of my head like nothing else can, in a way I absolutely need, cuz my head is full of all kinds of very loud crazy. I was realizing that I have learned some very valuable life lessons from it, the kind of lessons I might otherwise have to read in a gawdawful smirky self-help book with pictures of teacups and rainbows on it. Lessons aside from how to hold your hands up so you don't get popped or how jump kicks in some series of more than ten are the most wrecking thing ever, in a good way, though I'd never request them. So what goodness has come from

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