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  • College Confessional: A Case for Gardasil

    The Daily Bedpost's recent rant on new STDs stats, the safer sex Q&A with Dr. Kate, and the Gardasil poll spurred our awesome intern Ariel Servadio to make this very personal case for the HPV vaccine:

    I'm not a spokesperson for Gardasil. I am, however, the daughter of a woman who has HPV, and has lost her ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and cervix because of it.

    My mother--who as far as I'm concerned only had sex for procreation purposes--found out she had HPV in 1990 after an abnormal pap smear. She suffered from genital warts on her cervix for many years and had several painful laser surgeries to remove them. And when they returned in precancerous form, she had a portion of her cervix removed...

    It didn't end there, though. Since she was close to menopause, she didn't think twice when she stopped getting her period. But menopause wasn't the culprit: the consequences of HPV were. After enduring years of trauma, her cervix completely closed up, so as she continued to menstruate her

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  • The Bedpost Interview: Sex Writer Emily Dubberley

    We once met up with fellow sex writer Emily Dubberley in a London pub, talked shop, and got pissed together, as the Brits say. She's a hoot. She's also a machine, with a whopping 14 books about sex under her young belt. In addition to founding, she also co-launched the British women's sex mag Scarlet (after renaming from its working title of Peach--as she explained to the boss, "It sounds like a spanking magazine!"). Her latest work is The Ex Factor: Relationship Baggage and How to Deal with It, out in the States this May.

    Is sex like pizza, even when it's bad it's good?

    Oh no. Bad sex is like a dodgy kebab--it can leave you feeling nauseous and regretting a drunken decision the morning after. Good sex is like a gourmet meal--or sometimes, fast food when you're starving. Sometimes all you need is something filling inside you.

    How does your work affect your sex life?...
    When I was single, it did intimidate some men but luckily I've got a great partner who's confident

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  • Get a Personal Shopper for Your Genitals: The Pleasure Chest

    The sex toy shop The Pleasure Chest, with locations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, has just launched a personal shopper program in all three stores--free of charge! Here's how it works, according to their PR rep:
    The customer will call their local Pleasure Chest store to make an appointment with that store's Personal Shopper. In each store, The Pleasure Chest has created a semi-private seating area for the Pleasure Chest personal shopper and the customer to meet and discuss the service. The initial appointment will be a casual conversation to learn more about the customer--to find out about the client, what their goals/hang ups are and where they see their physical relationship going. The Pleasure Chest Personal Shopper with then work with the client over a series of appointments (TBD according to what the customer is seeking to achieve) and will outline ways for them to reach their goals.
    What goals might customers have?...

    • being more confident in the bedroom with their
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  • Horoscopes: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

    aries (Mar. 21st-Apr. 20th)
    You will be a tad fickle this week. Boredom will set in if the people around you are not exciting and full of adventure. Focus on group endeavors so that you don't have to be partnered off with anyone in particular--like marching with the gay and lesbian group in your local St. Patrick's Day parade, whether they're "allowed" to or not. Political activism is the next best thing to nookie.

    taurus (Apr. 21st-May 20th) Nobody puts Baby in a corner. This week, a particularly annoying "nobody" will be pursuing you all the way into that corner. If you don't want to get backed into a corner--i.e. if you want to avoid a sloppy drunken make-out sesh in a corner booth with annoying Traci/Tony from accounting--then stay home and rent old Julia Roberts flicks instead. Or if you need company, invite some close friends over (but no friends with benefits) for a night of whiskey and Irish ballad singing.
    gemini (May 21st-June 21st) You will find it easy to open up

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  • 1 in 4 Teenage Girls Has an STD (Part I)

    It was big, scary, scientific news this week that one in four girls has an STD, which just goes to show almost everyone's got one so let's stop with the stigma and all get on the safety bus (boys included): wear condoms & use dental dams correctly every time and get tested regularly, whether you've got symptoms or not. But then blog-pigs like Perez miss the point entirely by shouting "We're filled with skanks!" Which led our spirited intern Kristen Rollins to send us this STD rant, which we couldn't agree with more:...

    I am sick of there being a double standard with sex issues. News flash to everyone calling these girls w----s or skanks or whatever other nasty degrading words come to ignorant people's minds when they hear that kind of statistic: where do you think these girls got the STDs in the first place?! Guys!

    Some of whom are probably cheating boyfriends who've had sex with way more people than their faithful girlfriends have. And I'm not trying to call people who have sex with

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  • The Dr. Ruth of BDSM: Dr. Gabrielle Hoff and "Erotic Powerplay"

    You might think you're naughty 'cause you occasionally like to be tied up, say, on your anniversary or holiday weekends, but you can't hold a candle to the people for whom erotic power play is a way of life. We just watched the latest video on the subject from Dr. Gabrielle Hoff, the Dr. Ruth of BDSM (accent and all!), and once again, our minds have been blown a little bit. Not least because the people engaging in this stuff--and allowing themselves to be filmed--are so middle-American next door!...

    We first met Gabrielle Hoff, Psy.D., at the 2006 Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality conference in Vegas (natch), where her petite stature and sweet demeanor belied her chosen topic of research. She and her website,, are "dedicated to removing the stigma and stereotypes surrounding erotic powerplay and those who engage in it." To help "dispel the misconceptions," she produces a series of educational videos entitled "Erotic Powerplay (TM)" (not quite sure

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  • We've always wanted to go to Japan. People are actually quiet and respectful on the subway. And their toilets are to die for! But now we really want to go Japan...

    Tokyo now has a cafe where lip-glossed men dressed as schoolboys serve their female-only clientele.

    The "Edelstein Boarding School" is one of several roleplay-themed restaurants based on manga comics. This one is based on a '70s cult classic about pretty boy-boy love at a German school--a theme apparently a lot of Japanese gals go ga-ga for. It's not unlike the popular slash-fiction genre, in which women writers take their favorite male characters from pop culture, turn them gay (or at least curious) and put them in saucy scenarios for a mostly female audience. (Lo tried her hand at this once on, writing a "lost chapter" from The Goblet of Fire in which Harry Potter and Ron Weasley get it on in the common room while Hermione looks on under the invisibility cloak through tears, but the Potter Empire's lawyers made

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  • Ivy League Confessional: Naked Parties at Yale

    Remember Colin, our awesome intern from Yale who helped organize their Sex Week? Well, in a recent email he casually mentioned attending naked parties at Yale, as if he was just talking about his major or the weather. Sure, we'd read about them last year in the New York Times, but now we knew somebody who'd actually been...and could give us the inside scoop. So we insisted he dish. (Check out the unspoken rules of naked parties after the jump):

    Super Sophomore Intern Colin Adamo on Yale's Naked Parties

    Naked Parties are exactly what they sound like, no more no less: parties here that are naked. Lots of people expect an Ivy League orgy but it's really just like any other on or off campus party, you just can't wear any clothes...

    Yale has a few secret societies. Skull & Bones is the one everyone knows of course: George Bush, John Kerry, etc. The Pundits are a semi-secret organization: they're basically the pranksters, truly funny people. They pull big jokes in certain classes

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  • Why Prostitution Should Be Legalized

    Oh man, we liked Eliot Spitzer. But he and his dick had to go and ruin it!...

    Let's just skip over whether or not he's a loser for breaking his marriage vows. As with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, or even the Larry Craig debacle, we don't know what goes on between long-married couples, and whether or not, after umpteen years of marriage, they may have had an "understanding," a deal about extracurricular activities. If they did, that's their business. In fact, whatever they do or don't do sexually is their business.

    But when you're New York's attorney general for eight years, and the governor for one, and you hire an "escort," you, sir, are a dumb-ass. A man of the law who breaks the law is just asking for trouble.

    Of course, if he had crossed in the middle of the street against the light, would he have to hold a press conference? Jaywalking is illegal. It's illegal to buy or sell sex toys for pleasure in Alabama. There are stupid laws. And taxpayer money spent on high-end

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  • How Long Should Intercourse Take, That Is the Question

    You may have heard about the new study just published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that suggests the "best sex" should last between 7 to 13 minutes*, as reported in places like this and this and this.

    But here's the problem with those reports: the study was not done on sex but on intercourse. Those are two very different things: "Sex" encompasses all sexual techniques employed in an effort to deliver and gain physical pleasure and perhaps orgasm; "Intercourse" is simply--and only--penetration of a vagina with a penis, with the expectation of a male ejaculatory culmination. That's a BFD...

    *(Though in most cases 3 or more minutes would do and in some cases more than 10 minutes might be too long.)

    The study surveyed sex therapists to try to determine a norm for the time from initial penetration to ejaculation, in order to allay unrealistic expectations and prevent resulting distress about individuals' pelvic penetration performances. But is it really any shock that nobody--male

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