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  • Did McCain call his wife a C*#t?

    At a town hall forum in Iowa yesterday, a Baptist minister who holds a master's degree in political science, asked Senator John McCain a rather personal question:

    "Parrish asked whether McCain called his wife Cindy an expletive related to the female anatomy, as has been alleged in the book The Real McCain, written by Dem strategist Cliff Schecter."

    According to Parrish, "A guy who would call his wife a trollop and a c--t just because she had ruffled his hair in front of five guys is not only a jerk, but a dangerous hothead if he ever gets his finger on the button.'

    'And since the mainstream media has decided to give McCain a free pass, I decided to stand up and, if they gave me an open mike, ask the question that the press refuses to touched. Our country is in a serious crisis after nearly eight years of Bush, and America appears to be oblivious to the danger this guy (McCain) poses to our country.'"--The Huffington Post

    Here's the video of the incident:

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  • Major themes of the new Anna Nicole Smith soft porn, I mean "biopic"

    Ralph Notaro/Getty ImagesRalph Notaro/Getty Images
    I once did an interview with Anna Nicole in her pink Hollywood mansion, although it was unlike any traditional interview I've ever done. It was back in the days when she was even more of a mess than usual (she was overweight, drugged out of her mind, and had just had a roller skating accident that rendered her bedridden). Despite all this, I have to admit that in person, she had the face of an angel. Seriously. Beautiful, delicate features and gorgeous skin that refused to shudder under the stress of drug use and an infamously poor diet. (She drank a couple of Frappachino's and downed a foot long in the time I was there.) Does simply being beautiful warrant fame? Maybe not (although it does, perhaps it shouldn't), but that was just my superficial observation at the time.

    She's always been an easy target to make fun of, even after her death, but I always had a soft spot for her. Did she charm me? No. In fact, I would say she was more like the antithesis of charismatic. Still, another

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  • Watching Green Porno is my favorite new pastime

    The Sundance ChannelThe Sundance Channel
    Take a world famous actress, incorporate some hard core insect sex, and you get "Green Porno," a series of short films conceived, written, co-directed by and starring Isabella Rossellini. Inspired by the bizarre mating behavior of insects, each film is shocking, whimsical, entertaining, and not just a little bit twisted. Isabella is brilliant as she casts herself as a bee, an earthworm, and a firefly among other characters (her S&M snail bit is pretty astounding!). I'll never watch boring old people porn again. Watch them here and tell me what you think...

  • Weatherwoman sexually harassed by weatherman, ignored by human resources

    Hillary Andrews, the most popular metereologist on The Weather Channel, was repeatedly ignored by her company when it came to her sexual harassment claims. Apparently her co-anchor, Bob Stokes, made delightful remarks like, "Will you lick my swizzle stick?", "It tortures me when you wear those heels and skirt," and when she rejected his oh so romantic advances, resorted to insulting her during live shows. Due to his popularity with viewers, execs ignored her claims.

    The Smoking GunThe Smoking GunWhat's even more upsetting about Andrews' lawsuit is that it's not the first time a woman had to suffer at the hands of the cheesy Stokes or The Weather Channel's rather flip view of sexual harassment. Her predecessor also reported the same problems, and was allegedly forced out of TWC after repeatedly complaining to management. In turn, Andrews hesitated to report him at all for fear of similar "career suicide" fallout.

    How much does this piss us off? Immeasurably. It's so upsetting to read about this going on in 2008,

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  • SEX NEWS ROUNDUP: Coed dorms, a family friendly sex club and more!

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    Sex news you can (possibly) use:

    • Coed dorms Baby Boomer parents may be skeptical about colleges allowing the sexes to cohabitate, but much like teen rebels, schools are doing it anyway: "At least two dozen schools, including Brown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Oberlin College, Clark University and the California Institute of Technology, allow some or all students to share a room with anyone they choose - including someone of the opposite sex. This spring, as students sign up for next year's room, more schools are following suit, including Stanford University."-Reformer
    • Boob pudding Bloggers are tittering (and likely Twittering) about a racy new Japanese treat they've dubbed Boob Pudding. Have a look and see for yourself, but it's a NSFW dessert best served after hours...-Fashion Funky
    • Bring the kids on down to the sex club! San Francisco's Power Exchange bills itself as a family-run adult sexual play space for all preferences and exotic
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  • Modern Bride exclusive: Bringing sexy back to the marital bed

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    Okay, there is some crazy statistic floating around there about how newlyweds are so tired on their wedding night that they couldn't possibly be bothered to actually consummate the marriage on the same evening. (And let's face it, is anyone really that motivated? You find me a couple of "just married" virgins and um, I'll be shocked). Anyhoo, venerable publication Modern Bride has just set their sites on changing all that by publishing a rather surprisingly naughty wedding night article that almost made even jaded old me blush. It won't be on sale until next week, but they decided to give us Shiners a sneak peek, and I got in touch with editor-in-chief Antonia Van Der Meer to ask what in God's name was going on over there!

    Why is this article significant within the context of Modern Bride?
    Bridal magazines often shy away from covering sex-but it's a significant part of a relationship, so we felt it was important for us to cover this for our readers. They're reading Modern Bride to

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  • Are you a stray at home mom?

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    Just in time for Mother's Day, the New York Post has dropped quite a bomb: According to a new survey of 30,000 American moms, "A shocking 34 percent of mothers reported having had an extramarital affair after the birth of their children." Additionally, more than half confessed to contemplating straying on their spouses, and even more tragic, 48 percent of them claimed they suspected their husbands already had or were currently having an affair.

    WTF is going on!?

    Pilar Guzman, editor-in-chief of Cookie magazine, which co-conducted the study titled "Sex and the American Mom," said, "The somewhat startling statistics invite a closer look at the state of sex and the American marriage." I'll say. They also dug up the following:

    "A considerable 77 percent of the women said they want more sex and 29 percent said they'd rather get more action in the sack than lose 10 pounds."

    "One way lots of those ladies are keeping the home fires stoked is porn. Nearly a quarter of the respondents

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  • "But I'm a cheerleader!": Did ASU overreact?

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    After a so-called "racy" photo of Arizona State University cheerleaders surfaced on a blog called The Dirty (site is somewhat NSFW), the notorious party school's athletic director decided to cut the squad completely. (Only six members of the squad are shown in the photo, but all 16-members will suffer the consequences.) Party foul!

    Is it just me or is this just a teensy, weensy bit of an overreaction? I personally know people who went to that school, and some of the things the Greeks on that campus do is 10 times crazier than these vanilla girls taking a goody snap at a cheer/slumber party two years ago (think Old School but more perverse!). Yes, the photo provides a new addition to plenty of people's spank banks (one of our staffers has a new screen saver!!! (kidding)), but come on. Fifteen year old Miley Cyrus can pose nude in a nationally distributed magazine but aged over 18 cheerleaders, who already wear like, nothing on the field anyway, get shut down for this?

    What do you

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  • Catch of the day: Tall drink of handsome video

    Are you more of a Vocals or a Bass kind of girl? I introduce to you, the random, the silly, modern barbershop quartet:

  • Masturbation Month question: Public self pleasure--hot or not?

    Would you be willing to masturbate in public? Image courtesy of Getty Would you be willing to masturbate in public? Image courtesy of Getty
    Last week, Shine readers had plenty to say about cuddle parties, "non-sexual" get togethers where participants are encouraged to spoon and act like barnyard animals, all with their clothes on. Then we asked readers to tell us whether they'd participate in one, or um, if they'd even be willing to go for it in an orgy. Oh but gentle Shiners, looks like we were just getting you warmed up for the ultimate event, and a trend that's far more ahem, labor intensive than any cuddle party. What could this wondrous event be? A Masturbate-a-Thon. And yeah, it is what it sounds like.

    Venerable, women-oriented sexual product retailer Good Vibrations has christened May, the so-called month of sexual awakening, "Masturbation Month." (Funny, we just celebrated Orgasm Month in April!) Now, before you get totally freaked and/or disgusted and tune out, consider its "right on" political origins. Back in 1995, they started National Masturbation Month to protest the firing of Clinton appointed U.S. Surgeon

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