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  • Make him want you again

    British sex advice columnist Dear Deidre gives some solid advice on how to renew your man's sexual interest. Usually, we don't like pandering to our guys (pandering to us is completely encouraged, however), but personally, anything that gets me more quality time in the sack piques my interest.

    Check out Deidre's tips at The Sun.

  • Anne Frank’s one true love

    Here's a super sweet story about first love, starring one of the most famous young writers in history.


    A photograph of the boy with the "beautiful brown eyes" who Anne Frank recalled as her "one true love" in the diary she wrote whilst in hiding in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands is to go on display in Amsterdam.

    For more go to Yahoo News.

  • The metrosexual is alive and well

    Er, "Edgy English Teacher" Mike Cherico from Glamour's "Man Needs a Date" column muses on men's grooming, and it's clear that he and his friends are metrosexuals til the end. He ponders the following: "What do you think when you go into a guy's bathroom and he has few to no products? Or vice versa, do you find it attractive when you see that a guy has an extensive and expensive collection of stuff? Where is the happy medium? And, please, help me out--where should I shop and what starter products should I buy?"

    Before you click over to answer Mike's burning questions, I have a few for you: Do metrosexual men make you want to puke? Or do you find it totally endearing? How do you feel about taking your significant other to Sephora with you?

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  • Heels can give you a better sex life!?

    Duygu/FlickrDuygu/FlickrA new Italian study claims wearing heels gives women stronger pelvic muscles, which translates to better sex in the bedroom. Check it out in The Sun. Scientific evidence aside, I'd argue that if wearing heels makes you feel sexier, then you're going to turn someone else on too, no?

  • Dear Margo

    Ann Landers' daughter Margo gives advice on how to deal with a loved one's deceased ex.


    Three In The Marriage; One Is A Ghost

    DEAR MARGO: I met this terrific man on an online dating site. He had been widowed for 14 months and I was divorced. We fell in love and both felt confident that we'd found what we were searching for. We married, and since we lived in different states, I moved into the home he shared with his late wife of 21 years. After his wife's passing, my husband had a portrait drawn of her that is absolutely beautiful. However, he has it displayed on an easel in the living room where we all gather to watch TV or entertain. One day, a member of our church came over, and while we sat talking, he asked if the portrait was of me. (I was both embarrassed and flattered; she was a beautiful lady.) My issue is that initially I said it was OK to leave it there, but now I feel like he has two wives sharing the same house. I asked him to remove the portrait. He

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  • Naomi Campbell and the new “Brazilian”

    No one's saying officially, but it appears Naomi is being treated for a cyst and possible yeast infection in a Brazilian hospital.
    Janina's Pics/FlickrJanina's Pics/Flickr

    Campbell is under the care of David Uip, a specialist in infectious diseases, and Jose Aristodemo Pinotti, a gynaecologist, the statement said.

    A spokesman for Campbell said: "Naomi Campbell was admitted to hospital last night [February 25] to have a small cyst removed. Following the successful procedure, she is now resting and is looking forward to getting back to work. She would like to thank the doctors who have kindly looked after her."

  • G-Spot News Roundup

    Finally, confirmation that the G-Spot is alive & well! Em & Lo just posted tons of news on this sometimes mythical creature. Some highlights:


    "Now for the first time gynaecological scans have revealed clear anatomical differences between women who claim to experience vaginal orgasms involving a G spot and those who don't. It might mean that there is a G spot, after all. What's more, a simple test could tell you if it's time to give up the hunt, or if your partner just needs to try harder.
    "A simple test could tell you if it is time to give up the hunt for your G spot or if your partner just needs to try harder"

    "For the first time it is possible to determine by a simple, rapid and inexpensive method if a woman has a G spot or not," says Emmanuele Jannini at the University of L'Aquila in Italy, who carried out the research.


    "The gathering in question is called a G-shot party. And the women in attendance hope that a doctor can help to increase

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  • 12 Relationship Red Flags for men & women


    Check out Michael Shnayerson's tips for spotting relationship losers before things get too serious. It could save you a lot of grief!

    12 Relationship Red Flags
    Tell-tale signs that he's not the one for you.

  • This is what an open marriage looks like

    The Tango message boards have been blowing up over writer Jenny Block's true account of her open marriage, and why it actually works (for her at least)! Go to Tango magazine to read more.

  • Ever wonder what it would be like to date Bret Michaels?

    Now you can find out. Today, the ladies over at Jezebel busted out this clip from Rock of Love 2, where one lucky contestant surprises the rock star with breakfast in bed. It's a must see!


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