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  • National Bunny Week Gallery

    It's National Bunny Week! We thought we'd celebrate our lop-eared friends with some cute photos -- and also some trivia and history. Was Brooklyn's Coney Island really a rabbit haven? What does it mean if you were born in the Year of the Rabbit? Hop on through our slideshow for more information (and cuteness).

  • Fairy-tail Doggie Wedding Sets World Record

    The wedding in New York City Thursday night of Baby Hope, a Coton de Tulear, to Chilly Pasternak, a Poodle, set a new record as the most expensive animal wedding in history - and doubled as a black-tie gala benefiting the Humane Society of New York. Including Baby Hope's custom-sewn gown, the lighting design, a "Cake Boss" cake, and the dulcet services of the best orchestra in Gotham, the price tag came to $158,187.26. (The previous record-holder for a pricey pet wedding cost a "mere" $16,000.)

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  • Awesome Dads of the Animal Kingdom

    These animal dads of land, air, and even sea really go the extra mile -- carrying eggs, hunting for two (or ten), even giving birth! Take a quick break this weekend from celebrating our human dads, and appreciate these dads from other species!

  • Sea Spot Run: Dogs (and Cats) at the Beach

    We love the beach -- but we love looking at pictures of pets loving the beach (or tolerating it, in the case of certain felines) almost as much. Stuck at your desk instead of sprawled on a towel? Take a mental vacay with these pics of dogs and cats having (...or hating) summer fun.

  • Mother's Day, Animal Kingdom Style

    It's not always easy being a mom. Feeding the kids, cleaning up, teaching valuable life skills, mediating sibling squabbles -- and that's just the lions!

    In honor of the human moms we celebrate on Mother's Day, here's a cavity-inducing cavalcade of cuteness from the animal kingdom (or should we say "queendom"?), featuring moms and babies of all species. And to our own moms, we say thanks for everything...and especially for not carrying us around by the scruff of the neck.

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  • Kentucky Derby: Trivia from the Winners' Circle

    A series of fun facts and photos about past Kentucky Derby winners. Who hated to eat dinner late? Which horse needed a counselor to perform at stud? Which jockeys got in fights -- during the race? Behind the scenes with the champions.

    For more info on the country's longest-running sporting event, visit the Kentucky Derby website.

    Horses Help Children HealWe visit a clinic that's using horses to provide therapy to children with developmental disorders.

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  • spcaLA's Shelter Cats Get Their Art On

    Animal Planet's "Must Love Cats" filmed its eighth episode at the spcaLA P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village & Education Center; the ep features cats playing with game apps -- including Paint for Cats. The shelter felines got really into the apps, and created some beautiful works of art (especially for painters with no thumbs!).

    The paintings have become notecards that you can buy online and/or at spcaLA marketplaces; proceeds will benefit all spcaLA's shelter pets (canines too). Watch the "Must Love Cats" ep on Saturday, April 14 at 8 PM PT (or check your local listings).

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  • 5 More Animal Blogs

    Ease back into the post-holiday work routine with turtles riding turtles, cats with unfortunate "facial hair," and more.

  • TEST: Pets Slideshow

    A bunch of cute photos! Maybe from the dog show!

  • Test: Pre-dressed Pets

    Does your cat slink under the bed at the mere mention of a costume? Have you humiliated your dog enough times on past Halloweens? Have you done something hilarious copy whatever nobody's going to read this, hopefully? We've got the solution: pets that come with their costumes pre-installed. Just tell people blah and then blah, and it's cheap! Yay! Okay, let's load some pictures.


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