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  • User Post: Perfect Tomato Sauce

    Looking for the perfect tomato sauce recipe is like the quest for the Holy Grail. It takes time, extraordinary effort, lots of missteps, and in the end, you're not even totally sure it really exists. There are lots of great basic recipes out there. Marcella Hazan's (deservedly) famous Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter, Gwyneth Paltrow's simple tomato sauce that she always makes and keeps in her freezer, Mario Batali's basic tomato sauce, the list goes on. And although I've made many of these renditions, I've yet to find one that truly spoke to me--spoke to me and said "I am perfect. Your search can come to an end." And then, this beauty of a recipe waltzed into my life.

    Having been sick this week, all I wanted was simple, homey food that I could make in a pinch, so I opted for the easy homemade chicken soup from Wednesday's post and this Naked Tomato Sauce I stumbled upon over on Smitten Kitchen. It's based on a recipe from Scarpetta, an excellent Italian restaurant in Chelsea, here

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  • Easy Fried Chickpeas

    With the holidays coming up and the culmination of major sporting events (i.e. World Series), the next few months are some of the best for those of you who love entertaining. There's something so fun about making a big feast for a crowd composed of delicious, little hors d'oeuvres that make up one big meal.

    These fried chickpeas are very good for that exact purpose. You can have a batch ready to go in less than five minutes, set them on your counter or bar so that people can snack at will, and feel assured that you've offered your guests something way more impressive than your average potato chips and popcorn bowls. Also (and more to the point), these little guys are addictively good. They're briefly fried so that the skins are crisp, winged, and lightly browned, and the insides are warm and creamy. The final touch is a finishing sprinkle of Pimenton and Maldon sea salt--yum. Photo by Mark Iantosca.

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    Fried Chickpeas

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