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  • Know or Go with Skype!

    Know or Go with Skype!Know or Go with Skype!

    Ellen asked three audience members to play a round of Know or Go, with an awesome twist!

  • Billy Crystal Talks '700 Sundays'

    Billy Crystal Talks '700 Sundays'Billy Crystal Talks '700 Sundays'

    The comedy legend told Ellen about his hilarious one-man show.

  • It's National Eraser Day

    It's National Eraser DayIt's National Eraser Day

    Ellen gave the holiday a big shout out. Plus, she got her hands on a Google Glass!

  • Marlon Wayans on Being a Dad

    Marlon Wayans on Being a DadMarlon Wayans on Being a Dad

    The funnyman talked to Ellen about his parenting style.

  • A Big Surprise for These Roommates

    A Big Surprise for These RoommatesA Big Surprise for These Roommates

    Ellen called down two roommates to play "It Pays to Pay Attention," but these two were in for a whole lot more.

  • Follow Kate Walsh on Twitter

    Follow Kate Walsh on TwitterFollow Kate Walsh on Twitter

    Kate is hoping to gain some followers on Twitter. Ellen knew just what she needed to do.

  • CoverGirl's Bombshell Winner!

    CoverGirl's Bombshell Winner!CoverGirl's Bombshell Winner!

    Ellen revealed the winner of the CoverGirl contest, but when she heard the incredible story of her champ, she knew she had to do more.

  • Clark Gregg on His Family

    Clark Gregg on His FamilyClark Gregg on His Family

    The Marvel star told Ellen about his family, and revealed his new favorite toy!

  • 'Ellen, Here's My Talent' is Back!

    'Ellen, Here's My Talent' Is Back!'Ellen, Here's My Talent' Is Back!

    Her celebrated competition has returned! Ellen outlined the contest on her show.

  • It's Tax Season

    It's Tax SeasonIt's Tax Season

    Ellen had an expert on to answer some very important tax questions.


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