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  • Exclusive! Ellen is Thankful

    After the show, Ellen talked to her audience about what she's thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  • Ten Years of Giving Back

    For 10 seasons, Ellen has been surprising deserving viewers with gifts to change their lives. She looked back on some of her favorite moments today.

  • Rihanna's Perfect Date

    What's Rihanna's idea of a perfect date? Her answer may surprise you!

  • Hurricane Sandy Survivors Get a Home

    After the devastation on the East Coast, Ellen wanted to do something to help families in need. She found this couple who lost their home in the storm, and had a very special surprise for them!

  • Rihanna on Dating and Kids

    It's not easy being one of the biggest music stars in the world. Rihanna told Ellen about her dating life, her perspective on having children, and why she thinks men might be a little intimidated by her.

  • Rihanna Plays 'Who Would You Rather?'

    Brad Pitt or George Clooney? It's not an easy question! Rihanna weighed in on who she'd rather date -- with some tough choices!

  • Ellen on Her 'SNL' Spoof

    Ellen and her show became material for the actors on "Saturday Night Live"! Ellen discussed her feelings about being impersonated.

  • Sophia Grace and Rosie on 'SNL'!

    They've made it! The two young stars from England were impersonated on "Saturday Night Live." While they were here, they gave Ellen some feedback on the performance.

  • Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie and Miley Cyrus!

    It was a special episode of Tea Time when Sophia Grace and Rosie got to meet one of their heroes, Miley Cyrus! They sang with her and even got to exchange some classic jokes!

  • Adam Levine on His 'Voice' Co-Judges

    From his chemistry with Blake Shelton to criticizing certain comments about Christina Aguilera's weight, Adam Levine had a lot he wanted to discuss with Ellen!


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