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  • A Boy Scout Without a Badge

    Ryan Andresen put in all of the work to earn his Eagle badge, but after he came out to his friends and family, he was denied his award. He was here to tell Ellen his story. If you'd like to sign Ryan's petition, you can do it right here.

  • Jennifer Livingston Stands Up to Bullies

    News Anchor Jennifer Livingston received a hurtful email from a fan and decided to respond in a powerful and poignant way. She told her story to Ellen.

    You can watch the entire clip of Jennifer's response right here.

  • Annette Bening on Her 20-Year Marriage

    Staying married in Hollywood for two decades isn't an easy task. Annette Bening told Ellen the secret to her success. She also showed off her New Jersey accent!

  • Zac Efron on Dating, and Going Shirtless

    The handsome young star had the girls swooning with these details about his perfect date... and shirtless exercise!

  • How Much Does Lea Michele Love Reality TV?

    Ellen put her to the test, and put an audience member at stake! See what happened here.

    See more exclusive footage of Lea at

  • A 14-Year-Old Hero

    He went into a burning building to save the life of his young neighbor, and was here to tell Ellen his story. She had a very special surprise.

  • Jennifer Garner on Parenting

    The actress and mom told Ellen about how she's raising her children, and her difficulty remembering how old they are.

  • Zooey Deschanel on Her 'Louis CK Face'

    Her reaction to Louis CK's win at the Emmys had people talking! She told Ellen the story, and brought another photo that will have people talking, of a giant zucchini!

  • 6-Year-Old Inspirational Speaker Kaliah King

    She may only be 6, but Kaliah's YouTube inspirational speech packs a punch! See what she had to say about bullying!

  • Pattie Mallette on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

    The mother of pop star Justin Bieber told Ellen what it was like raising the singer as a single mom, her vow to remain chaste until she's married, and how she feels about Justin's girlfriend, Selena Gomez!


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