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  • Win Tickets to 12 Days All Summer Long!

    Every single day this summer, Ellen's giving away a pair of tickets to one of her viewers to the 12 Days of Giveaways! All you have to do is watch the show, and then come to to answer a trivia question about what you saw! Every day someone new is winning a pair of tickets, so watch Monday through Friday all summer long, and don't miss a single chance to win!

    Ellen's Summer Days of GiveawaysEllen's Summer Days of Giveaways

  • Sarah Hyland Discusses Her Kidney Transplant

    The "Modern Family" star recently underwent transplant surgery for a kidney condition she has struggled with for some time. Now she is healed and here and here to tell Ellen about her recovery, as well as reveal her new billboard!

  • 'Push Girls' Share Their Inspiring Outlook

    Ellen met two women from the cast of the new reality show, "Push Girls," who explained how they don't let life in a wheelchair keep them from accomplishing their goals.

  • Vince Vaughn the Telemarketer?

    The movie and television star stopped by to catch up with Ellen, and revealed an interesting job from his past. Would you buy something over the phone from Vince Vaughn?

  • The Teacher of the Year

    Rebecca Mieliwocki earned the title of Teacher of the Year. This inspiring educator told Ellen about her experience at the White House and talking to President Obama about parenting. Ellen couldn't help but give this fantastic teacher an amazing surprise!

  • Bethenny Frankel Has a New Talk Show

    Ellen's friend Bethenny was here to reveal some new details about her talk show premiering June 11th! Check out her website at to find out more. Plus make sure you're following Bethenny on Twitter and Facebook!

  • Hélène Campbell's Incredible Recovery

    Ellen met Hélène Campbell over Skype when she was in desperate need of a double lung transplant. She got her transplant and helped raise a lot of awareness for organ donation along the way. She showed Ellen how well she's doing today!

  • Ellie Kemper's Surprise Bachelorette Party

    Something went horribly wrong during Ellie Kemper's interview with Ellen. Or did it go horribly right?

  • Astonishing Hero Mom Takes First Steps

    Stephanie Decker is a hero. She saved her two children from a tornado by laying her body on top of them. She lost both her legs, but that didn't keep her from walking onto the Ellen stage. It's only been two months and doctors said it would take a year before she'd be walking, but she is. Not only that, she's dancing!

  • Web Exclusive: Justin Visits the Riff Raff

    There were so many excited fans to see Justin, some spilled over into Ellen's Riff Raff Room! He went to go visit them with Ellen during the break.


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