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  • Hélène Campbell's Incredible Recovery

    Ellen met Hélène Campbell over Skype when she was in desperate need of a double lung transplant. She got her transplant and helped raise a lot of awareness for organ donation along the way. She showed Ellen how well she's doing today!

  • Ellie Kemper's Surprise Bachelorette Party

    Something went horribly wrong during Ellie Kemper's interview with Ellen. Or did it go horribly right?

  • Astonishing Hero Mom Takes First Steps

    Stephanie Decker is a hero. She saved her two children from a tornado by laying her body on top of them. She lost both her legs, but that didn't keep her from walking onto the Ellen stage. It's only been two months and doctors said it would take a year before she'd be walking, but she is. Not only that, she's dancing!

  • Web Exclusive: Justin Visits the Riff Raff

    There were so many excited fans to see Justin, some spilled over into Ellen's Riff Raff Room! He went to go visit them with Ellen during the break.

  • Justin Bieber's Graduation

    It was a very important day at the show -- Justin Bieber graduated from high school! Ellen had a surprise graduation ceremony all set up for him. Watch the whole event right here.

  • Justin Bieber's Big Announcement

    The pop star had something big to reveal while he was here -- his new world tour! He also showed Ellen how he tricked-out the car he got for his 18th birthday right here on the show. Check it out!

  • Will Smith Discusses His Kids

    It's no surprise that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith would have two incredibly dynamic children. Will was here and gave Ellen some insight into Willow and Jaden, and what it's like at the Smith household.

  • Katy Perry Opens Up to Ellen

    While she was here, the pop diva told Ellen about her very personal new movie, "Part of Me"!

  • You Got Dance Dared

    Ellen has had her staff dance dare some of her celebrity guests while they were on stage -- without them knowing! Take a look at this montage of our favorite dance dared celebrities!

  • Howie Mandel and Ellen's Fan Art

    Howie and Ellen have some great fans. They've sent some fantastic art pieces with their likeness. The two of them compared their art galleries today.


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