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  • You Got Dance Dared

    Ellen has had her staff dance dare some of her celebrity guests while they were on stage -- without them knowing! Take a look at this montage of our favorite dance dared celebrities!

  • Howie Mandel and Ellen's Fan Art

    Howie and Ellen have some great fans. They've sent some fantastic art pieces with their likeness. The two of them compared their art galleries today.

  • Greatest Moments from 1,500 Shows

    As Ellen celebrated her 1,500th show, she looked back at some of her favorite moments from 9 incredible seasons.

  • Russell Brand on Katy Perry

    The comedian opened up to Ellen about his recent divorce from Katy Perry, and had only positive things to say about the singer. Plus, Ellen played a game with him in which he weighed-in on some top news stories of the week! It didn't last very long...

  • Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Russell Brand

    It was a legendary meeting on The Ellen Show, Sophia Grace & Rosie and Russell Brand met for the very first time to discuss their hometown of Essex, England and what's going to happen when Russell babysits!

  • Audience Facebook Photo: Bathroom Party

    Ellen found this photo on the Facebook page of someone in her audience. There are some moments you wish could last forever. Most of them aren't in bathrooms.

    Audience Facebook Photo: Bathroom Party

  • John Mayer on Botox and His Voice

    The singer recently underwent throat surgery to save his voice, and told Ellen why he needs to go through it again.

  • Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz Open Up

    Two of the most beautiful women in the world were here together for a very special appearance! The rumor mill has been swirling about these two not getting along on set -- and they addressed the rumors head-on! And, Jennifer opened up about returning to "Idol" -- and rumors about adoption.

  • The Exclusive Photo of Hilary Duff's Son, Luca

    Hilary Duff just had her first baby, Luca! She shared a story with Ellen, and an adorable photo of her son.

  • The Best of Ellen's Pregnant Dance Dares!

    Ellen challenged her pregnant viewers at home to make and send in their own Dance Dares... and they did! Here are some of the best.

    That's not all... check out these other fan videos! Happy Mother's Day!


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