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  • What's Prom with These Photos?

    Ellen found a batch of Prom photos that didn't go according to plan. They're perfect for her segment, "Bad Prom Photos." Take a look.

  • Johnny Depp Doesn't Dance

    Three castmates from the new movie "Dark Shadows" were here to tell Ellen about the film; Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Chloe Grace Moretz! They told Ellen about their experience making the film, and Johnny shed some light on the odds of catching him dancing.

    See Johnny's most iconic looks.

    See Johnny's most iconic looks.See Johnny's most iconic looks.

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  • Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka was Inspired by George Bush

    The megastar was here for the very first time. He told Ellen about how he develops characters, and gave some insight into how he created Willy Wonka!

  • See Ellen's Dance Dare Finalists!

    There have been a lot of amazing entries to Ellen's Dance Dare competition, and Ellen is picking her favorites. Check them out below!

    Plus, don't forget to upload your own Mother's Day Dance Dares! We want to see pregnant moms-to-be shakin' and dancin' behind strangers, so send in the videos! These "Pregnant Dance Dares" could wind up on the show! Upload yours to YouTube today!

    Yousef Erakat

    Adam Saleh

    Quang Vu

  • Cinco De Oh My!

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Ellen hired a mariachi band to scare some of her audience. Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like hiding in a bathroom stall with a maraca.

  • When Bill Clinton Heard About Bin Laden's Death

    President Bill Clinton told Ellen the story of when he heard the news of Bin Laden's death. Ellen asked him what information he had ahead of time from his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  • Send Us Your Pregnant Belly Photos

    Do you have a funny photo of a pregnant belly that Ellen should see? Did you dress up your baby bump for Halloween? Oh, baby, do we want to see it! You can send it to us right here.

    Send Us Your Pregnant Belly PhotosSend Us Your Pregnant Belly Photos

  • Web Exclusive: Diane Keaton and the Men She's Kissed

    Diane told Ellen about the men she's kissed on the big screen, and why she's always glad to have a kissing scene in a movie!

  • Diane Keaton on Saving Animals

    Ellen has a shared passion with Diane Keaton: saving animals. The two exchanged stories about their efforts to rescue animals both domesticated and other. Would you try to rescue a coyote?

  • Hugh Grant on Being a Dad

    The handsome movie star caught up with his friend Ellen for the first time in years, and discussed his adventures in being a father.


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