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  • Calling All Moms-to-Be: Submit a Video for Ellen's Dance Dare!

    Mother's Day is coming up, and Ellen wants to see a "mom version" of her famous Dance Dares! If you're pregnant, take a video of yourself dancing behind someone (like the video below) -- and post it to YouTube! Make sure you title the video, "Mother's Day Dance Dare." Your video could end up on an episode of "Ellen"! Have fun!

  • Ellen Staff's Unlucky Moments

    Because it's Friday the 13th, Ellen asked her staff about some of their unluckiest moments. Some of them happened right while we were filming. Take a look!

  • Khloe on Kim and Kanye

    The rumor mill is swirling about Khloe Kardashian Odom's sister Kim and Kanye West! What did Khloe have to say about the rumored pair? Find out here!

  • Some Kiss

    Abby F. from Grafton, Wisconsin sent in this photo of her niece having a playdate with her dog! It must be nice to be kissed by a dog when their tongue is the size of your head. See more of Ellen's best pet photos here.

    Best Pet PhotosBest Pet Photos

  • Ellen's Favorite Bad Easter Photos

    Easter is a time of joy for many... and of terror for some. Check out some of Ellen's favorite Bad Easter Photos!

  • An Amazing Whale Rescue Story

    Captain Dave Anderson was here to share his adventure of saving a whale that was trapped in a fishing net. He told Ellen about his connection with this incredible animal, and what he thought the whale was trying to communicate to him.

  • Does Emma Stone Prefer Andrew Garfield or Ryan Gosling?

    She's made out with two of the best-looking guys in Hollywood, but which one did Emma Stone say was the best kisser? Watch to find out! Also, don't miss Ellen scare the life out of her with a spider!

  • Emma Stone Dance Dare!

    While she was here, the wonderfully charming Emma Stone took Ellen's Dance Dare! She danced up on Tony and our special musical guest star, Tim McGraw. Poor Tony had no idea what was going on.

  • More of Ellen's Favorite Clumsy Thumbsy Text Mistakes

    Ellen's viewers keep sending in hilarious autocorrect mistakes, and Ellen has put together a list of her favorites. Check them out!

  • Julia Roberts Scare, Round 2!

    Right in the middle of planning her revenge on Ellen for scaring her, Julia Roberts got scared again! Don't mess with Ellen!


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