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  • Teen Teaches Horse to Overcome Blindness

    By Caroline Golon

    Courtesy of Mary CzechWhen 14-year-old Victoria Czech competes in shows with her horse, Skip, spectators are amazed to learn that Skip is completely blind. They're even more surprised to learn that it was Victoria herself who trained Skip to live and thrive without his sight, long before he lost it.

    Unexpected Circumstances

    When Victoria was 10 years old, her parents gave in to her pleas for her own horse. They found Skip, a former show horse, through a vet near their home in Chippewa Falls, Wis. The family knew the friendly horse was special. "He was supercool, with lots of spunk," remembers Victoria.

    But, two years after the golden palomino came to live with them, the Czechs noticed that one of Skip's eyes was cloudy and swollen. After a series of vet visits, the 23-year-old horse was diagnosed with primary glaucoma and, his vet warned, would eventually lose his sight in both eyes. The family was faced with a choice: daily medications to help Skip keep his sight as long as

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  • Most Dangerous Days of the Year for Pets

    By Dr. Carol McConnell

    ThinkstockA couple of years ago, our researchers at Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) thought it might be interesting to see if our more than half a million policies' worth of claims data could predict the most dangerous days of the year for our pets.

    This was more than simply an exercise in curiosity- at VPI we often use our numbers to help people make good decisions about how to keep their pets healthier. If there were some days that were more dangerous than others, we wanted to know - and we wanted to share that knowledge with pet owners.

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    What we found, although admittedly anecdotal in nature, makes a good deal of sense: Pets are at higher risk in warmer months, when pets and people are more active and more exposed to risk factors, and around holidays, when changes of routine can lead to accidents.

    Holidays Can Be Hazardous

    In order to accurately assess the "danger" of a day, we analyzed only those claims

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  • Olympic Snowboard Star Rescues Sochi Pup

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    Lindsey Jacobellis, a U.S. snowboarder, plans to bring this Sochi stray puppy home with her.After sad news at the start of the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, about the treatment of stray dogs, some of the pups are winning big.

    Lindsey Jacobellis, a snowboard cross competitor from Vermont, had a heartbreaking fall on the course over the weekend in Sochi, knocking her out of medal contention. But it looks like she found comfort in the form of a homeless puppy.

    "This Sochi Stray scored a one way ticket to the USA with [Lindsey]," Tweeted Jacobellis's teammate, Holly Brooks, on Monday, with this photo. She's the second U.S. Olympian who's fallen for a Sochi dog. Last week, we told you about Gus Kenworthy, who won silver in men's slopestyle skiing and planned to take four puppies and their mom back home with him to Colorado. He's found that it's not all that easy, though. He was due to return home on Monday, but he's been delayed waiting for paperwork to be done that will allow him to travel back with his new pack. - Read it at People Pets

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  • 4 New Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

    By Dr. Patty Khuly

    Options for memorializing pets who have passed include everything from beautiful garden statues to custom-made jewelry.I remember the day that my beloved Sophie Sue's headstone arrived. I'd ordered it a year to the day of her death, and it had arrived about a month later, a 10-pound block of granite I hoped would work well under the tree we'd planted in her memory.

    Sophie's ashes had been buried at the base of a sapling, a spindly thing I'm sad to say hasn't exactly flourished as I'd hoped. But laying the headstone there had nonetheless offered us all a sense of peace at her passing.

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    It was a sweet thing to do back then (in 2010) and an even sweeter thing to see whenever I tend to that section of my yard today. It reminds me of her feisty demeanor and degree of self-possession any of us would kill for.

    Moreover, it reminds me that she's still living with us in her own way. Which, seeing as she always lived life on her own French bullheaded terms, makes having a visible memento of her personality especially touching to

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  • Dog with Mysterious Photo Gets a Home

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    Fox Carolina News and the Greenville County Pet Rescue were asking people to share this image of Soldier the dog and the photo found in his collar.Last month, we told you the story of Soldier, the Pit Bull who was found on the streets in South Carolina with an old photo of a soldier mysteriously tucked inside his collar.

    The 2-year-old dog had no other identifying information, and despite getting lots of media attention after he was found, no one came forward with information on who the dog belonged to or why he was carrying the picture.

    After receiving hundreds of phone calls from people interested in adopting Soldier, Greenville County Animal Care thought the best fit was Julie Hensley, who lives in Virginia and heard about Soldier on Facebook. She drove through a snowstorm to pick the dog up, and they hit it off well when they met. He has a happy new home, but the photo remains a mystery. - Read it at Fox Carolina

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  • Weather Therapy Dog to Help Communities

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    Butler will serve communities hit by severe weather for The Weather Channel and the American Humane Association.After scouring shelters across the country, The Weather Channel and the American Humane Association have found the perfect weather therapy dog. Butler, a 1 ½-year-old Shepherd mix, was only at the Humane Society of Charlotte, N.C., for four days before he got the new gig.

    The 35-pound pup quickly stole the hearts of Weather Channel producers and AHA representatives. "The perfect therapy dog, Butler is affectionate, loves to kiss and sit in the laps of others," the AHA said in a statement. "He is attentive, well-mannered and energetic, and will play a vital role in the health of communities in times of disaster."

    When severe weather strikes a community, Butler and his AHA handler, Amy McCullough, will visit area schools, hospitals and shelters to offer comfort. - Follow Butler on Facebook

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  • A Veterinarian’s Top 7 Tips for Saving Money on Pet Care

    By Dr. Patty Khuly

    Not sure how much food your pet needs? Ask your vet.If you've got pets, you've got bigger bills than those who (inexplicably) manage to live without them. But that's no major cause for alarm. After all, our animals are more than worth their weight in gold. Nothing could induce us to live without them. And they probably end up saving our lives so many times over that it'd be sheer folly to do without them, anyway.

    But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt when the veterinary invoices and food bills start stacking up.

    Ideas for the Budget Conscious

    I should know. I spend hundreds a month on pet care. And while it's a lifestyle choice I've rationally elected for myself, that doesn't mean I have to like the constant drain on my bank account. Which is why I work hard at finding new ways to mitigate those expenses.

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    And because I think pet people like us need to find ways to help one another, I'll let you in on some of my favorite ways to save money on pet

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  • 20 Least Trendy Cat Names of 2014

    By Kristen Seymour

    ThinkstockWhen you think back to your favorite outfit of 2004, chances are it looks a little different than what you'd pick to wear now. And the same thing goes for cat names: What was at the height of popularity a decade ago might not even make the top 50 cat names this year.

    We looked through our database of 425,000 cats named over the last year to determine which names had dropped the most in popularity since 2004. It's not that these names have completely vanished - we still know plenty of felines named Nemo and Tigger - it's just that they're not nearly as popular as they were back when Britney Spears was topping the charts with Toxic and Lindsay Lohan was capturing the public's hearts with a starring role in Mean Girls.

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    Several of the names from last year's list showed up again this year, but not all - Pumpkin (for both male and female cats), Muffin, Sylvester, Sabrina, Tommy, Allie, Fluffy and Kiki all lost their

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  • Police Save Dog from Choking

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    Mit thanks one of the New Hamphire police officers who helped save him from choking on a dental bone.When Mit, a 7-year-old Pomeranian and Poodle mix, got his nightly dental bone treat stuck in his throat last Saturday night, his owner Nicole Dale and her mother weren't sure what to do.

    They didn't think the little dog would survive long enough to make it to the nearest open veterinarian's office, so Dale's mom drove to the local police station in Farmington, N.H., with Mit to ask for help. Sgt. Scott Orlando and Officer Thomas McNulty sprang into action.

    They could see the bone lodged in the back of Mit's throat. "The dog was so small, we couldn't get our fingers in the mouth to grab the bone," McNulty said. So, another detective quickly grabbed a pair of pliers and pulled the treat out, and Mit was back to normal within seconds. "I was so happy that someone was here to help him," Dale said. On a trip back to the station this week, Mit was clearly thankful, giving the officers lots of happy kisses. - Watch it from New Hampshire's WMUR

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  • Why Are Couples Called Lovebirds?

    By Lisa Granshaw

    ThinkstockLove is in the air more than any other time of the year right now, as couples get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day. You might notice people being more openly affectionate in public to display how much they care for each other, whether it's holding hands as they walk or kissing in the park. These actions tend to make people refer to such couples as "a pair of lovebirds," but why do we use that term?

    The Link to Lovebirds

    You'd be right if you suspected that the word's origins could be traced to an actual bird species. "Lovebirds" refers to several small, short-tailed parrot species, most of which have predominantly green, blue or gray plumage. The parrots are native to Africa and Madagascar. Among pet owners, the birds are popular as cage birds.

    Above all else, these birds are known for their extremely caring behavior toward one another. Pairs typically mate for life and are usually very affectionate. Lovebirds will often sit together and caress or preen

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