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  • Weather Therapy Dog to Help Communities

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    Butler will serve communities hit by severe weather for The Weather Channel and the American Humane Association.After scouring shelters across the country, The Weather Channel and the American Humane Association have found the perfect weather therapy dog. Butler, a 1 ½-year-old Shepherd mix, was only at the Humane Society of Charlotte, N.C., for four days before he got the new gig.

    The 35-pound pup quickly stole the hearts of Weather Channel producers and AHA representatives. "The perfect therapy dog, Butler is affectionate, loves to kiss and sit in the laps of others," the AHA said in a statement. "He is attentive, well-mannered and energetic, and will play a vital role in the health of communities in times of disaster."

    When severe weather strikes a community, Butler and his AHA handler, Amy McCullough, will visit area schools, hospitals and shelters to offer comfort. - Follow Butler on Facebook

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  • A Veterinarian’s Top 7 Tips for Saving Money on Pet Care

    By Dr. Patty Khuly

    Not sure how much food your pet needs? Ask your vet.If you've got pets, you've got bigger bills than those who (inexplicably) manage to live without them. But that's no major cause for alarm. After all, our animals are more than worth their weight in gold. Nothing could induce us to live without them. And they probably end up saving our lives so many times over that it'd be sheer folly to do without them, anyway.

    But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt when the veterinary invoices and food bills start stacking up.

    Ideas for the Budget Conscious

    I should know. I spend hundreds a month on pet care. And while it's a lifestyle choice I've rationally elected for myself, that doesn't mean I have to like the constant drain on my bank account. Which is why I work hard at finding new ways to mitigate those expenses.

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    And because I think pet people like us need to find ways to help one another, I'll let you in on some of my favorite ways to save money on pet

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  • 20 Least Trendy Cat Names of 2014

    By Kristen Seymour

    ThinkstockWhen you think back to your favorite outfit of 2004, chances are it looks a little different than what you'd pick to wear now. And the same thing goes for cat names: What was at the height of popularity a decade ago might not even make the top 50 cat names this year.

    We looked through our database of 425,000 cats named over the last year to determine which names had dropped the most in popularity since 2004. It's not that these names have completely vanished - we still know plenty of felines named Nemo and Tigger - it's just that they're not nearly as popular as they were back when Britney Spears was topping the charts with Toxic and Lindsay Lohan was capturing the public's hearts with a starring role in Mean Girls.

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    Several of the names from last year's list showed up again this year, but not all - Pumpkin (for both male and female cats), Muffin, Sylvester, Sabrina, Tommy, Allie, Fluffy and Kiki all lost their

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  • Police Save Dog from Choking

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    Mit thanks one of the New Hamphire police officers who helped save him from choking on a dental bone.When Mit, a 7-year-old Pomeranian and Poodle mix, got his nightly dental bone treat stuck in his throat last Saturday night, his owner Nicole Dale and her mother weren't sure what to do.

    They didn't think the little dog would survive long enough to make it to the nearest open veterinarian's office, so Dale's mom drove to the local police station in Farmington, N.H., with Mit to ask for help. Sgt. Scott Orlando and Officer Thomas McNulty sprang into action.

    They could see the bone lodged in the back of Mit's throat. "The dog was so small, we couldn't get our fingers in the mouth to grab the bone," McNulty said. So, another detective quickly grabbed a pair of pliers and pulled the treat out, and Mit was back to normal within seconds. "I was so happy that someone was here to help him," Dale said. On a trip back to the station this week, Mit was clearly thankful, giving the officers lots of happy kisses. - Watch it from New Hampshire's WMUR

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  • Why Are Couples Called Lovebirds?

    By Lisa Granshaw

    ThinkstockLove is in the air more than any other time of the year right now, as couples get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day. You might notice people being more openly affectionate in public to display how much they care for each other, whether it's holding hands as they walk or kissing in the park. These actions tend to make people refer to such couples as "a pair of lovebirds," but why do we use that term?

    The Link to Lovebirds

    You'd be right if you suspected that the word's origins could be traced to an actual bird species. "Lovebirds" refers to several small, short-tailed parrot species, most of which have predominantly green, blue or gray plumage. The parrots are native to Africa and Madagascar. Among pet owners, the birds are popular as cage birds.

    Above all else, these birds are known for their extremely caring behavior toward one another. Pairs typically mate for life and are usually very affectionate. Lovebirds will often sit together and caress or preen

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  • How Guys Use Dogs to Attract Women

    By Mikkel Becker

    ThinkstockWhen it comes to securing a date, a dog can be a guy's greatest wingman. Let's face it: What's more endearing to a female dog owner than seeing a man cuddle with his best buddy or play fetch with his pooch at the park?

    Some guys may be aware that their dog attracts women, while others may be oblivious, but a dog can definitely play the part of Cupid in connecting single pet lovers. Here's what women can learn about men from their relationships with their dogs.

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    He Lets His Dog Make the First Impression

    A dog's personality and breed says a lot about his owner, before the man ever says a word. I associate a man who owns a dog with positive character traits like openness, loyalty and compassion. Owning a dog also shows off a man's nurturing side, and how a man interacts with his dog can be an indicator of the type of husband and father he will be. In my opinion, a man who provides for all of his dog's physical and

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  • U.S. Skier Rescues Stray Puppies in Sochi

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    U.S. freeskier Gus Kenworthy pledged to help a group of stray puppies he found in Sochi on Wednesday.A day before making his Olympic debut, 22-year-old freeskier Gus Kenworthy took a break to play with some stray puppies he found in host city Sochi, Russia. "Oh my glob, look who I just found! :) ‪#sochistrays" he Tweeted from his verified account on Wednesday.

    He posted pictures of himself with the puppies on Twitter and Facebook, and later said, "Also, for the people wondering, I've lined up kennels 4 the pups & made vaccination appointments. Doing all I can to bring them home w/ me!"

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    The treatment of Sochi's strays has been a controversial part of the Games, with animal lovers rushing to save them before they could be euthanized by agencies contracted by local officials. Kenworthy was born in Great Britain but raised in Colorado. He won silver today in the slopestyle event in Sochi for Team USA, but he's already captured gold in the hearts of many of his animal-loving fans. - Read it at New York's Newsday


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  • Meet the 2014 Westminster Dog Show Winner

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    AP -- Gabriel Rangel and Sky the Wire Fox Terrier step into the Best in Show ring at the 138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.Sky, a 5-year-old Wire Fox Terrier, leapt up onto her hind legs as she was crowned Best in Show at the 138 th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York on Tuesday night.

    The Terrier Group has won more often than any other Group in Westminster history - 46 times - and took the top prize as recently as 2010. This is the fourteenth time a Wire Fox Terrier has earned the honor.

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    "Oh, it's overwhelming," says Sky's handler, Gabriel Rangel, who was in New York from Mexico to show her. "I'm so proud of her…. There's no words to describe this." Rangel also showed the Best in Show-winning Terrier in 2010.

    Sky has won 128 Best in Show titles during her career in the ring, including the National Dog Show in 2012 - where she beat Affenpinscher Banana Joe, who won Westminster in 2013. Sky is from California and is owned by Victor Malzoni Jr. and Torie Steele. She already had her

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  • Sparky the Deaf Dog Goes to Jail and Gets a Frest Start

    By Nora Zelevansky

    Life has not always been easy for Sparky (née Zeus) the Dachshund. In fact, his story rivals Little Orphan Annie's: The pup was born deaf to a breeder, who had little use for an impaired charge. Sparky narrowly escaped being euthanized and ended up at a shelter, where no one would adopt him because of his challenges.

    That's when an unlikely turn of events changed his life forever: Sparky went to jail.

    More specifically, Sparky was enrolled in Puppies for Parole, an inmate dog-training program that launched in 2010 under George Lombardi, director of the Missouri Department of Corrections.

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    Courtesy of the Missouri Department of Corrections -- Annie the dog shows some love to her handler. The Program's Beginning

    Initially, Lombardi was approached by a St. Louis-based organization called C.H.A.M.P. (or Canine Helpers Allow More Possibilities), which suggested that female inmates might be able to help train their service dogs. They ended up helping more than 60 pups and countless prisoners.

    The experience

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  • 8 Breeds You Love but the Westminster Judges Don't

    By staff

    The 2014 Westminster Dog Show was won last night by a Wire Fox Terrier named Sky. It is the 14th time this breed has been named Best in Show at America's famous dog show. But while this breed has a tradition of winning you might be shocked to find out which breeds have never won the Westminster Dog Show.

    PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes at 2014 Westminster Dog Show

    In the 138-year history of the competition, more than half the dogs currently on the American Kennel Club's top 25 most popular breeds list have never taken Best in Show.

    Check out below which of the most beloved breeds are still waiting for that first win.

    Labrador RetrieverLabrador Retriever

    The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog in the United States for more than two decades, according to the AKC. He has the kind of versatility that other dogs only dream of. He can be a companion, show dog, hunting dog, canine athlete, guide dog, service dog, sniffer dog, search and rescue dog and

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