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  • Can This Invention Translate Dogs’ Thoughts into Words?

    By Colleen Oakley

    No More WoofEver wonder what your dog is thinking? Wonder no more: Swedish researchers claim their invention No More Woof will be able to translate a dog's thoughts into human words.

    The project, which has raised $16,000 through crowdfunding, uses a headset that will collect EEG signals from a dog and software that can then translate those signals into thought. The device is set to go on sale in April of this year. No word yet on what dogs think about the device. - Read it at

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  • 5 Most High-Energy Dog Breeds

    By Kristen Seymour

    Do you find it hard to sit still? Would you rather spend your time running and playing and working outdoors instead of lounging at home on the couch? If so, you may have met your match in these breeds.

    We polled 122 veterinary experts to get their opinions on which dog breeds are the most energetic. Here are the five that received the most votes!

    No. 5: Australian Cattle Dog

    The Australian Cattle Dog, who hails from Oz, is also known as a Blue Heeler or Queensland Heeler. He can be a tough herding dog and is often known for impressive endurance. That's a fantastic trait if you're looking for a biking or running buddy or planning to work or compete with him, but it's a little more problematic if all you have time for is a short exercise session with him each day, because that endurance also means he could have some energy left over for destructive behavior.

    Learn More About the Australian Cattle Dog

    Boston TerrierNo. 4 Boston Terrier (Photo credit: Karin

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  • Put a Stop to These 5 Dog Behavior Problems

    By Mikkel Becker

    ThinkstockHaving guests over can be stressful if your pets aren't properly prepared for company. Consider Jackson the Papillon who shakes, cowers and paces when company arrives. Or Katie the Westie, who growls and bares her teeth when table scraps fall near her. Or Bosque the Goldendoodle, who jumps, barks and causes general mayhem every time the doorbell rings.

    Here are five common behavior pitfalls and some quick tips for managing - or avoiding - each of them.

    Problem #1: Fear of People

    If there have been more people in the house than normal, this can cause fear and aggression to escalate. A stressed-out dog may snap at or bite a guest, which is why it is so important to help your dog manage his fears.

    Solution: If your dog is most anxious when guests arrive, having visitors greet him in the right manner can have a calming effect. If he is overwhelmed by extra people in your house, create a getaway space for him where he can be safely separated from the crowd. And

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  • Vetstreet's Top Pet Stories of 2013

    By Kristen Seymour

    From the dogs new owners should think twice about bringing home to common cat-care mistakes, we've rounded up some of the top Vetstreet articles of the year. Did your favorite make the cut? If we missed your pick, please share in the comments!

    Top List Article

    Veterinary professionals chose the Siberian Husky as one of the worst breeds for new owners.15 Most Challenging Breeds for New Pet Owners We polled 218 veterinary professionals to ask them which breeds they thought were the best - and worst - for first-time dog owners. As you can imagine, this article was quite the conversation piece! Although its difficult to make sweeping statements about dog breeds as each dog is different, the vet experts surveyed did name certain breeds that they believed do better with more experienced owners. (photo credit - Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography/

    Honorable Mention

    Best Breeds for New Owners Interestingly, this was almost as controversial as the worst breeds article. We love that our readers feel so passionate about their favorite

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  • Study: Elephants Think with Their Trunks

    By Colleen Oakley | December 30, 2013

    ThinkstockTheir ears may be huge, but elephants surprisingly rely more on their sense of smell than other senses to find food and solve other puzzles, say researchers from the University of Cambridge.

    "This is one of the first times, to our knowledge, that elephants were shown to use olfaction [smell] in a basic intelligence test," said Joshua Plotnik, an animal behavior scientist who led the study. The results offer insights into how elephants think and could be used to figure out ways they might be dissuaded from raiding farmers' food.

    The authors also suggest that scientists may underestimate the smarts of pachyderms (and other animals) by relying too much on intelligence tests tied to sights or sounds, instead of smells."[This study] shows just how primate-centric some of our cognitive tests really are," adds Yale evolutionary psychologist Laurie Santos. "If we really want to understand elephant cognition, we need to start thinking outside the

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  • A Party Dress to Make You Purr

    By Kristen Seymour | December 30, 2013

    Credit: AnthropologiePlanning to hit the town for New Year's Eve? This Panthere party dress from Anthropologie is just about perfect. With a ladylike fit and metallic panther print, it's sweet with just a little bit of attitude ... so, kind of like a few felines we know.

    Aside from the fact that it's covered in cats (and you know how we feel about that), we love that it's flashy enough to wear with heels and flashy jewelry for a big night on the town, but it could also easily be dressed down with flats or boots to wear for a more casual encounter. After all, the more wear we get out of each item in our closet, the more money we have to spend on our furry friends!

    Panthere Dress, $178 at Anthropologie

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  • Why Does My Dog... Smell so Bad?

    By Dr. Patty Khuly |

    ThinkstockGot a dog who's conditioned you to think that his adorable presence is worth living with despite his foul odors? If your pet smells nasty -- on occasion or full-time -- then you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

    The trouble is that it's not enough to know you've got a stinker on your hands. It's in everyone's best interest to do something about the putrid problem, but that's not doable unless you know what's causing the stench.

    To help you get to the bottom of your dog's funky smell, here are some common canine stench scenarios and causes.

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    Is it his skin?

    If your pet's skin smells reminiscent of rotting fruit or something freshly dug up from deep underground, it's more than likely related to skin disease. Whether it happens year-round or seasonally, pets with skin conditions, like allergic skin disease and parasite infestations, and the secondary bacterial and yeast

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  • Top 5 Pet-Related Resolutions for 2014

    By Dr. Patty Khuly

    ThinkstockEvery year it's the same thing. You attempt to shape up, slim down, spend less, live more or quit something for good. So how about this year you resolve to do something you'll easily achieve? For all you pet people I've got just the thing: Resolve to accomplish something on your pet's behalf instead!

    Interested? Consider the following five New Year's resolutions I've devised (with my patients in mind, of course):

    1. Trim down. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 38 percent of humans made weight-related New Year's resolutions in 2012. So why not extend that to our pets this upcoming 2014? We know that our pets are chunky and getting chunkier, so why not resolve to start trimming her down now? Not sure where to start? Ask your vet how.

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    2. Get pet insurance. If you can't afford a big vet bill in the event of an emergency, you may be facing the unthinkable unless you put a financial solution

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  • “Miracle” Puppy Beats the Odds

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    Denver's ABC 7 News -- Miracle the puppy surprised veterinarians at a Colorado shelter when she started crying 45 minutes after she was born.A Colorado veterinarian is crediting a holiday miracle with the unlikely survival of a puppy at the Aurora Animal Shelter. Dr. Nicole Bartley said a small dog was brought in to the shelter on Monday, struggling with labor.

    After a quick examination, Bartley determined that an emergency C-section was needed because the puppy was too large for the mom to give birth naturally, and the dog had been in labor for a long time. There was a lot of infection, and little chance for the pup to survive. The technicians tried to help the puppy, but when it didn't breathe, they shifted their attention to the mom, and to try to rid her of infection. It was 45 minutes later when "we heard a sound from the inside the blanket where the puppy had been wrapped.

    It was alive! And crying for its mama!" Bartley wrote on Facebook. "It should not have been possible for that puppy to be alive that much later when we couldn't get it to respond right away." So, the staff named the

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  • 11 Trendiest Dog Breeds of 2013

    By Kristen Seymour

    Some breeds, like Labrador Retrievers, have been popular pets for years, but other breeds (and popular mixed breeds) have moved steadily up the list over the past decade. For example, 10 years ago you might not have even heard of a Cane Corso, but these days you're likely to cross paths with at least one at your dog park or vet's office.

    To determine which breeds and hybrids are truly the hottest ones, we searched Vetstreet's data and looked at how many places each breed climbed between 2002 and 2012. Did your favorite breed make the list?

    And on the other side of the coin, check out our gallery of 20 breeds that are losing popularity, from the Schipperke to the Dalmatian.

    TOP 11

    Cane Corso1. Cane Corso (143rd in popularity in 2002, No. 73 in 2012) -- photo credit - Eva Maria Kramer, Animal Photography/

    The Cane Corso is an Italian Mastiff bred to hunt wild boar. While that's not normally the duty assigned to this large dog these days, he's

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