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  • Cat Survives 11-Story Fall from Window

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    Owner Stephanie Gustafson holds Wasabi the cat outside their apartment building in Juneau, Alaska.Two-year-old Wasabi the cat is wearing a pink cast on one of her front legs after fracturing it in a fall from her owner's 11 th -story apartment in Juneau, Alaska.

    The kitty was chasing a mosquito last week, and when the bug escaped out a window, Wasabi followed it and landed in a parking lot.

    Her owner, Stephanie Gustafson, found her nearby, hurt and wet from the rain. Veterinarians operated on Wasabi to put pins and wires in her fractured leg and broken bones in a joint. She's expected to take about six weeks to recover. - Read it from AP via Today

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  • Is it OK for Dogs & Cats to Sleep in Your Bed?

    By Gina Spadafori

    ThinkstockIn many homes, the "pets on the bed" debate is long over -- and the pets won. Proof can be found in the marketplace, where accessories abound to help dogs and cats get onto the bed -- and keep the bedding cleaner.

    The trend isn't for everyone, however. Letting cats and dogs sleep in the bed has been suggested as one of many reasons why people have problems getting a good night's sleep. If you have insomnia, you might consider getting your pet his own comfy bed and keeping yours for yourself. If you have allergies, or your pet has behavior problems, a no-pet bedroom is also recommended.

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    Otherwise, why not share?

    I've always kept an eye out for sales on relatively inexpensive, washable cotton quilts to throw over the top of the bedding. I also use rubber-backed fuzzy bath mats on top of the quilts when older pets get leaky.

    For high beds and older pets, there's even an easier way up: A

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  • Soldiers Reunited with 8 Afghan Dogs

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres

    A group of National Guardsmen were reunited with an Afghan dog and her seven puppies on Wednesday.While they were serving in Afghanistan, a group of New York National Guard soldiers befriended a stray dog they named Sheba. In March, their pal gave birth to a litter of seven puppies, and the Guardsmen nursed the weakened mom and her pups to health - feeding her their Army-issued food, and asking relatives back at home to send dog food.

    Then, as the U.S. began to pull troops out of Afghanistan, they found out that their base was closing. "It really broke our hearts that we might have to leave them there," said 1st Lt. Joseph LaPenta of Staten Island.

    They contacted Guardians of Rescue, a group that helps bring war dogs home. And on Wednesday night, Sheba and her 6-month-old puppies Cadence, Rocky, Sarah, Jack, Buckeye, Breezy and Harris were reunited with the soldiers on Long Island.

    Two soldiers will take home two pups each, and three others will take home one each. Mom Sheba is being assessed to see if she can be certified as a therapy dog to help veterans

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  • 11 Dogs and Cats Who Are Ready for Some Football

    Lace up your cleats and strap on your helmet, because it's time for football! (Or maybe just fire up the grill and wipe down your TV. Whatever works for you.)

    The new NFL season begins this week. If your houses are like ours, then your cats and dogs aren't just hanging around waiting for a piece of hot dog to drop - they're hard-core pigskin fans, just like their humans. The Vetstreet team (plus some friends and family) got so excited for the start of football that we put together this gallery of our animals cheering on our hometown teams. And of course, there are some rivalries.

    May the best team win!

    CosmoCosmo, Green Bay Packers

    Cosmo Kramer, a 7-month-old mixed breed, is a cheesehead at heart. Although he refuses to wear the hat, he's excited to cheer on the Green Bay Packers during his first football season. He's ready to see QB Aaron Rodgers in action and knows his team will have a great year. Go Pack!

    CupidCupid, San Francisco 49ers

    Cupid the Pomeranian is still

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  • From Divorce to Wills -- What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Animal Law

    By Dr. Christopher J. Allen, JD

    Animal Photography As a child, I used to hear my parents talk about "the dogcatcher" and how if people let their pets roam loose, those pets would be captured and held by this mystery person. Who knew if these pets would ever be heard from again?

    As a veterinarian, I have worked with many "dogcatchers" (now referred to as animal control officers) since I have owned practices that worked under contract with municipalities to assist them in that role. Of course, nowadays what dogcatchers do is round up lost and abandoned animals, see to it that injured ones receive medical treatment and simultaneously enforce the rabies vaccination laws that protect humans.

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    In this way, animals have long been subject to legislation, law enforcement and judicial decisions. In fact, during the last decade, the landscape of animal law has expanded dramatically as the importance of domestic animals

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  • What Dogs Learn by Smelling 'Pee'

    By Dr. Marty Becker

    ThinkstockIf you're like me - well, heck, like most of us these days - one of the first things you do every day is check in online. Your dog's version of this is something I call "pee mail," and it's just as important a means of communication for our canine companions as our digital check-ins are for us.

    How much do you know about pee mail? While we can never get as much information from it as our dogs can with just a single whiff, you can still learn a great deal about your dog - and all dogs. I've collected some fun facts about this important canine ritual for you!

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    The Great Cover-Up

    Have you ever watched the effort a tiny dog will put forth to make his mark more substantial than any other's? It can be dramatic. I've known many little dogs who have an almost acrobatic ability to stand on their front legs and adjust their rear ones to squirt as high as any Great Dane can. They put the high-hitching

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  • 4 Working Animals to Honor This Labor Day

    By Melanie Kramer, Shayna Meliker

    This Labor Day, not only do we want to pay homage to the hardworking humans of America, but we also want to celebrate some of the hardest-working animals throughout history.

    Take a moment of your holiday to read about these dogs and horses who we're honoring for their important contributions to America. You may have heard the tales of the mail-carrying Pony Express horses or Balto, the brave Siberian Husky who delivered medicine to an Alaska town in dire need of it, but there's so much more to learn about other hardworking canines and equines.

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  • Feline Fans Attend 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival

    By Dr. Mary Fuller

    Grumpy Cat and her owner Tabitha Bundesen make their debut while meeting Lil Bub at the Internet Cat Video Festival Wednesday, August 28, at the Minnesota State Fair in Falcon Heights, Minn.The Internet can make you feel like your cat is a slacker. All those videos of cats riding skateboards and sparring with blow-dryers, cats singing to acid rock and playing patty-cake - even cats using Facebook to trash-talk dogs! And at the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival in St. Paul, Minn., cats did all this - and more.

    Photo Gallery: YouTube Stars Shine at Cat Video Festival

    The brainchild of the Walker Art Center, a highly regarded contemporary art museum in Minneapolis, this year's festival was held at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand and was streamed live online around the world by sponsor Animal Planet.

    If the organizers were surprised by the turnout at last year's inaugural event - over 10,000 people (and sundry cats) attended - the event's worldwide appeal is no less confounding. The museum has fielded nearly 300 requests to tour the festival in other cities from San Diego, Boston, and Portland to Vienna, Jerusalem, and Dublin.

    The language

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  • 5 Surprisingly Misnamed Animals

    By Linda Lombardi

    Animal names . . . you just can't trust them.

    Sure, the yellow-bellied sapsucker has a yellow tummy and eats sap. But not all monikers in the critter kingdom are so obvious - and some are complete misnomers.

    Here are five examples of animals whose names have rather unexpected explanations.

    Thinkstock1. Hermit Crab

    The hermit crab isn't a loner like its name implies. They actually live in large colonies in the wild and possess some remarkably sophisticated social behavior. The crabs will line up in front of an empty shell, and when a crab arrives who's a perfect fit for the brand-new home, it goes to the head of the line to move in. The next biggest crustacean takes that crab's vacated shell, and then everyone else exchanges shells in order.

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    2. White Rhino

    There are two types of African Rhinoceros - white and black - but you won't be able to tell them apart by color, seeing as both species are a dark

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  • Top 10 Least-Trendy Dog Names of 2013

    By Kristen Seymour

    ThinkstockJust as today's second-grade classrooms are no longer filled to the brim with Jennifers and Jasons, the dog names that were most popular a decade or two ago are no longer at the head of the class.

    After checking out the 10 most popular puppy names and 10 trendiest dog names, we decided to try something different and determine which names are on the other end of current trends. Using Vetstreet's data on close to 1.26 million dogs, we took a peek at which names have fallen in popularity since 2003.

    Here are the 10 dog names that have fallen the farthest in the past decade.

    1. Scooter earned the top spot on this list by declining the most in popularity over the past decade, falling from No. 34 on the list of most popular male dog names in 2003 to No. 98 in 2012.

    2. Brandy takes No. 1 for females on the least popular list, starting at No. 42 in 2003 and falling out of the top 100 in 2011.

    3. Dakota was the No. 43 most popular male dog name in 2003, but Read More »from Top 10 Least-Trendy Dog Names of 2013


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