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  • 6 Steps to Finding a Great Groomer

    By Dr. Patty Khuly |

    ThinkstockI know this great groomer. He comes to my mother's house once every month or so to handle her two wild ones in all their furred unruliness. With a steady hand and an even steadier way around a nervous dog, he bathes and clips in less time and for way less cash than you'd expect for such expert results.

    But for my pets, grooming didn't come easily. After all, despite the long line of personal pets and steady stream of rescues, professional grooming is something I've always successfully managed to avoid. Until now.

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    Enter Rosebud

    Rosebud arrived late last year, looking less like a candidate for professional grooming than a hypothyroid Chihuahua. Which is to say she was a bony Shih Tzu with precious little fur to work with. Flea and food allergies had done her skin in, hence the hairlessness that gave her skin a scaly gray cast except where she was especially inflamed (earning her the cheeky

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  • 8 Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

    By Lisa Granshaw |

    Logan's ball and bedding are ready for cleaningSpring is in the air, and for many of us, that means getting a fresh start with some serious housecleaning. Don't forget about your pets when you're spiffing things up for spring! We've rounded up our best tips for adding pet care to your cleaning checklist, and we talked with experts about how to keep your spring cleanse pet-safe. And of course, since every pet is different, speak with your veterinarian about any pet-specific or health-related questions.

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    Deep Cleaning

    Start your spring cleanse by taking charge of the dirt.

    1. Clean crates and carriers. Spring is the perfect time to get crates and carriers sparkling. Dr. René Carlson, the American Veterinary Medical Association's immediate past president, recommends cleaning crates and carriers once a week using "warm soapy water (dishwashing detergent) or a mild disinfectant."

    But be cautious with the

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  • Are Dog Rescue Groups Too Picky?

    By Crystal Miller-Spiegel |

    Thinkstock -- Dogs at a ShelterWhen I was a senior in college in Central Pennsylvania, I adopted my dog, Simmons, the Greatest Dog Ever, at the local animal shelter for $20, with no obligation to neuter him and no landlord's letter stating that, yes, dogs were allowed in my rental home. I simply showed up and took him home.

    Fast-forward one year, however, and my job at a Boulder, Colo., animal shelter involved conducting in-depth adoption interviews to decide if the interested person or family could provide a suitable home for whatever cat, dog or other animal I was trying to find a home for. At that shelter, once the animals were deemed "adoptable," they were not killed because of overcrowding. So while there was a sense of urgency to placing them, it was not as if their days were actually numbered if I didn't do so. Still, I definitely experienced that "gut" feeling when it felt like the pet/family pairings might not be a good match, and I often felt happy but

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  • Stuff Your Dog's Kong with Delicious Homemade Tail Mix

    By Mikkel Becker |

    Mikkel Becker, Vetstreet.comThe Kong toy is one of the most important innovations in the dog training world. It's a valuable tool for building better canine behavior because it focuses a dog's energy and chewing on an appropriate outlet. A Kong will keep a dog occupied for long periods of time as he uses his teeth and tongue to pull out the morsels hidden within.

    One of the ways I pamper my Pugs, Willy and Bruce, is by creating new recipes to stuff in their Kongs. The Pugs are more than willing to try out my new creations, and I get the satisfaction of seeing them tail-wagging happy as they engulf the contents of their Kongs.

    Video: How to Stuff a Kong for Your Dog

    Here's one of my newest creations. I call it Tail Mix, which is simply the canine version of trail mix. It was a big hit with Willy and Bruce, and it's veterinarian approved by my father, Dr. Marty Becker.


    This recipe can be used to replace part of your dog's normal meal, although

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  • 10 Things to Consider Before Bringing Home that Easter Bunny

    By Michelle Leifer |

    ThinkstockWith Easter less than a week away, it can be tempting to buy a furry bunny to round out your child's holiday basket.

    But, as adorable as they are, rabbits are more than just a seasonal decoration or a toy. When uninformed owners are faced with the reality of caring for their new pet, that cute bunny all too often ends up in a shelter.

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    To get a better sense of what to expect, Vetstreet asked Mary E. Cotter, Ed.D., who runs the New York City-area chapter of the House Rabbit Society (HRS) and serves as the vice president for the international HRS organization, to give us the lowdown on bunny ownership. Here are things to consider:

    1. Rabbits Have Long Lifespans

    Bunnies can live seven to 10 years - and some even hit their teens. "This is not a quick fix for a lonely child," Cotter says. "You need to think long term and realize that a full-grown pet requires devotion and care."


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  • Weimaraners Strike a Pose for Acne Studios

    By Laura Cross

    The "gray ghost" is back in the limelight.

    The latest campaign for Stockholm, Sweden-based fashion and design brand Acne Studios features a pair of fashionable Weimaraners shot by one of the most famous Weimaraner photographers of all - William Wegman.

    Wegman made the breed's signature gray face famous back in the 1970s, when he started photographing his Weimaraner, Man Ray. Chances are, you or someone you know, owns, (or used to own), a William Wegman Weimaraner calendar.

    So tell us, which gray ghosts are your favorites? The ones wearing dollar-print suits? How about the adorable duo in oversized floppy hats?

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  • Pet Vision Vs. People Vision: Who Sees Better?

    By Dr. Donna Spector |

    ThinkstockDo you ever wonder how much your pet sees, or if they see the same things with the same detail that you do? Although it seems like a relatively simple question, the answer is quite complex. When compared to human vision, dogs and cats see both better and worse… just a little differently than we do.

    In general, dogs and cats are much more sensitive to light and motion than people are, but they cannot see as accurately or in the same immense color spectrum that we can.

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    Night Vision - Cats Rule

    If you have ever wondered how your dog is able to go outside in the pitch black and make his way safely around, or how your cat can move so stealthily through a dark house at 1 a.m., it is because their eyes have amazing adaptations for nighttime - or nocturnal - vision.

    Pets owe these abilities to their amazing light sensitivity. Both dogs and cats can detect very low levels of light and are far

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  • The Elite 8: Best NCAA Animal Mascots

    By Vetstreet Staff | March 20, 2013

    March Madness is upon us, and it's time to stand up for our favorite teams. How do we decide who to cheer for? By who has the best mascot, of course!

    From beloved Bulldogs to horses and tigers who might be too big for the basketball court, we've rounded up our eight favorites who made it to the Big Dance - many of them from revered lineages and steeped in decades of rich university tradition. We're betting these cuties will go all the way!

    Liz Lynch, HuggyDuggy.com1. Jack and Jack Jr., Georgetown University

    Georgetown University's mascot, Jack the Bulldog, was joined last spring by a new mascot trainee, Bulldog puppy Jack Jr. The university has a long tradition of Bulldog mascots; the first Jack, an English Bulldog, was purchased by students in 1964. He was meant to be called Hoya (after the school's rallying cry of "Hoya Saxa!"), but refused to respond to any name but Jack.

    The elder Jack's favorite pastimes include tearing up cardboard boxes (usually

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  • The Toughest Decision Pet Owners Have to Make

    By Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse |

    ThinkstockOccasionally, the decision making that surrounds euthanizing a pet is pretty straightforward. In cases of massive trauma, severe illness or unrelenting pain that cannot be managed, the path seems clear. In other cases, however, it can be hard to know what to do.

    The feeling that "it's time" can be more obvious in some situations than in others. But no matter how clear-cut the case may seem, a decision to euthanize a beloved pet often still involves a slew of conflicting thoughts and emotions. Making reasoned choices for our pets in such situations is often agonizing - and maybe that is as it should be. It is no small thing to end a life, and each instance must be approached with care and deep respect.

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    It Is Never Easy

    Clients often talk about their struggle to find the "right" time. (Veterinarians face this same issue themselves with regard to their own

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  • 20 Animals You Might Not Know Are Going Extinct

    By Samantha Thornton |

    Thousands of animal species are listed in the Endangered Species Act, but we found a few that you wouldn't expect to find on the brink of extinction. From household pets to garden pests, here are animals currently listed as endangered or threatened in the United States and around the world.

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