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  • 7 Ways to Score Free Stuff

    We've explored the world of freebies a couple times on Financially Fit from free vacations, to free yoga, to free cell phones. And yes, there's more! Here's another round up of totally free offerings that can potentially help you save you thousands of dollars a year.

    Free Media, Language Classes & Children's Events
    What magical place houses all of the aforementioned freebies? The library, of course! When was the last time you visited yours? These days, the library has become the best destination for free content, but also free classes, ebooks, family events and WiFi. Likewise, your local YMCA or college may offer a variety of free classes to members.

    Online Courses

    "You can learn anything in the world online for free from the frivolous to the serious," says Jody Rholena, senior editor at Consumer Report's ShopSmart Mag. She recommends if you want to tap into lectures from Ivy League professors on anything from art to architecture. There, you can even take courses

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  • Can You Afford that Purchase?

    According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, to "afford" something means that you are able to "bear the cost." But, let's say you earn $50,000 a year. Can you afford, say, a $1,500 flat screen TV or a $3,000 watch? Read the article here.

  • Save Up to 50% at the Grocery Store

    Staying healthy and saving money need not be mutually exclusive. I recently went on a grocery ride with Cooking Light Contributing Editor and host of Yahoo's Blue Ribbon Hunter Allison Fishman for her expert advice on how to make the best choices at the grocery store, while sticking to a frugal budget. Follow these tips and save up to 50% on certain items. Check it out:


    In the condiment aisle, seek healthy fats. You hear so much about olive oil but here's one of Fishman's secret: Canola oil offers all the same amazing heart-healthy benefits. It has the lowest saturated fat, but it's at least four times cheaper than olive oil.


    "The healthiest food choices are typically on the perimeter of the store so make produce your very first stop for healthy foods," says Fishman. The first big way to save in this category is to stick with seasonal produce. In the winter, that includes leafy greens, celery, parsnips and potatoes. Stick with these in-season goodies and

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  • From a $100k-Plus Income to Less Than $35k and Happier Than Ever

    We visit with Kay and Robert Balbi, a couple who unexpectedly went from $100K to $35K and are happier than ever. Read the article here.

  • Proven Ways to Find Happiness at Work

    The expression, "finding your passion," seems easier said than done, but many have made that discovery by simply testing their aptitudes or natural, inherited abilities. Read the article here.

  • Best Things to Buy in January

    Best Things to Buy in January
    It's no secret that January is a smart time to stock up on seasonal basics that go on sale, from holiday ornaments to wrapping paper to winter coats. But beyond the obvious, experts say there are other items that reach their rock bottom prices this month. Here are the best things to buy in January.


    The International Consumer Electronics show, the world's largest consumer technology trade show, falls in January. Here, manufacturers introduce their newest products from flat screen TVs to mobile phones and cameras. With new tech products soon to flood the marketplace, retailers will discount older models and place them on super clearance in January, especially if holiday sales were disappointing. "You'll find many high-end models at lower prices than you saw even on Black Friday," notes Dan de Grandpre, Editor-in-Chief of TVs, specifically, often see attractive pricing this month, as the Super Bowl draws near. "In January,

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  • Top 5 Credit Score Myths

    If you're in the market for a new loan, you'll have to come face-to-face with your credit score. Farnoosh is here to help debunk some myths about this mysterious number. Read the article here.

  • Dallas Mom: How We Live on 40K a Year Without Coupons

    We visit with Brittney Vinson, a Dallas mother who's living well on under $40,000 per yer. Read Brittney's story here.

  • Holiday Tipping Guide

    Amidst the holiday frenzy, it's important to remember to thank those who helped make our lives easier and better this year by offering tips. But exactly who to tip and how much? Read the article here.

  • Best Gadgets for Women

    Gadgets are on just about everyone's holiday wish list, but which tech gear is specifically calling out to the ladies? Here are the top five tech-savvy picks for women. Read the article here.


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