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  • Why You Should Quit Getting Hair Trims

    By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover


    Celebrities like Khloé Kardashian and Cindy Crawford put their lives (OK, their hair) into the hands of stylist Jen Atkin every day, so when Jen doles out hair advice, we listen. And what does she believe the number one hair mistake is? "Too much cutting."

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    It seems the old advice "get a trim every six to eight weeks" is a bit outdated and could be doing more harm than good. "I think it's a really big mistake," says Jen.

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    Jen first spotted the problem when clients would complain their hair wasn't growing fast enough. She says the one-size-fits-all advice of getting regular trims doesn't work for everyone. "Not everyone's hair grows a lot."

    Instead, Jen says it's better to invest in a really good (read: expensive) stylist/cut. "Go to someone really good, then you don't have to go so often."

    To keep hair looking its best between cuts, Jen recommends supplements (like

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  • Tips to Keep You from Bloating

    By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover


    There's nothing worse than finishing a meal only to realize the evidence is showing in a slightly bulging stomach. And it's not only after a big Italian meal that we experience a pasta belly. Even seemingly healthy meals make us feel like we're about to blow a button. ALOHA Expert and Certified Wellness Coach Nadya Andreeva specializes in digestion and broke down exactly what's happening, as well as tips for eating without the swelling.

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    1. Don't drink cold beverages during meals. "Stop drinking anything cold with your meals," says Nadya. "If you have cold on top of it, it takes a lot more effort for your body to digest. The blood vessels constrict in your stomach muscles and makes the whole digestion process a lot slower." Instead of an iced tea or cold soda, Nadya suggests drinking a hot herbal tea or room temperature water with a slice of lime.

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Transform Your Look in Minutes

    By Aly Walansky, Daily Makeover

    Makeup Tips

    Sometimes it's easy to get bored with our every day beauty routine. However, changing it up seems to involve an investment of time and money we don't necessarily have. This doesn't have to be the case: Sometimes curling your lashes, filling in your brows, or doing one of these other quick changes can make a world of difference.

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    1. Switch up your eyeliner. "Use your favorite mascara for a quick touch up, then run a little on an eyeliner brush along the lashline to enhance your eyeliner while giving a long-wear effect," says Ami Shvartzman, glo minerals national makeup artist.

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    2. Make brows and lashes a big focal point. Master eyelash guru Suzette Zuena suggests tinting and curling lashes to add volume and drama. Another quick tip: Use white eyeliner on your water line to make you look more awake or blue liner inside your eyes to brighten the whites of your

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  • Molly Sims Goes Red (and Reveals the Celeb Inspiration Behind Her New Look)

    By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover

    Molly Sims

    Molly Sims has served as hair inspiration for her long blonde waves for quite some time, but the model/actress recently changed things up by going red.

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    "I wanted to do something really different. I just didn't want to cut it. It was either cut it or color. I wanted to cut it, but I didn't want to do what everyone else is doing." And what everyone else is doing is getting a pixie.

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    When it came to celebrity inspiration for the look, Molly said, "I think Amy Adams was our top [choice for inspiration]. She tends to go from darker to lighter reds. I love Julianne Moore's, but she's a little bit deeper, which I might experiment with. But I'm really happy. I love the highlights coming through."

    The makeover was, in part, designed to help spread the word about Nexxus' new Color Assure line. One of the coolest products in the line is designed to be

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  • How to Fake Fuller Lips

    By Natasha Burton, Daily Makeover

    Scarlett Johansson

    While many of us covet full lips like, say, Scarlett Johansson's, it's just not in the cards (unless we turn to fillers). Instead of going down the injection route, try these tips to help you fake bigger lips.

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    1. Exfoliate
    To give your lips a quick plump, use a damp toothbrush or dry washcloth to slough off dead skin and cells. This will boost your kisser temporarily and make your lips softer, too.

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    2. Line Right
    Makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty, suggests using liner to create the look of bigger lips. "Line lips with a color as close to your lipstick shade as possible to create the desired lip shape," she says. "You can slightly overdraw for a fuller pout, just be sure to fill in the rest of the lips with the liner."

    3. Find Your Color
    Stick with shades close in tone to your natural lips, Kashuk

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  • 6 Product Ingredients You Should Never (Ever!) Use on Your Face

    By Natasha Burton, Daily Makeover

    Face Cream

    You know how sometimes you run out of face cleanser, so you turn to whatever else is in your shower instead? (Hopefully we're not the only ones…) Or how, perhaps, you buy a toner, serum, etc. because your BFF loves it or it has pretty packaging-without checking out the ingredients? Well, you might want to be a bit more careful about what you're putting on your precious, beautiful face, both when it comes to products that are meant for other things (i.e. shampoo) and products that could contain substances that really aren't that great for your skin.

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    To help you determine the bad from the good, we got the scoop from celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection, and Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, DC. Here are the ingredients you need to beware of.

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    Retin A
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  • What Your Nail Polish Says About You

    By Aly Walansky, Daily Makeover

    Nail Polish

    Valentine's Day is just a few days away-and we are preparing for one of the biggest date nights of the year. We all want to our look our most fetching, but are you prepared? Even the shade of nail polish you choose can send a big message.

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    Bold Colors
    Red lips and red nails mean the person is confident and they are not afraid to be the center of attention. "The bolder the color, the bolder the personality. These women tend to know what they want and they are not shy of admitting that," says Jennifer Donnelly, dating and relationship expert.

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    Hot Pink with Glitter
    This tells your date you are festive and believe in decorating life with moments of laughter and fun. "You seek pleasure and chase romance, even if it is fleeting. You know what moves to make and the right words to say to get the exact kind of pleasure you desire," says Samira Far, Read More »from What Your Nail Polish Says About You
  • No Cheekbones? These Contouring Tips Create ‘Em for You

    By Natasha Burton, Daily Makeover

    Kate Bosworth

    Creating the look of cheekbones is one of the best ways to look chicer and polished in a flash. But, if you've ever seen a tutorial on contouring or watched a YouTube beauty vlogger give a step-by-step application, all the products and time needed to create the look can make you rethink trying it. To get a quick, easy method for highlighting your cheekbones, we turned to Mehron makeup artist Pamela Faller. She outlined how to get a defined look in just four steps.

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    1. Find those cheekbones. First, make a fish face and run a finger along the hollow of your cheek, then move up until you are directly below the bone. It helps to hold your finger parallel along the entire length of the bone to guide where you'll contour.

    2. Lay the foundation.
    Grab a darker shade than your normal shade of cream foundation or pressed powder. Then, using the appropriate brush or pad, and starting at the hairline, lightly

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  • Makeover Alert! Julianne Hough Got a Pixie

    By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover

    Julianne Hough

    It seems we're not quite done with the celebrity pixie: Julianne Hough is now sporting the short hairstyle. The actress was spotted over the weekend with her long hair chopped off.

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    The makeover is a bit of surprise, since the actress had recently put her long extensions back in. While we were hoping Julianne would go back to her chin-length hair, she decided to go even shorter.

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    Which look do you prefer?

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  • How to Sleep Without Ruining Your Blowout

    By Kelli Acciardo, Daily Makeover


    Drybar founder and serious hair crush, Alli Webb, knows a thing or two about a good blowout. Not only is every location packed across the city at all times, but her styling line has been flying off Sephora's shelves. We asked Alli the all-important question: How do we make our blowout last through the night?

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    "You want to make sure to put your hair up in two loose buns, with metal clips, high on your head and sleep on a satin pillowcase," says Webb. "The clips are so much better than an elastic, because the band can dent the hair and leave marks. Also, the reason it's better to part your hair down the middle in two sections instead of one, is that you'll actually end up with more curl on each side. Another thing I started to do, is take the top section in the back of the crown and wrap it in a velcro roller. It will get totally messed up when you sleep, but it actually solves the cowlick problem in that Read More »from How to Sleep Without Ruining Your Blowout


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