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  • How to Sleep Without Ruining Your Blowout

    By Kelli Acciardo, Daily Makeover


    Drybar founder and serious hair crush, Alli Webb, knows a thing or two about a good blowout. Not only is every location packed across the city at all times, but her styling line has been flying off Sephora's shelves. We asked Alli the all-important question: How do we make our blowout last through the night?

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    "You want to make sure to put your hair up in two loose buns, with metal clips, high on your head and sleep on a satin pillowcase," says Webb. "The clips are so much better than an elastic, because the band can dent the hair and leave marks. Also, the reason it's better to part your hair down the middle in two sections instead of one, is that you'll actually end up with more curl on each side. Another thing I started to do, is take the top section in the back of the crown and wrap it in a velcro roller. It will get totally messed up when you sleep, but it actually solves the cowlick problem in that Read More »from How to Sleep Without Ruining Your Blowout
  • The Crazy New Cosmetic Surgery Trend Women Are Trying

    By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover

    Alicia Keys

    It's like a scene out of "Mean Girls" with women standing in front of a mirror critiquing their looks and complaining about various beauty issues: "My hips are huge, I hate my calves, my nail beds suck." Well now there's a new body part to start hating about yourself: your ear lobes.

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    According to the Daily Mail, plastic surgery offices are seeing a rise in ear lobe treatments. Yes, there's a cosmetic treatment out there to lift sagging ear lobes, and women are flocking to have it done.

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    To give the appearance of more youthful ears, doctors inject lobes with a filler, like Juvederm or Restylane, which plumps up the ear lobe so it doesn't droop. The real problem with this kind of treatment is it forces those of us who have never noticed our ears before to take a second look.

    Would you ever consider a treatment like this?
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  • The Secret Behind Katy Perry’s Glow

    By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover

    Katy Perry

    Katy Perry hit the Grammys red carpet with a huge braided bun, but it wasn't her hair that we were paying attention to. We couldn't take our eyes off her glowing skin. While the singer has never pretended to have perfect skin (she was once the face of Proactiv), she could have fooled us. See how makeup artist Jake Bailey was able to create the look of flawless skin.

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    "Katy had a very clear idea of what she wanted for the Grammys this year," says Bailey. " She wanted sexy eyes, elegant lashes and she wanted to glow!"

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    To get that lit-from-within look, Bailey prepped Katy's skin with Olay's new Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream ($23.99, "This is perfect to use under makeup as it delivers lots of moisture but still feels lightweight, and foundation glides smoothly over it."

    Once the moisturizer absorbed, Bailey mixed equal parts CoverGirl BB

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  • Tricks to Help Makeup Stay Put

    By Aly Walansky, Daily Makeover

    Makeup Tips

    Whether it's the hot summer months or the dead of winter, our makeup has a tendency to smudge, melt, and redistribute. Nobody likes to see their makeup move-it's gross and frustrating. Here are the best tips to keep it where it belongs, so you're always photo-ready.

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    Cleanse Well Makeup often melts off because of the oil on your skin. Your best bet is to start off with fresh, clean skin. If your skin veers toward oily, try to find a cleanser that absorbs oils. We're obsessed with Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser ($35,

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    Layer Carefully
    "After moisturizing, make sure to apply a primer before applying foundation. Primers help mask large pores, even out the complexion, and create a smooth canvas for the makeup. After applying makeup, remember to seal your cream-based makeup with powder," says celebrity makeup artist Julia Read More »from Tricks to Help Makeup Stay Put
  • 5 Ways Your Nail Polish Habit is Ruining Your Nails

    By Natasha Burton, Daily Makeover

    Nail Polish

    There's nothing we love more than a fresh manicure. But always having polish on your fingers, or changing colors weekly, can end up weakening your nails, leading to dryness, discoloration, and even breakage. And, sadly, not even perfectly applied color can mask these issues, let alone fix them.

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    To help you keep your nails healthy, while polished, we got the low-down from Priti NYC nail guru Kim D'Amato about some of the consequences that come from constant manis and how you can avoid them.

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    Always wearing polish on your nails. "A well-manicured hand gives you that boost of confidence and is always lovely to look at - and it adds a pop of color to your day," D'Amato says. However, your nails do need a break between manis, so be sure to let your nails go naked periodically. Nails are made of layers of dead keratin, so they do not "breathe" so Read More »from 5 Ways Your Nail Polish Habit is Ruining Your Nails
  • 6 Rules for Mastering the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

    By Aly Walansky, Daily Makeover

    Calvin Klein once said, "The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural." It's true! We all want to maintain a fresh-faced natural glow- but sometimes that takes a good amount of work!

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    "First and foremost having clear skin is the most important thing for achieving the "no makeup" makeup look. With a great skin regimen that keeps your skin looking flawless, you'll barely need any makeup anyway," says international makeup artist and skin care consultant Karuna Chani.

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    1. Choose a tinted moisturizer that matches your complexion.
    "Tinted moisturizer is light, airy and allows your skin to show through makeup. So there's no way you'll get the "cakey" look," says Chani. If your complexion is relatively even, you can get away with a simple tinted moisturizer and then spot conceal blemishes, under eye circles or discolorations. If your skin requires Read More »from 6 Rules for Mastering the “No Makeup” Makeup Look
  • 5 Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid

    By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

    applying eyelinerIf you're not a natural wiz at eyeliner, you probably just go ahead and leave it to the experts. But, adding even a soft swipe on the lash lines enhances your mascara dramatically. So, pick up a kohl liner and let these "don'ts" serve as a guide to perfecting eyeliner once and for all.

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    Going Too Dark on the Lower Lash Line
    Applying liner on both the top and bottom lash lines adds depth to the lashes and makes them appear thicker. But go too thick or dark on the bottom lashes, and your eyes end up looking smaller. Instead, use a lighter version of the eyeliner shade you're using for a softer touch. Another option: use a powder eyeshadow instead of liner.

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    Letting Pencil Eyeliner Smudge
    Too creamy or too slick and the pencil liner is going to smudge. A surefire way to keep the product in place is by

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  • Scarlett Johansson Reveals Her Biggest Skin Care Mistake

    By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover

    scarlett johansson

    As the brand ambassador to Dolce & Gabbana beauty and L'Oréal hair color, Scarlett Johansson seems to be in good hands when it comes to her looks. At a recent event announcing her the new ambassador for Soda Stream (who would have guessed?), Scarlett revealed the one skin care mistake she's been making.

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    "I used to be really stringent with my cleaning regimen," says Scarlett. "And one time I realized, 'Wow, I'm cleaning my face too much.' I think you realize when you get older you don't need to be as stringent with your cleaning. It is probably better to use cleansing milks and creams and things that are more gentle on your skin. So I've changed my whole beauty regimen to just using milk cleansers and things that are really moisturizing."

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    Not only has the actress relaxed her skin care routine, but she's also pretty

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  • Breakfast Foods for a Faster Metabolism

    By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

    yogurt with fruitIt's no secret that eating breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism. But did you know that certain foods can pack an extra calorie-burning punch? With our pea coats and bulky sweaters making their way to the back of the closet, the few pounds we packed on this winter won't be so easily hidden. So we spoke to dietitianWillow Jarosh from C&J Nutrition and Lole brand ambassador who told us which foods we should be consuming in the A.M. for a little metabolism makeover.

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    Eating enough protein will ensure you both maintain and build muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is more metabolically active than fat tissue, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn-even when your body is at rest. "Breakfast is oftentimes lacking in protein if you're a 'grab a bagel or muffin and go' type of person," Willow says.

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    Breakfast idea: "Aim for at least 20 grams of protein

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  • 5 Lip Liner Mistakes You Should Avoid

    By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

    coca rochaLip liner has had a bad rap for decades-ever since women thought it was a good idea to pair brown lip liner with nude lipstick. But the pencil does have an important place in our makeup routine if used correctly. It adds color, works as a primer and creates precise lines. Here are the top mistakes to avoid for perfect lipstick every single time.

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    1. Going Too Dark
    The number one mistake we learned from the early 90s is never apply a darker pencil around your lipstick. Not only does it look tacky, but it also makes your lips looks smaller. If you can't find a close match or a clear pencil, go with a pencil one to two shades lighter. This makes the center of the lips look plumper.

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    2. Leaving Smudges
    A lip liner's most important function is to create perfectly straight lines. Leave even one smudge and the lip looks sloppy. Fix any mistakes

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