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  • 5 Ways to Banish Split Ends for Good

    By Natasha Burton, Daily Makeover

    hair productWinter weather is notorious for causing brittle hair-we're been finding many a split end in our own locks of late. But brittle mane doesn't have to be an issue if you treat your hair right. Hair pros share some innovative and tried-and-true solutions to keep strands intact.

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    Condition, Condition, Condition
    Known in the industry as the "hair princess," Mary Pergoda (now the national promotional director at the J.F. Lazartigue hair treatment line), says that the best way to prevent split ends is to nourish your hair and keep it revitalized. But no ordinary conditioner will do. "A once-a-week treatment really is a must-have to banish split ends from happening and for fixing damage that has already happened," she says. In fact, using a deep treatment, like J.F. Lazartigue's Pre-Shampoo Masque ($54,, can lock in moisture without making your hair too soft (a.k.a. totally

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  • The ‘It’ Hair Color for 2014

    By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover

    elle fanningPantone may have declared Radiant Orchid the color of 2014, but we're more interested in what the hair color trend will be. Kyle White, the lead colorist at the Oscar Blandi Salon, gave us his predictions for the upcoming year.

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    The Color
    "Judging by client requests and everything I've seen on the red carpet and runways, the 'it' color of 2014 is going to be platinum with a capital blonde," says White, who is Mariah Carey's go-to colorist. "Celebrities like Elle Fanning, Miley Cyrus, and even Kim Kardashian are the lightest they've ever been. I'm so confident that platinum is going to be a huge trend because I've seen this pattern before. First, it was in the fashion shows, then on the celebs, and finally the editors were asking me for it-then, they write about it and voila! It's happening in every hair salon across America."

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  • 5 Concealer Mistakes We All Make — and Shouldn’t

    By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

    model backstageConcealer-a tired girl's best friend-isn't the easiest makeup product to apply. From using the wrong color to applying it incorrectly, we all make a few of these concealer blunders. Fake flawless skin by avoiding these makeup mistakes pronto.

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    1. Applying Green-Based Concealers
    Celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno tells us that contrary to belief, green-based concealers do not cancel out skin redness. "This works only in photographs, but in natural light, the green is always visible and only makes the blemish look more obvious." Instead, you want a concealer almost identical to your skin tone.

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    2. Piling Foundation on Top
    When you apply foundation over concealer, you're thinning out the concealer you strategically placed over a blemish or other trouble area. Instead, you want to dab the

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  • How to Get Legs like a Rockette

    By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

    rockettesWith the holiday season in full gear (and the days getting shorter and shorter), finding just a sliver of time during the day to get in a run or yoga class has become nearly impossible. But after spending just one afternoon backstage taking a dance class with the Rockettes, I feel inspired to make the time. I mean-seriously-who doesn't want those legs? And here's the recipe to get them:

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    Two Key Stretches
    Rockettes Amanda Schoppe and Tracy Rexzetylo led a group of editors through a quick warmup of stretches and exercises that get the blood flowing and the heart rate up. But there were two moves the ladies absolutely swore by. First of all, to have complete control of their kicks (they have a total of 300 in each show!), their thighs need to be strong. And side lunges do just that. They also help to lengthen the muscles-keeping them open for constant changes of motion throughout a routine.

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  • How to Buy a Fragrance for Someone Else

    By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

    fragrance bottlesFragrance is such a personal preference that it makes an amazing gift for the holidays. Knowing that someone's personality fits best with a musky wooden scent or floral fragrance shows how well you know the person. But finding a flattering fragrance for a loved one isn't easy. We sought the help of Patti Kapla, the V.P. of business development at, for key questions to keep in mind when buying for the men and women in your life.

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    Perfume For Women

    1. Does she already wear perfume?

    The first thing to consider is whether this is her first time dabbling in the fragrance world. "If your intended recipient is a newcomer to the perfume world or if you don't quite know what she'd enjoy, then pull back on the potency and go for an eau de cologne or eau de toilette," says Kapla. "These scents are less powerful than eau de perfumes and pure perfume extracts,

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  • The Secret to Olivia Wilde’s Perfectly Arched Eyebrows

    By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

    Olivia WildeFrom her gorgeously blended ombré to perfectly arched eyebrows, Olivia Wilde has become a beauty icon for her simple approach. We sat down with the mom-to-be to discuss Revlon's new makeup launches, as well as her philosophy on aging, her eyebrow routine and her admiration for the French.

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    On Those Gorgeous Eyebrows
    Olivia uses a pencil to fill in her brows. "My eyebrows are so warped from years of abuse. I can't even brush them up. I brush them to the side. If I brush them up, they just look like crazy pointy devil horns. I brush them in to the side and they fill in more completely. And I pencil in the rest to kind of soften them. Everyone in my family has crazy pointy eyebrows. It's mostly about trying to make the arch not quite so extreme. It changes your face so much when your eyebrows are filled in and softened. I spent years trying to look like Kate Moss with wispy thin

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  • The Must-Try Trick for Natural Looking Foundation

    By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

    emma stoneCreating flawless makeup on the likes of Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz and Olivia Wilde, Gucci Westman's tips are like little pieces of gold. Yesterday, while interviewing Olivia (a Revlon ambassador), she revealed one of Westman's secrets to natural-looking foundation that we couldn't keep to ourselves.

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    "One thing that Gucci Westman does that I love but I don't do-I wish I could-is add little freckles," said Olivia. "Sometimes when you're wearing foundation, you don't want it to look like foundation. You want that texture, so it looks like your skin, so she adds little freckles. And that is her signature thing. Perfect little Bambi freckles. She uses Revlon Colorstay Pencil in brown ($4.99, so it doesn't smudge."

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    When coating foundation on the skin, you lose natural skin tone changes.

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  • What It's like to Go on a Sugar-Free Diet

    By Megan Segura, Daily Makeover

    cupcakeI'm forever on the hunt for perfect skin. I've bought way too many products and tried far too many treatments that all promised to transform my acne-prone skin into a porcelain complexion, not unlike that of Michelle Williams. While some things work as a temporary fix, nothing has actually forever changed my skin, so I turned to drastic measures: changing my diet.

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    I don't use the term lightly when I say that I'm a sugar addict. From the chocolate creamer I pour into my morning coffee to the bowl of ice cream I like to enjoy at the end of the night, my days are chock-full of sugar-laden foods. I always try to fit a salad into my afternoon, but it's dripping with preservative and sugar-filled dressing. It's actually no wonder my skin is a wreck.

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    While there's no evidence that directly links a bad diet to acne, sugar has been shown

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  • Expired Makeup Isn’t Just Gross — It’s Destroying Your Skin

    By Aly Walansky, Daily Makeover

    makeupWe're busy. Time flies, weeks go by, and before we know it, that half-used foundation is now months old. Is it still safe to use? Just as we wouldn't advise drinking spoiled milk-gross!-there's lots that can go wrong when your makeup ages: breakouts, skin irritations, infections and worse.

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    Expired makeup can cause breakouts and infections like pink eye, acne, and worse. This is especially true with mascara, liners and foundations. "When a product expires this means that the preservatives have stopped being as effective as they once were or have stopped working altogether. This can lead to infections," says Dr. Gary Goldfaden.

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    If your makeup is old enough to have expired, it's likely already accumulated tons of germs and bacteria, which then can get passed onto your eyes and skin. Just

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  • 7 Foundation Mistakes We All Make — and Shouldn’t

    By Shannon Farrell, Daily Makeover

    foundationFoundation is the canvas on which we build a gorgeous makeup look. So no matter how pretty a lipstick or smoky eye, no one will notice it if your coverup is streaky or caked on. Avoid these common foundation mistakes to enhance your complexion and create a natural-looking finish.

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    1. Applying With Your Fingers
    Although it seems easiest to apply foundation with your fingers, it oftentimes leaves harsh lines on the skin. For a more accurate blend, use a brush or sponge, like the Beauty Blender ($19.95, With a brush, blend the foundation in circular motions to create an airbrushed finish with little product. With a sponge, dab to avoid lines.

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    2. Using Powder Foundation
    Powder foundation can look chalky and settle into wrinkles. Plus, it dries out the skin and looks obvious in pictures. Instead, use a matte

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