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  • How Does a 3-D Printer Actually Work?

    A Voronoi structure design of A Voronoi structure design of by Sami Grover, Mother Nature Network

    From working guns to a dead king's face, we've seen some pretty weird things created with a 3-D printer. It may seem like science fiction, but it seems almost certain that 3-D printing will play a significant role in many industries of the future. And there's good reason to be optimistic.

    3-D printing could greatly reduce the amount of materials needed in manufacturing everyday items, and it would eliminate the need for a complicated, resource-intensive supply chain. (Why ship parts across the world when you can print them at your desk or local shop?)

    3-D printing may also make recycling easier and more "hands on" - with one concept allowing homeowners to recycle their plastic bottles into useful household items. But how does a 3-D printer actually work? As someone who has always struggled with the intricacies of science and engineering, I thought it was about time I found out.

    Printing in layers

    When the UK's Independent

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  • Why Morning Yoga Beats a Cup of Coffee

    Is doing this better than a cup of joe?Is doing this better than a cup of joe?

    Looking for a way to get your blood pumping in the morning? Want to give your morning yoga routine a boost? Take a cue from Tarzan and Jane, then greet the sun with a salute.

    First thing in the morning, maybe during your yoga sequence, try beating on your chest. Seriously.

    Beat all over your ribcage, up to your collarbone, down to your belly (gently around the breasts, ladies ... ). Thumping, beating, banging on your chest, wakes up your internal energy, the energy running through the meridian channels in the body. Thumping gets the energy moving forward, after a night when your energy runs backward and slows, allowing the body to rejuvenate during sleep. Thumping is like the simian cup of coffee, and stimulates your kidney, thymus and spleen energy to help get you ready to digest your breakfast and digest your day. Start your morning yoga off by thumping, then move on to a whole-body integrated wake-up.

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  • Rescued Dog Brings Dose of Zen to Her Therapy Job

    Kayla visits a nursing home dressed as a three-legged pirate for Halloween — including a very convincing plastic chain.Kayla visits a nursing home dressed as a three-legged pirate for Halloween — including a very convincing plastic chain.

    Each year, 6 million to 8 million pets enter shelters and half are euthanized. This is the story of one dog that beat the odds and now works as a therapy dog.

    Dianne DaLee was adjusting to life without her beloved dog Simba.

    DaLee's home felt emptier without her little lion roaming the halls or snuggling on the couch, even though DaLee was also caring for another dog, 4-year-old Pixie. After watching Simba's short, painful bout with cancer earlier this year, DaLee felt it was too soon to take in another animal. Instead, she continued her work as president of Atlanta Boxer Rescue, helping a steady stream of dogs find forever homes.

    About a month after Simba's death, the boxer rescue group found a severely injured dog that needed a foster home. DaLee thought caring for the pup would be a good distraction, and she offered to serve as a short-term foster. Kayla the boxer arrived at DaLee's home in early March with a broken leg. Within 36 hours, Kayla underwent surgery to have herRead More »from Rescued Dog Brings Dose of Zen to Her Therapy Job
  • Rescue Dog Thrilled by Sea Lion Frenzy

    Whiskie the dog watching the whales at seaWhiskie the dog watching the whales at seaSix years ago, Whiskie was a stray puppy at an animal shelter in rural Hastings, Mich. Today, she's a renowned whale-spotting expert who lives in central California, where she regularly joins research expeditions in Monterey Bay. According to her owner, she can detect the presence of nearby whales and dolphins with uncanny accuracy.

    "Her favorite spot is to sit in one of the captain's chairs," Marine Life Studies founder Peggy Stap writes in a blog post. "If she gets out of the chair and runs to the bow of the boat, we stop the boat because 95% of the time there is a whale or dolphin in the area."

    Also see: How does a dog see the world?

    Whiskie's skills haven't been needed lately, however, thanks to an abundance of anchovies in Monterey Bay that's been drawing hordes of marine mammals to the area for weeks. And when the feast recently erupted into a feeding frenzy, with sea lions and humpback whales swarming around the boat, Whiskie was beside herself with excitement.

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  • The Top 7 Reasons to Give Your Child a 'Weird' Name

    What would you name this baby?What would you name this baby?by Starre Vartan, Mother Nature Network

    Usually you hear the same lines when someone mentions a celebrity or new parent who names their child something unusual. "That poor kid, he/she's going to get teased on the playground in a few years!" or, "Why would someone DO that to their child?"

    I'm here to say that having an unusual name did get me teased on the playground (people sang Madonna's "Lucky Star" to me constantly, in a jeering tone), but then again, so did kids with normal names (or regular first names and last names that rhymed with butt, stupid or fart). Because here's a news flash: Having a regular name doesn't prevent bullying or teasing. When the Stir released its latest list of "hipster" baby names - including Zinnia, Eyelet, Mable and Django, Stellan and Abel - many of the comments echoed those above. But having a different name has plenty of advantages. Here are the ones I've directly experienced and enjoyed:

    1. People tend to remember you. Whether it's people I've only

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  • 7 Diet Gurus Who Died of Poor Health

    Was a cheese burger part of their diet?Was a cheese burger part of their diet?We commonly hear stories of people whose health defies the odds: the chain-smoking grannies who live to 100, the skinny dudes who pack away unreasonable amounts of calories without gaining an ounce. But often it's the reverse that prevails; the physically virtuous who drop dead way before their time. And it's never more surprising than when such a fate befalls the very people have become famous for espousing good health.

    With a life expectancy in the United States for males at 76.3 years and 81.1 years for females (according to the CDC), it's confounding to discover so many diet gurus who have succumbed years ahead of the national average. And this isn't to suggest that their practices and philosophies contributed to their deaths in any way - who's to say where nature tramples nurture, so to speak - but the irony is hard to deny. We don't suggest throwing in the towel on healthy eating based on the unfortunate deaths of the diet gurus listed here, but it does provide some food for

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  • Meet the Man Who Wants to Live Life as a Dog (Seriously)

    Boomer the DogBoomer the DogThere are dog lovers, and then there's Gary Matthews - the 47-year-old Pittsburgh man who loves dogs so much that he wants to be one.

    Matthews' affinity for canines began when he was a child. He nicknamed himself "Pongo," after the dog in "101 Dalmatians," but at the age of 12 he became a fan of the NBC series "Here's Boomer" and changed his nickname to "Boomer."

    However, it was the Disney comedy "The Shaggy D.A." that gave him the idea of actually living as a dog.

    Today, whenever he gets the chance, Matthews dons his shaggy dog costume he constructed from paper and becomes his alter ego, Boomer.

    Matthews strolls the streets as Boomer, he eats out of a food bowl and sleeps in a 6-foot doghouse inside his home. He's even perfected his Boomer bark.

    "I looked up to 'Here's Boomer' and picked up some of his personality and behaviors," Matthews wrote on his website. "When I bark, what you hear is the result of listening to my TV tapes and learning Boomer's voice from the

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  • Smart and Healthy Eating Tips for New Moms

    What should you eat after having a baby?What should you eat after having a baby?by Jenni Grover, MS RD LDN, Mother Nature Network

    As I've argued before, it's easy to get too worked up about what you should and shouldn't eat during pregnancy. The same goes for post-partum nutrition.

    While ensuring a healthy diet for you and your (now larger) family is important, this is primarily a case of eating a balanced, diverse diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and not too many sweet treats, processed foods, salt or saturated fats. In other words, you should eat pretty much what you should be eating anyway.

    Having said that, there are certain dietary considerations you may want to keep in mind as you recover from labor and start establishing your new daily routine. Here are a few key points:

    Nutrition for nursing mothers

    From avoiding alcohol to reducing caffeine and seafood intake, there are a few items you might want to avoid in your diet while breast-feeding. In addition to what not to eat, California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) recommends a diet rich in

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  • Why Did This Man Quit a High-paying Wall Street Job to Start an Indian Kitchen?

    Vijay Brihmadesam during a pre-launch tasting event of Tava Indian Kitchen.Vijay Brihmadesam during a pre-launch tasting event of Tava Indian Kitchen.Americans are hungry - and not for the same old fast-food fare. Whether it's due to the proliferation of cable TV food programming or a doctors' advice to watch what we eat, as a culture, Americans are becoming more aware of food's importance to health, and simultaneously appreciating a wider variety of foods. But we're still not cooking at home.

    We want good-quality, healthy (and delicious) food prepared for us, but we're coming out of an economic downswing, so we don't want to pay too much for it (though it does seem that more of us are willing to pay for quality ingredients).

    Pretty much every company that sells food is looking to attract this healthier-minded (and more food-educated) customer. When you can get a wrap with arugula on it at Mickey D's you know times are changing, but many large companies have been slow to change and adapt to the new market desires, leaving room for smart upstarts that fit somewhere between table-service restaurants and fast food, and which

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  • App Uses Facial Recognition to Find Lost Pets

    A new app can help you find lost petsA new app can help you find lost petsMillions of pets go missing in the U.S. each year, but a new platform aims to help find more lost animals though a photographic database that uses facial recognition to match lost pets with found ones.

    PiP is a pet-recognition app that allows users to create an account for each of their animals that includes information such as the pet's name, location and description. Most importantly, the pet's profile contains clear images of the animal's face.

    If a user's cat or dog goes missing, the owner simply presses the "Amber Alert" button, which sends details about the pet to animal rescue organizations, veterinary offices and fellow PiP users in the area.

    The "Amber Alert" also scans social media postings about found pets to search for a matching face.

    Also see: Golden retriever leads owner to missing sibling

    "We will not only broadcast across all social media that the pet is missing, but everyone with the app will get a pop-up Amber Alert. We will contact the owner

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