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  • "The Bachelorette" Trista’s Secret to Lasting Love

    by NoGamesLove Dating Coach Laurel House

    Trista and Ryan

    Did you really think a made-on-TV love would last this long? Is "The Bachelor/ette" real anyway? How can you fall in love surrounded by cameras and within a period of a couple of months?

    Let me answer those questions for you:

    *I really thought that Trista and Ryan's marriage would last.

    *"The Bachelor/ette" is real. It's just that some people go on the show with the wrong intentions (like fame or fun). But the majority of the guys and women on the show truly are looking for love.

    *After a few days you don't notice the cameras anymore. Because your entire focus is love while you are shooting the show- you're not thinking about work, friends, family, running errands, watching TV, or ANYthing else; yes you truly can fall in love. You are on-purpose. But if you want to make it beyond the initial rush of chemistry and dig deeper into the core, creating a solid foundation for true love to endure, it's the effort that you put into the

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  • Business Trip Romance?

    by NoGamesLove Dating Coach Laurel House
    You can meet Mr. Right on your next business trip with these simple changes… Un-boring your meeting.Un-boring your meeting.

    Get more out of your business trip than a new deal, client, customer, or exposure. How about a relationship? You can multitask your business trips by getting out of your box and trying something (and maybe someone) new.

    When you are on a business trip, you are "on"- you are strong and focused and confident. Take advantage of that power but add the element that often comes when on vacation- being open to new things, having a sense of adventure, being less rigid and more physically and emotionally relaxed. The fact is that when you are on vacation you are more apt to talk to strangers, ask questions, be inquisitive, get out of your box, even try things that would normally make you a little uncomfortable.

    The combined business and vacation mentality is perfect when looking for a potential partner. Here are a few tips to help take full advantage of the

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  • Monthly Tips to Keep Your New Years Resolutions ALL YEAR

    by NoGamesLove Dating Coach and Lifestyle Expert Laurel House

    intention boardintention board

    Every year millions of Americans make New Year's Resolutions to... (fill in resolution here). Problem is, by mid-January those self-made promises are forgotten as we fall into old patterns, figuring we'd try again next year. What are some of the top resolutions (and the same top resolutions that are apparently destined for failure)?:
    Get Fit
    Be Happier
    Quit Smoking
    Drink Less Alcohol
    Stress Less
    Increase Energy
    Find a Happy and Healthy Relationship

    Well guess what? This year, you're not failing. This year you're sticking to your resolutions! So why is this year going to be different? Because you are going to go about it differently: with a plan. Here is your MONTH-TO-MONTH plan to make this year your best!

    Make an "intention" board to stay motivated.

    "Intentions" (rather than "resolutions") allow you a little leniency while still holding a basic structure that helps to keep you on track to

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  • 5 Easy Beauty Tips for the New Year (that Work)

    By NoGamesLove Dating Coach/Lifestyle Expert Laurel House

    Total Beauty

    Beauty isn't just skin deep. That inner glow that radiates out has a big impact on your overall appearance. Still, that's not to say that you should ignore your outer beauty either. Here are my personal 5 easy inside out beauty tips that really work...


    1. Flap Those Lashes. I'm a mascara junkie. I test all types and have fine-tuned my obsession to one favorite that makes my lashes flap like no other- full , long, and pin-up fabulous! It's called "Better Than Sex Mascara" from Too Faced. Now… I don't know that it's better than sex (though it is definitely better than some…). But it IS better than most other mascaras out there. I won't leave home without mascara (unless I'm going on a hike, running errands, or to workout).

    2. Flawless Skin Secret… Revealed

    More than 5 minutes applying makeup is too much in my book! To create an instant flawlessness I depend on pür minerals mineral make-up, specifically the

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  • 7 New Years Resolutions to Find Love in 2014

    by NoGamesLove Dating Coach Laurel House

    Dating Coach Laurel HouseDating Coach Laurel House
    Did you put in a TON of work in 2013 but came up empty? That's ok. Put that time and energy to work in 2014. Think about it this way: you set the table, set the stage, created the perfect environment for love… and now you are ready to attract it. So get out of your box and open your heart. This is your year for love!

    Here are 7 New Years Resolutions that will help you find love this year:


    Don't "try" to enjoy yourself. Don't "try" to get out of your box. Just do it. Make a decision. "Trying" is a pre-emptive excuse for failure or not doing it at all. Do your best. Have zero excuses. If you don't find success, make a midcourse correction and try a different tact. Keep at it until you do find success.


    It's time to clear out old flames and residual baggage! Out with the old and in with the new, attractive and incredibly

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  • Guys: Turn a Last Minute Gift into Something Romantic for Her

    By NoGamesLove Dating Coach Laurel House

    Gift GivingGift Giving

    You may not realize it, but one of the dating "rules" (that I prefer to screw) is to dismiss a guy who doesn't give a romantic gift to his new girlfriend. The thinking is that f you give us something practical, you don't view us in a romantic light. You don't value us. You don't put any thought into us. You don't care enough to come up with something that we would actually like, that makes us feel sexy, loved and wanted. In other words: your gift is a reflection of your feelings for us. I am all about Screwing The Rules of dating- in fact I recently sold a book to Running Press that will be published in December 2014 all about it. Still, I get it. There is a disconnect between the fulfillment of female and male needs and wants. Men are practical. You think practically. You like to solve problems. If our floors are dirty and we are complaining that we don't have a vacuum cleaner, you think "that's a great gift!" We women, on the other hand,

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  • Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

    Holiday shopping is about to get very easy. Get ready to check everyone off your list with this gift guide for the Hostess, Person Who Has Everything, and Pet Obsessed. Plus these gift guides for: *It Girl, *Your Boyfriend , *Guy You Just Started Dating , *Longtime Love, *Modern Homemaker

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  • It Girl Gift Guide

    by NoGamesLove Dating Coach Laurel House

    She is sassy and smart. Her style is statement-making and chic. She is often on the cutting edge of all things- fashion, trends, and experiences. So what do you get the girl who seems to already be ahead of the pack with her finger on the pulse? Here are a few ideas...

    Still can't decide what to give your guy? Check out this Gifts for Guys guide and Gifts for the Modern Homemaker

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  • Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy the Modern Homemaker

    by NoGamesLove Dating Coach Laurel House WWII HomemakerWWII Homemaker

    She is savvy and stylish. She loves to entertain but also enjoys cozy'ing up with her family for a night of calm. This gift guide is for the modern homemaker.

    Still can't decide what to give your guy? Check out this Gifts for Guys guide.

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  • Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Guy

    By "NoGamesLove" Dating Coach Laurel House

    Whether you have been dating for a few weeks or months, you have a long distance love, or you're in a longterm relationship, it can be difficult to decide what to get your guy. This gift guide will make it easier.


    Laurel House is an international Dating and Relationship Coach and Expert, MTV's MADE "It Girl" Coach, 4x published Lifestyle Author, and a go-to Expert on E! News. She recently sold her 5th book "Screwing The Rules: The No-Games Guide to Love," which will be released in December 2014 with Running Press.

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