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  • Your New Years Eve Survival Guide

    by QuickieChick Laurel House

    Several glasses of Champagne are served.Several glasses of Champagne are served.How many times have you uttered "I'm never drinking again…" while feeling so sick to your stomach that even the idea of alcohol ever touching your tongue again makes your stomach turn.

    Worse than feeling awful, hangovers can actually wreak havoc on your immune system, digestive track and organ function. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself the day after, eat and drink these BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER (but before you go to sleep) to avoid the post-alcohol pain.

    Base Food
    If you're going to drink, you have to eat something first. Even if you know that there will be food at the party, you will probably start drinking before the food comes out. So prepare yourself. Have a few bites first. I'm all about popchips new tortilla chips made with stoneground corn masa, and half the fat of regular flavored tortilla chips. They are a great base, but not so filling that you won't be able to eat later.

    Drink Organic Alcohol
    Classic MartiniDrinking organic spirits (as opposed to

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  • 10 Tips for Meeting the Parents Over the Holidays

    by QuickieChick Laurel House

    You've been going strong for months, years, or even mere weeks in some cases, and you are finally going to meet each others parents over the holiday. That's a pretty lofty step! One that can be simultaneously exciting, stressful, and fraught with expectations. By being prepared and planning ahead (even if that plan is only devised on the plane trip over) you can quickly take the edge off and make the meeting easy, and even fun for everyone!

    1. Think about Staying at a Hotel
    Why? You are creating a space for some privacy and some couple alone time.
    2. Talk about the expectation of couple time with the family.
    Why? Private couple time isn't about being selfish, it's about being conscious of your significant. If you set the expectation before you go, you minimize the risk of confusion and awkwardness.
    3. Bring a gift.
    Why? If you are meeting his parents, you should bring a gift. If he is meeting yours, he should bring a gift. But help each

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  • 50 Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

    By QuickieChick Laurel House
    Holiday gift givingHoliday gift giving
    I sifted through literally thousands of gift ideas and found the ones that I would actually give (and even love to receive). From someone you hardly know to the love of your life, I've got you covered...


    Soft Serve at your Doorstep
    Chloe's Soft ServeIf you or anyone you know has a sweet tooth BUT trying to avoid fat... this is the perfect present. Really, it's the perfect present for anyone who has a sweet tooth- fat averse or not (like fans Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Mario Batali). Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit, made with just fruit, water and a touch of cane sugar (translation: fat free, vegan, nothing fake about it), is truly the no guilt alternative to fro-yo. The stores are in NY, but they ship their soft serve pints and vegan pies too all over the country. I am over the moon for dark chocolate (yes, cacao is a fruit).

    Your Own Pop-Up Restaurant... At Home

    Cod ProvencalNot into cooking? No problem! A

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  • Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

    by QuickieChick Laurel House

    Whether you had your baby yesterday or thirty years ago, it's time to get your body and mind back into shape! It's time to get YOU back. Heather Porter is a mother of four boys, and the author of Body Back. She also has an insane body and an enviably calm mind. I wanted to know how… SO I asked:

    LAUREL: What are the 5 most important components to getting your Body Back after having a baby?

    HEATHER: Try to get as much sleep as you can, your body needs to heal and rejuvenate. Grab any time you can to catch up, even if it is during the day when the baby sleeps.

    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated. If you are still breast feeding drink even more to compensate that extra loss of body fluid. Water flushes out toxins and your skin will benefit greatly. Try to reduce or better still cut out alcohol, sodas and caffeine, this will help get your Body Back faster. Think pure.

    A healthy nutritious eating plan, not a

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Not Gain Weight This Holiday

    by QuickieChick Laurel House
    TurkeyFact: The average person eats almost 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving. That includes the 3000 calorie turkey feast, plus other meals and noshes throughout the day. That's over 2 days worth of calories.

    Fact: Eating an excess of 3500 calories (that means 3500 calories more than what your body can burn) equals 1 pound of fat. The average woman naturally burns 1700 calories and the average man burns 2,000 calories everyday without exercising. That's called metabolism. Those are the calories needed to function. So if you're eating 5000 calories in one day- 3000 calories beyond your daily need of 2000, that's almost a 1 pound weight gain in 1 day.

    Yet somehow, in the end, studies show that the average person gains just 1 pound total over the holiday season. And while that is obviously not a number that carries enough weight to derail your holiday joy, forcing you to opt for only a sliver of white meat turkey, a tablespoon of stuffing, and passing on

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  • Election Night Sex... Who's Better in Bed?

    By Screwing the Rules expert Laurel House

    It's your duty, get out and vote!It's your duty, get out and vote!

    (note: this is filled with stereotypes and intended to be lighthearted... and somewhat true)

    You see some hot guy/girl sitting on the other side of the room and your mind can't help itself from going there- "I wonder how they are in bed…"

    Hot vs. Not In-Bed Stereotypes
    -If she's pretty and perfect she'll probably lay there like a dead fish, but you'll get off anyway because she's hot.
    -If he's a bad boy wearing a punk rock t-shirt and a pair of Levi's, get ready for a ride!
    -If she's wearing glasses and a button up blouse but you swear you see the hue of a red bra beneath, you know she's going to be a freak in the sheets.
    -If he's a buttoned up geek with his hair perfectly combed and his pants pressed… don't hold your breath.

    Republican vs. Democrat
    But what about if your potential bed partner is a Democrat or Republican? First let's look at the animal associated with each political party, because

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  • Sexy & Healthy Halloween Tricks and Treats for Adults!

    By QuickieChick Laurel House

    Nurse.Studies show that 1 in 4 "healthy" adults consume an average of 10 "fun size" candy bars on Halloween. Translation: Approximately 775 calories and 24.5g fat. So if the whole fit mindset holds true, you know the concept that if you make one fit decision you increase your odds of making another and another... (like deciding to take the stairs instead of the escalator, which leads you to choose the skim over the whole fat latte), then dressing up as a healthy icon this Halloween just might be your ticket to avoiding the binge fest.

    Halloween seems to be the start of weight gain season. It's cyclical if you really think about it:
    -New Year (slim down begins)
    -Spring (amp up the fitness mentality in prep for bikini season)
    -Summer (bikini season=leanest point of the year)
    -Fall (Holidays start to roll around and the fitness lifestyle gets the shaft)
    -Winter (diet? What diet)
    -New Year (slim down begins)
    …And on and on we roll year

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  • You Deserve Love. You Deserve Happiness. What's Stopping You?

    by QuickieChick Laurel House


    ScrewingTheRules.comLaurel House is a Dating and Relationship Expert, 4x published Lifestyle Author, Personal Trainer, and nationally recognized print and online magazine Writer covering travel, relationships, healthy food and fitness (Women's Health, First for Women, Men's Journal, Yahoo! Shine, Elegant Bride, Fit, Spa, Fit Yoga, Playboy, Elite Traveler, etc). Beyond writing, she has appeared as an expert on television morning shows including E! News, Weekend TODAY, The Daily Buzz, Better.TV, KTLA Morning News, CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC Morning News shows both locally and nationally, and her YouTube videos have received over 9 million views. Her 4th book "QuickieChick's Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion and Finance on a Less than Fabulous Budget" was published by St. Martin's in May 2012. She is also hired to give personalized dating and relationship advice at

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  • Discovering Your Own Fifty Shades of Sexy

    by Laurel House... a big believer in Screwing The Rules

    You are a seriously sexual creature. Yes you are. Not feeling it? Sometimes you just have to have that side enlivened...

    Single? Feel Sexy!
    sexy bodysexy body

    If you're single… still… and you don't want to be, maybe your dating strategy isn't working. Maybe what you need to do is try something different to get out of your box. First, do something that makes you feel like a goddess, something that makes you feel sexy! Take a bath, get a massage, pull out your sexy lingerie, get gussied up, and know you look hot! This isn't about looking sexy for him. This is about feeling sexy for you.

    In a Relationship? Need to Re-Ignite the Flame?
    couple in bedcouple in bed

    Plan it! Have an attitude of sexy. Flirt with your man again. Make-out. Put some effort into it! Sometimes we forget to try. We stop shaving. We stop wearing our sexy panties. We stop flirting. It's too easy to get too comfortable. Enough already!

    Read Erotica!

    Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades of Grey

    Sounds silly, but seriously,

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  • How to Kiss

    by "ScrewingTheRules" Relationship Expert Laurel House

    The passionate couple engaged in a tender kissI'll start with two funny facts:
    Women's number one complaint about how men kiss is that they get too aggressive with their tongues.
    Men's number one complaint about how women kiss is that they don't open their mouth enough.
    With that in mind…
    READ: Sex off Stress, and 7 Other Ways to Calm Down

    Don't be afraid to tell your partner what you like and don't like! Why? Because the more you like to kiss him, the more you will. And kissing is such an important part of a relationship. In fact, studies have found that couples who kiss more often communicate better.

    And your whole body, for that matter. This makes your partner feel much closer to you-not just physically but mentally.
    READ: Couples that Exercise Together, Have Better Sex Together

    With your mouth, that is. Try the neck, ears and lips-in that order. Mixing it up keeps your partner engaged and wanting more.

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