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  • Taking Notes: How to Give Great Head

    by QuickieChick Laurel House
    Man in Bed
    "You're the worst lay and head I have ever had."

    Some guys say that kind of thing when you break up with them as a way to get back at you. "Yeah, screw you! You sucked (and not well) anyway!"

    I was told that I was the "worst lay" by a guy who broke up with me. Apparently the breakup wasn't bad enough. While telling me that I was awful in bed was certainly a blow, it was true. I had no idea how to suck. And considering that I am my own worst critic, beat myself up if I look stupid, say the wrong thing, or don't come out on top (though I prefer the bottom in bed), I took the comment as constructive criticism and began to research.
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    I went to the bookstore and got a book written by a woman who was given notes on how to give head by her best gay guy friend. I devoured this book, reading it over and over again, taking notes on the pages, doing the motions with my hands and tongue in the air looking like an absolute freak at stop

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  • Should You Ultimatum Your Boyfriend?

    by QuickieChick Laurel House

    Exquisite Tiffany colored stone Engagement Ring"Will you Marry Me?"... You have been dreaming about being asked that question from months, years maybe. You want it so badly it makes you sick. You feel like you have a lump in your throat and you don't know if you should cry or scream to get it out. So you do both...

    "You have 1 year from today to propose."
    "My little sister's wedding is in 4 months. If you don't propose before then, I'm leaving."
    "If you don't knock me up within 9 months, it's over."

    Give a guy an ultimatum and his instinct may be to run for the hills before you can! Men are defensive creatures. They don't being told that they have to do something or else.

    Instead of an ultimatum, it's time for you to start thinking realistically about what you truly want and need.

    There are several beliefs around the ultimatum, and honestly I believe in all of them depending on the circumstance (despite their contradictory approaches).
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    1. Don't Ask For What You Want And

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  • Would You Inject Botox in Your Armpits to Stop Sweating?

    by QuickieChick Laurel House

    Botox in the armpitsDespite antiperspirant's links to cancers, including breast cancer (thanks to smearing aluminum onto your lymph gland-filled armpits), we continue to make the daily choice of clogging our pores with chemicals just for the sake of staying dry. But let's quickly clear something up- for all of you "but I don't want to stink" excuse makers: Antiperspirants don't stop stink. They stop sweat- hence the anti"perspire" portion of the word. Deodorants stop odor- hence the "deodor" portion of the word.
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    Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Rob Streisfeld reminds us that "your body is designed to sweat, so using chemicals and agents to block the natural process is never good." The problem with conventional antiperspirant deodorants is that they use chemicals to reduce sweat and odor by blocking the sweat glands and the ability to detox which can affect the lymph system. Because all of our systems are interconnected,

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  • How to Make Cauliflower Taste DELICIOUS: Low-fat/low-cal Recipe

    by "QuickieChick" Laurel House

    CauliflowerI'm usually not the biggest fan of cauliflower. But for some reason while I was at Trader Joes the other day I felt inclined to buy the bag of prepped florets. After over a week in my fridge and the expiration date looming, I decided to play with it. The worst thing that could happen is that it would suck and I would suck it up with a not thrilling dinner.
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    Easy Flavor-Full Baked Veggies
    So I pre-heated the over to 400, cut the cauliflower into florets, steamed the brussels sprouts in the microwave, cut the mushrooms, then mixed them all together in a mixing bowl. I added sea salt, pepper, some olive oil. Mixed it up with my hands. I dumped way too much on a baking sheet and drizzled a little more olive oil onto it. I baked it for about 30 minutes until the veggies were all browning but not burnt.
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    Miracle Noodles
    While they were

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  • How to Stop Him from Cheating

    by "QuickieChick" Laurel House
    QuickieChick's Red Power PantiesThis isn't about going under cover or catching him red-handed. This is about recovering your relationship, transforming it, resurrecting it and returning it to the fun, sexy, connected state that it was when you first started dating. Because he used to find you sexy. Aside from his normal guy wandering eye tendency, you were the only one for him. And you knew it. Every time you got undressed, even if you weren't wearing the sexiest underwear (though you generally made an attempt), he couldn't help but stare, his lips slightly parted, his body completely frozen, his eyes focused on your curves. And you loved that. You worked at it. You put effort into it- shaving your legs, wearing decent lingerie, and really really wanting him (not just faking it for his sake).
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    What happened?
    Lately he doesn't seem to much notice when you take off your clothes, even when you're wearing your best matchy-matchy lingerie set. Seems something

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  • Going Green...? What For?

    by "QuickieChick" Laurel House (wearing a shirt made of recycled plastic bottles).
    Recycled Plastic ShirtNot into hugging trees? I'm not either.
    Not the Birkenstocks kind of chick? I'm not either.
    Not about to transform your consumerism ways and live only off necessities? I'm not either.
    But I still consider myself to be Eco-conscious. And so can you.

    You see, don't have to hug trees to support them. But you can refuse the wooden stirrer at your local coffee shop. You don't have to kick off your treasured couture shoes in exchange for Birkenstocks. You don't even have to believe in Global Warming (regardless of mounting scientific evidence that it does exist and it is man-made). Going green is no longer a hippie culture. Just look at Al Gore- the Presidential hopeful turned green movement face person who hops around promoting eco awareness in his ultra luxury private jet. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see Gore sacrificing or conforming in order to campaign for the green cause.

    As a society, we have worked

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  • Red "Power Panties"... Your Career-Boosting Secret?

    by "QuickieChick" Laurel House.

    Men have "Power Ties"... Chicks have Power Panties. And, no, they have nothing to do with trying to look or act sexy. This isn't for men. It's about boosting self-confidence. It's about business.

    According to Feng Shui belief, wearing something red can up your "wow" factor, arouse self-confidence, energetically emit power and attract luck. But you can't always wear a red outfit, or even a red accessory. So… wear red panties to take your confidence to a whole new level.
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    Admit it, confidence can sometimes be hard to come by, so we will take it in whatever form it comes. Even if that means believing in feng shui and wearing red panties. But it's not just chicks who benefit from the feng shui power of red. Guys, you can wear red boxer shorts or red socks! Red socks might not be sexy, but they're spunky- another confidence booster.
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    You'll never

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  • "Do I Look Fat in This?" is Ruining Your Sex Life

    by QuickieChick Laurel House

    You try something on as you're getting ready to go out. It feels a little tight. So you look to your guy and ask "Do I look fat in this?"… He tells you that you look beautiful. But you're not convinced. You proceed to complain about your body, asking if he thinks you have gained weight, pointing out your cellulite, charging him of no longer being attracted to you. He continues to reassure that "you look fine."

    If you have insecurities about your butt, thighs, stomach, boobs, arms, or ankles DON'T point it out to your guy. Complain about it to your mom, sister, best friend, therapist, or even me on my Facebook wall. Let your guy view you as the gorgeous gem that you truly are. I mean really, do you WANT him to see your cellulite before he sees your smile? He fell in love with you for a reason. Don't taint it. Stop pointing out your flaws and forcing your guy to view you through your eyes.
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  • Do I Really Look Fat, Anorexic, Gorgeous and Pukishly Hideous?

    by QuickieChick Laurel House.
    Overweight, underweight or just healthy?Overweight, underweight or just healthy?
    Do you think I'm Fat?
    Or maybe I appear more Anorexic to you.
    How about Gorgeous?
    No? Pukishly Hideous?
    In one day I was called all four names on my various online outlets- Facebook, YouTube, and my website

    Bullying today may be delivered in a different form- social media, and by different types of people- often anonymous, it still cuts just as deeply as "traditional" schoolyard bullying. I know because I have experienced both. Bullying happens to everyone…Regardless of how old you are, what you do, what you say, what you look like, and how "popular" you are.

    What's interesting about today's bullies is that many of us bully and don't necessarily mean to or even know it. We have an "eh" meal at a restaurant, then go on Yelp and bash the place to such an extreme you'd think the chef served you rat on a plate. Same goes for YouTube comments. We watch a video that we don't really like or maybe even notice that the person on-camera has

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  • Chocolate, it Does a Sex-Life Good

    by QuickieChick Laurel House

    Easter Chocolate EggsFrom weight loss to mood improving, and now sex life boosting? Yes, seems chocolate truly is a super food!

    Honestly, what could be better than warm, rich, creamy chocolate? Stick a chunk in your mouth and feel it slowly melt on your tongue, turning into liquid. Does the sweetness turn you on? Italian researchers discovered that women who regularly consume chocolate have higher libidos, increased sexual arousal, and greater sexual satisfaction (we love those Italians… always coming up with sexually charged studies. No wonder they are such good lovers… or, um, so "they say.").

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    Quickie Workout in BedQuickie Workout in Bed

    Considered the "food of the Gods" by ancient Mayans and Aztecs dating back to 600 A.D., cocoa was one of the most expensive and sacred foods, reserved for the elite and religious ceremonies. Today the intoxicating treat may be consumed by the masses (and in mass) but its seductive properties are as potent as ever.
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