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  • The Top 20 Things We Throw Away that We Shouldn't


    By Tina McCarthy

    How often do you have to empty the trash cans around your home? If you take a trip outside to the dumpster every couple days, it's time to examine why your garbage bins fill up so quickly. To cut down the amount of waste you send off to the landfill, here's a list of things you shouldn't be throwing away.

    Water Bottles

    Yes, they can be recycled but, with a water filter on your faucet and a reusable thermos, there's no need for disposable water bottles. Stopping the bottle habit is one of the best things you can personally do for the environment.

    Tissue Boxes

    When you go to the store to restock your supply, buy refills for the boxes you already have instead. Better yet, switch to a handkerchief.

    Paper Napkins

    Cloth napkins are a much better choice in all regards. They're reusable and much more stylish.

    Paper Towels

    Bar towels are just as effective as their disposable counterparts. Though washing cloth towels year after year may seem counter-intuitive to

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  • Green Getaways: 5 Eco Vacations for Women

    By Libby Lowe

    Oh, the girls trip. If you and your friends are thinking about skipping town, avoid the all-inclusive resort trips, pretend Vegas doesn't exist and steer clear of cruises. Instead, set off on a true adventure at one of these eco-friendly destinations. Because girl getaways on cruises are so 1988.

    SeaHorse Eco Safaris

    (Above) Attention equestrians: South Africa is calling. SeaHorse Eco Safaris offers adventurous, educational horseback experiences in Vleesbaai, a breathtakingly lovely coastal town. Spend three, five or seven days on a riding/yoga adventure. A lifelong horse lover, the owner and guide, Cornelia, focuses on providing the best experience for both riders and animals. On horseback, you'll explore Renosterveld landscapes, the coast and the dunes learning ecological facts along the way. Keep an eye out for whales, dolphins, tortoises, porcupines and more. What to know: Groups are limited to four, $98 - $120(varies based on season) per person, per night.

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  • 10 Reasons to Bike Commute

    bike to work
    By Anna Brones

    We believe in the power of two wheels, which is why we're celebrating National Bike to Work Day. Even for those working at home, it's an excuse to get out and ride. Fresh air, low carbon footprint, velo couture - what's not to love about a lifestyle that involves cycling? The bike is a vehicle for social change, and the more people we have in our army of riders, the more power we have to continue to build an infrastructure in all cities that promotes a two-wheeled lifestyle. Looking for some reasons that biking is good for our communities and the planet? We pulled together 10 good reasons to get on a bike.

    1. Women who bike 30 minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer.
    2. Bike commuters report lower stress and greater feelings of freedom, relaxation, and excitement than car commuters.
    3. 47% of Americans say they would like more bike facilities in their communities.
    4. Traffic congestion wastes nearly 3 billion gallons of gas per year in the U.S.
    5. For
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  • 9 Cute and Eco-Friendly Sandals for Summer

    By Johanna Björk

    Sandals say summer more than any other shoe. A great pair of flat ones are a must-have in anyone's warm weather wardrobe. This season, there's a huge variety of sandals to choose from - metallic, nude, bright color, strappy, simple, feminine, masculine, patterned - you name it. They are all extremely comfortable and made in ways that make you tread lighter on the earth.

    1. Rachel Comey Santos Slip-ins
    These simple open toe slide sandals are perfect for a more simple, masculine outfit. Pair with skinny denim, simple ankle-length pants and a blazer for summer soirees with a more downtown vibe. Sustainably made in Peru from black perforated leather with caramel leather detail. Kiltie on upper strap with a wide stitched leather welt. $391, Rachel Comey

    2. ECCO Hill Move
    ECCO has always been known to make durable shoes that are good for your feet. They used to not look so good, but that's all changed now. These have an almost gold sheen to them and the sporty details

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  • Photos of the 10 Most Endangered Rivers in America

    By Jessica Marati

    In 1965, high levels of sewage and toxic waste in the Potomac River led President Lyndon B. Johnson to call it "a national disgrace." Several years later, Congress passed the Clean Water Act, a landmark piece of legislation that has been instrumental in ensuring the safety and cleanliness of America's bodies of water for the past 40 years. But the fight for clean water is far from over. Today, American Rivers released a list of the nation's Most Endangered Rivers, with the Potomac topping the list. Not only does the river have high pollution levels, but its location in the heart of Washington, D.C., is emblematic of the recent Clean Water Act rollbacks in Congress, which will cut funding for river restoration projects nationwide. Take a look at the other rivers on the list, then join American Rivers' efforts to preserve them. (above) Potomac River (Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Washington D.C.)

    Green River (Wyoming, Utah, Colorado)

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  • 10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow at Home

    By Tina McCarthy

    Gardening is hot, hot, hot. And why not? Planting a few seeds on your deck or in your backyard yields delicious, organic results - and money savings, too. You know the basics of how to start your own vegetable garden, but where do you go from here? Here are some crops that even the least green thumbed among you can tackle, and tips on how to make them flourish.


    Originating in South America, this plump red herbaceous perennial is rich in nutrients like niacin, potassium and phosphorous, antioxidants like lycopene, anthocyanin and carotene, and vitamins A, C and E. Tomatoes can add a juicy shot of flavor to a variety of dishes, such as salads, sandwiches and pasta. After the last frost of winter has thawed, pick a spot in your yard that receives ample sunlight and test the soil's pH level - you want between 6 and 7. (To increase the Ph level, add lime. To decrease it, add sulfur.) Spread compost over this area and mix it with the soil. Dig a hole for each Read More »from 10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow at Home
  • Vegan Avocado Alfredo Sauce


    By Aylin Erman

    Avocados often get a bad rap, but for the wrong reason - for being fat. It's about time we all got over this myth. We need healthy fats in our diet for a properly functioning brain and nervous system, a strong heart, glowing skin and, dare I say it, a fit and thin physique. Sure, nix the saturated fats fraught in animal meat, dairy and eggs when looking to slim down or reach a greater sense of well-being, but avocados are plant-based and thus on an entirely different playing field. Half an avocado has 15 grams of heart-healthy unsaturated fat and only 2 grams of saturated fat. This is fat your body not only can recognize but also likes. Avocados are packed with fiber, potassium, vitamins C, K, and B6 and folate. They aid in digestion and help in the absorption of lycopene and beta-carotene. Aside from its nutritional benefits, avocados are versatile in the kitchen. Their creaminess serves as the perfect base for made-vegan desserts, sauces and smoothies. A few Read More »from Vegan Avocado Alfredo Sauce
  • Green Your Space: 15 Ways to Decorate with Plants

    By K. Emily Bond

    Plants are wondrous creatures, especially for our homes, after all, they remove indoor air pollutants and they smell nice. A spider plant can make all the difference in the world, insomuch that it will save a blasé room from itself without offending the outspoken minimalist. An herb garden in the kitchen and azalea in the bedroom are also exemplary of ways we're incorporating mother nature into the great indoors - but both merely hints of the plant decorating madness that follows.

    privacy wall

    Tall houseplants used as a privacy wall, via Dwell.


    From the always gorgeous Old Brand New, a lush alter: perfect for tapping into your inner green goddess.

    staging company

    This staging company decorates with live plants whenever possible because of the negative ions they give off, as in the tasteless, odorless, and invisible molecules we inhale in "fresh" environs like the mountains or at the beach.

    crawling ivy

    Bring the outside in with crawling ivy in a sun-drenched room.


    Or liven up an enclosed patio

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  • 8 Apps to Get You Closer to Nature

    By Jessica Marati

    Sounds contradictory, but sometimes technology can actually help you get closer to nature. Take, for instance, the following eight iPhone and Android mobile apps, which arm you with ways to find nearby green spaces and the information to identify anything from animal tracks to constellations to rare butterflies. Most of the apps are available offline as well, so you can venture as far off the beaten track as you please.

    Discover nearby parks, zoos, botanical gardens, nature centers, wildlife refuges, and more with the location-based NatureFind app. The app also pulls from event listings so you can join organized hikes or participate in educational lectures.
    Available for iPhone for free.

    With the Science Channel's SciSpy app, you can capture, tag, and share your wildlife sightings. Once your photo of, say, that funky looking beetle is uploaded, it is date-stamped, geo-mapped, classified, and offered up to a worldwide community to advance

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  • 20 Free and Eco-Friendly Ways to Spring Clean

    By Stephanie Rogers

    The tulips are blooming, the birds are singing, and you're on your hands and knees in your ugliest sweatpants scrubbing the grout on the bathroom floor. Spring cleaning isn't exactly fun, but it's a necessary evil that can be made a lot more pleasant with the use of natural, non-toxic products that won't leave you with a headache or require a costly trip to the store. If you've got baking soda, vinegar, lemons, an old towel and a handful of other common household items, you can give your house a fresh start without spending any money at all.

    Fresh Air In, Odors Out
    Closed-up houses may be cozy in the winter, but they tend to smell pretty stale. Get some air moving in your house by opening all the windows and positioning a few fans in strategic places, like hallways and stairways. Placing a fan in the window, facing out, can work wonders for your indoor air quality, making it smell as fresh as the outdoors.

    Make Glass Sparkle with Newspaper
    Nothing gets glass

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