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  • 7 Simple and Healthy, One-Dish, Winter Meals

    By Vanessa Barrington

    Call it the mid-winter doldrums. If you're tired of returning home after work in darkness, and lacking both energy and inspiration to cook a nourishing meal, how about a warming, healthy, and quick one-dish meal using common (and comforting) ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen? No special shopping necessary. Just good, simple food that you can prepare quickly so you can move onto what you really want to do like draping yourself in a blanket and reading a book. Read on for 7 easy, customizable ideas to serve up to two people.

    1. Smashed Potatoes and Garlicky Kale with an Egg on Top

    20 minutes
    1 large or two medium potatoes
    2 - 4 tablespoons olive oil
    2 garlic cloves, chopped
    1 bunch kale, chopped
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Grated Parmesan or Pecorino (optional)
    1 over-easy egg (optional)

    Put the potatoes whole into a steamer basket and steam until tender. Meanwhile heat a couple tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet, add the garlic and

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  • 7 Tips for Winter Weather Hair Woes

    By Katherine Butler
    It doesn't matter if we are raven-haired, red-headed, blonde or brunette. It doesn't matter if our hair is thin, thick, textured or kinky. During the dry winter months, we might as well hook our heads up to outlets for all the static electricity we produce. The cold, dry temperatures of winter can siphon the moisture from our skin and hair like a sponge. So how best to fight back against winter?

    Stop washing your hair every day
    We live in a world where most people make best friends with anti-bacterial wipes. Dirt is the enemy. But so is washing your hair too much. Over-washing can strip important oils from your scalp, resulting in dry, over-stimulated tresses. Plus, what's better for dry hair then your own, natural oils? At the least, try to skip a daily washing. And when you do wash, consider a homemade shampoo like this one from beauty expert Narine Nikogosian: Combine one tablespoon of dried jasmine with one teaspoon of honey with two eggs yolks. Boil the

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  • 10 Signs It's Time to Leave Your Job

    By Stephanie Rogers

    Most of us spend more time with our colleagues and bosses than our partners, kids and friends. If that's not motivation to make sure your job is a good fit, what is? The job you choose can determine how physically and mentally healthy you are, your standard of living, your future prospects and whether you look back at your life at the brink of death and feel like you did your best. Consider these 10 signs that it's time to quit, and you might just set yourself onto a much more fulfilling path.

    Just about any task is better than doing your job.

    When you're at work, you'll do just about anything to avoid performing the tasks that are assigned to you. You play around on Facebook, browse the internet and organize your vacation photos. In fact, you're happy to perform menial tasks like taking out the trash and running errands for the boss - anything that will keep you away from your job for another five minutes. In other words, your work is utterly joyless for you.

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  • 16 Ways to Trim Your Trash in the New Year


    By Rachelle Strauss

    How much rubbish did you throw out last year? If you're anything like the average person, you threw away your own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks. But have you ever stopped to think where "away" is? Sorry to tell you it's not some magical place full of rainbows and fairies where everything is transformed into something lovely. No, "away" is a landfill site, an incinerator, or a ship to China. It might even be a turtle's mouth.


    In the New Year why not make a resolution for the earth by resolving to get your waste to a svelte size zero? It's fun, challenging and, better still, it won't cost you anything. It might even save you money. In 2009, my family set ourselves to the challenge of accumulating no more than one trash can of landfill for the entire year. Here's the result.


    After having our bin emptied live on breakfast television (what a claim to fame!) and our story spreading around the world we decided to see how low we could go. By the end of the

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  • 10 Surprising Sources of Fiber

    By Stephanie Rogers

    You might think that slice of bread on your plate is necessary to get the fiber you need to be healthy. Think again. Bread isn't all it's cracked up to be, and there are plenty of foods that can give you all the fiber you need on a daily basis. These 10 fiber-filled all-stars including avocados, cinnamon, raspberries and eggplant have far more fiber and nutrition per calorie than wheat, and lots of other health benefits, too. Combine as many as you can in one dish, like black beans with oregano, mustard greens, avocados and barley, for one of the healthiest meals of your life.


    Figs are a deliciously high-fiber fruit, containing 6.58 grams in an eight-ounce serving. You can get dried figs year-round but there's nothing quite like a juicy, fresh fig. These fruits are a great source of calcium and are also high in potassium and manganese. According to a 2008 study, there's another compelling reason to consume figs as often as possible: fiber from fruits may

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  • 5 Ways to Start Eating Better and More Eco Friendly After the Holidays

    By Vanessa Barrington

    If, like many, you overindulged during the holidays, you might be feeling tempted to subsist on raw carrots, lettuce, and water for a few weeks - but this approach is all wrong. It's not what your body needs right now and it will leave you starving, in more ways than one. First Step - Forgive yourself and stop feeling guilty so you can move on. If you need help, visit the very cool Choose Love Project and view videos of women talking about their struggles with body image. Now, go take a nice brisk walk or head to a yoga class. Do whatever it is that makes you feel balanced. Don't punish yourself for enjoying the holidays by overdoing it at the gym.

    Feeling better? Now, let's get sensible.

    Whether you're a vegan, a vegetarian, or an omnivore, you can follow the same set of principles for healthy winter eating. Make sure everything you eat is seasonal, prioritizing deeply colored foods; use long, slow cooking techniques to concentrate flavor (and satisfaction),

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  • 10 Reusable Bags that Keep Shopping Stylish


    By Amy DuFault

    You've got tons of them in your car, looped around your bike handles and hanging from closet doors ready to be filled with farmer's market produce and flea market finds. Come to think of it, you've got more than you ever use but when it comes to that special bag that stays close at hand, you want something stand out that says you can be stylish picking up groceries wherever you roam.

    Our top 10 most fashionable and reusable bags will have you reconsidering your image and the fact that worldwide 1 million plastic bags are used every minute.



    Made from 100% colorful advertising campaign billboards and a clever die cut, this no-stitch shoulder bag is inspired by the strength and symmetry found in nature. The minimal 2-D design stretches into 3-D to form the biggest bag with the smallest amount of waste. Stretch Bag can support up to 33lbs. It's available in different colors of recycled billboard or in natural brown leather.


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  • 10 Chic and Simple Centerpieces You Can Do Yourself

    By Sofie Sausser

    There's more to Christmas than St. Nick and a Christmas tree. Case in point, the people who come over to your house to break bread and who will most likely sit down at a table to do it. You're going to want to keep them there, enraptured with your superlative cooking. That's where interesting centerpieces come in and keep them fastened in their seats. Here are ten DIY table-top stunners that will make them want real estate in the very chair you assigned them. Take a tip from Sweet Paul and spray paint wine bottles white. Pick some greenery from your yard and set the table with blues and whites.

    Grab a branch or a piece of driftwood and just add succulents.

    Candles in a bucket with sand. Don't forget the ribbon.

    Bring on the ambiance with punched paper wrapped around glass vases.

    Spray branches gold and insert them in a block of wood for a modern table.

    Any ornament or toy becomes special under a cloche bell jar. Just add snow.

    Gather mason jars with a

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  • 10 Health Foods with More Sugar Than Coke

    By Stephanie Rogers

    As far as you're concerned, you're having a pretty healthy day. You start off with a glass of orange juice and a bowl of whole-grain cereal. By mid-morning, when you've got the munchies, you reach for some mini rice cakes and a cup of yogurt, and lunch is just a smoothie and an energy bar. You end the day with some spaghetti drizzled with marinara. Truth is, you might as well have just eaten ice cream and cookies all day, because all of these foods have added up to an insane 200 grams (50 teaspoons) of sugar. Here are 10 ostensibly "healthy" foods that often have even more sugar than a can of Coke.


    You down that glass of cow's milk every day thinking about how the calcium and vitamin D are so good for you - and they are. But just a single 8-ounce serving of plain old 1% milk contains 12 grams of sugar. That's 3 teaspoons hiding in a very unexpected place. The real trouble comes along when you add any kind of flavoring, like chocolate or strawberry. A carton

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  • 11 Christmas Tree Alternatives

    By Sofie Sausser

    It takes on average, about a decade for Christmas trees to reach the ideal height only to be kept on display for a few weeks before being hauled off to the dump. There are artificial trees of course but they lack the smell we crave of sweet pine forests in winter. Fear not, there are still ways to satisfy your real-tree addiction. First thing to note: not all trees are bad. You can buy, or even rent, a live Christmas tree in a pot, which keeps all year and gives the gift that keeps on giving: oxygen. Or you could try sprucing up a ladder...

    Shaping found objects into a hanging perma-tree...
    Embroider or tape a tree...

    Recycle a tree, quite literally. (This one is made up of 100 recycled bicycle parts.)
    Go hiking and drag a branch home with you, or uncoil a wire into the shape of a tree.
    You're better than the real thing. In fact, you're a trendsetter - run with it.

    15 Reasons to Stop Counting the Calories Over the Holidays
    Top 10 Eco Holiday

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