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  • Bachelor Secrets Revealed

    Season 9 of The Bachelorette is underway, and more than 20 men are still competing for the hand of 27-year-old Desiree Hartstock in the ABC reality series.

    But does anyone actually believe you can find true love on TV? Melissa Rycroft thought she’d found it in Season 13 of the Bachelor, when Jason Mesnick proposed to her. By the season finale, he’d changed his mind, dumping her on live TV for that season’s runner-up, Molly.

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    Ali asked Melissa (now happily married with a young daughter) to talk about what’s really going on in the minds of the shows’ participants. “You’re secluded…all you have to focus on is this person. You have no TV, radio, newspapers,” she explained. “You consume yourself with the process, and it almost becomes a, ‘I just don’t wanna be rejected now.’”

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    What’s more fascinating is that, the day they got engaged, Melissa had only been on three one-on-one dates with the man she’d

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  • Army Scene Made Ricky Schroder Emotional

    Ricky Schroder was a successful actor by the time he was seven years old, starring in the hit 1979 movie, The Champ. By his senior year in high school, he already had a hit TV show, Silver Spoons, under his belt. But all that time, he actually had another career ambition: he wanted to join the army.

    Even though it never happened, Ricky says, “I still wanted to find a way to help my country and this was a way I could.”

    “This,” is a new series he produced called “Starting Strong.” It’s an unscripted show where a civilian is embedded for a week doing a particular army job. After the week, the civilian decides whether or not to enlist.

    And episode with combat medics, in particular, made Ricky particularly emotional. “I saw 800 young men and women that volunteered to be combat medics, knowing that they would be deployed, to combat,” he said. “I think about them and I get chills.

    “I have a respect for people who serve, whether in the army, policemen, firemen, whoever it may be.”


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  • Ray J Says He’s Happy for Kim K

    In this episode: Ali sits down with reality show star Ray J to talk about his hosting gig on Bad Girls All-Star Battle. The Oxygen network show features 14 women from past seasons of Bad Girls competing for $100,000 and the title of "Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”

    And if you don’t know Ray J from that, or For the Love of Ray J on VH1, you’ve still probably heard of him. He’s ‘that guy in the Kim Kardashian sex tape.’

    So when he came out with his latest single, feminist anthem I Hit it First, a lot of people naturally assumed it was about Kim Kardashian. But Ray J insists to Ali that he’s singing about ‘a few past relationships.’

    “It’s a sensitive subject, so I just kept it neutral,” he says.

    Ali asks Ray J, “Are you happy she’s pregnant now?”

    “I’m happy for her,” he replies.

    “Why put the song out now?” Ali follows up.

    “It was on the schedule,” he replies. Ray J says the song was long slated for release around the same time as the premiere of Bad Girls All-Star Battle.

    Ali asks

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  • Actress’ Custody Heartbreak

    Kelly Rutherford is perhaps best known for playing Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, but her personal life has more twists and turns than any plot line on her former show.

    Since divorcing German businessman Daniel Giersch, Rutherford has been locked in a custody battle for her two children, 5-year-old Hermes and 3-year-old Helena.

    Last year, a judge ruled that the children should live with their father. Giersch, due to some visa issues that remain unclear, cannot re-enter the U.S., and lives in France. As a result, the children—American citizens—now live abroad.

    “I’m basically fighting to get them home,” Kelly told Ali. “fighting for their rights as U.S. citizens, fighting as a mother.”

    Daniel Giersch, through his attorney, Fahi Takesh Hallin released the following statement: “Despite Kelly Rutherford continuing to speak about the parties’ children in the press, Daniel Giersch continues not to comment about the parties’ children, in order to protect the children’s privacy.”

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  • Cat Actor Seeks Purr-fect Part

    Any struggling actor will tell you that it’s hard to book jobs, so Vito Vincent is grateful to have scored parts on 30 Rock, the Colbert Report, and most recently, on Broadway. Well, his dads are grateful. Vito Vincent is more focused on the treats he gets when he does well.

    The orange tabby stopped by the studio with his owners, Michael LeCrichia and Vincent Cammarata, to pull back the curtain on the world of feline performers for Ali.

    So what do casting directors look for?

    “Calm demeanor is very important,” said Michael, adding that a cat can make “typically 500 dollars for an all day shoot.” The price can vary for print and stage. Vito Vincent was also asked to slim down to increase his chances of getting parts. Michael acts as his trainer, making sure he gets enough exercise to keep his trim frame.

    But when a feline starts to get successful, that’s when things can start to get catty.

    Recently, Vito Vincent took a critically acclaimed turn on the Broadway stage in “Breakfast at

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  • Injured War Journalist Says Humor Helped Him Recover

    In September of 2010, Carmen Gentile was a journalist embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan, reporting from Kunar Province. As he pointed his video camera at two young local men on the side of the road, a guy popped out of a stone hut 50 yards away and pointed an RPG at him. And fired.

    Carmen got hit in the right side of the face, and a company lieutenant got hit in the arm by the rocket’s ricochet. Miraculously, both were still alive. As medics loaded Carmen into a helicopter, one assured him that he still had his baby blues. “I thought that was really nice of him, for a rough and tumble guy.”

    Now, nearly three years later, he’s back on the job, “because I think it’s important that people understand these stories and see what men and women everywhere are going through. I knew it was dangerous, but I think it’s worth it.”

    He says that what got him through the ordeal wasn’t just guts or a sense of purpose, but his sense of humor. "It's the lighter side of getting shot in the face

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  • Giuliana Rancic: “My Husband Might Be The Better Parent”

    In this episode: Giuliana Rancic stops by to chat with Ali about life with her husband, Bill Rancic, and their 8-month old baby boy, Duke. Giuliana, who struggled with infertility, is now fully enjoying parenthood. However, she acknowledges that her husband is more of a natural.

    “Bill is such an incredible father, and just seeing him day in, day out with Duke, I could even say that he might be a better parent than I am,” she says. “Now will Bill always be better? Not necessarily.”

    Ali asked about the comment Giuliana made earlier this year that she puts her marriage first and her child second. “Children thrive in a household where the parents’ relationship is strong. The child feels safe. And the child feeling safe allows them to be creative and be courageous and confident.”

    So how do they keep their relationship strong with busy careers and an 8-month-old? “We check in,” says Giuliana, explaining that they make time during the day to let each other know what’s going right and what

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  • Vinny Guadagnino ‘Hated Filming Jersey Shore’

    Before MTV’s Jersey Shore, Vinny Guadagnino was an anonymous college kid considering a law career. Now, six seasons later, he’s practically a household name, and he’s got his own spinoff show. But, he tells Ali, he didn’t always enjoy the ride.

    “I hated filming it,” he says. “You film 24 hours, there’s cameras in the ceiling watching you sleep. You don’t have a camera, you don’t have a TV, you don’t have a cellphone. You can’t read, you can’t write.”

    That doesn’t mean Vinny’s not grateful. “The opportunity that it brings is amazing and I got real friends from it.”

    His new MTV show, The Show with Vinny, is one such opportunity. He interviews celebrities at the home he shares with his mother and sisters.

    “I make sure that they eat, Vinny interviews them, and we have a nice time,” says mom Paola.

    So why, with all his success, does Vinny still live with his mom?

    “We grew up in a really small apartment,” Vinny remembers. “Then I wanted her in my sisters to move into a big house. So I

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  • Clean Your Closet With This 5-Second Mind Trick

    When it’s time for the seasonal closet purge, we all fall prey to sentimental attachments or simple procrastination.

    WATCH: Four Looks That Add 5lbs

    So to help you start the closet purge, Ali sat down with Today Show Style Editor Bobbie Thomas, author of, “The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow.”

    Bobbie brought three items to make the clothes you don’t purge look better and last longer, including shapewear she swears by, "Skinny Britches." It’s a thin fabric slip that gives great support under light summer fabrics.

    But as for the tough decisions on what to get rid of, “I have a system that’s called ‘Yes, No, Maybe,’” Bobbie explained. First, “take everything out so that the closet is empty.”

    WATCH: Tim Gunn's Spring Do's and Don'ts.

    “Ask yourself, and try to keep a beat, ‘Yes? No? Maybe?’

    A ‘Yes’ item is one of your favorites, that you absolutely wear all the time and can’t live without.

    A ‘No’ is stained, ripped, or just doesn’t ever

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  • Hair-Raising Headlines and Small Business Strategies

    New Yorkers know Pat Kiernan as the morning anchor on NY1. Among other things, he reads and analyzes the morning papers for a popular segment called, “In The Papers.” But on this episode of Daily Shot, Pat talks about his second gig as host of CNBC’s, ‘Crowd Rules,’ and tells Ali how his show helps mom and pop shops with its reality show format.

    Struggling small businesses compete for a $50,000 prize, and the winner is decided by audience vote. In last week’s food-themed episode, a hot sauce company beat out a pickle store and a family-owned dessert business.

    Pat says the one mistake small business owners make is not having a focus. “Focus on one thing and go after it. Don’t have a bunch of non-profitable products.”

    The strangest business he’s ever heard of? “We had one on the show that’s an ice cream truck that has a stripper pole on the top of it, called ‘Aphrodisiac Ice Cream.’”

    Pat was then kind enough to take some of the women’s magazines we had lying around the office and

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