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  • Here’s How You’re Hurting Your Home Value

    Fredrik Eklund of “Million Dollar Listing New York” stopped by Daily Shot to tell Ali about the new season of the show, which premieres tonight, and to dish on the most common thing sellers do that makes his job difficult: own pets.

    “I have dogs myself,” the real estate broker to the stars says, “but it’s hard as a broker to come in--you hear the barking, you see the hair, the cat litter. Dogs and cats are not the best thing.”

    He ‘100 percent’ agreed with Ali’s suggestion that sellers, “get your pets out of the apartment if there’s a showing and light a candle.”

    Fredrik showed us two of the luxury homes he’ll be selling this season, which, he says, “has lot of deals, and is also very confrontational.”

    To see pictures of the incredible properties, and hear about the unique home-selling strategy that’s helped Fredrik close over a billion dollars in deals, check out this episode of Daily Shot!

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  • Seven Kids And A Successful Business

    Celebrated design team Robert and Cortney Novogratz tell Ali about how they balance a successful business with raising seven kids in New York City...and how they ran out of names by the time they got to their fifth child. They say their new line at CB2 is inspired by their family trips to Brazil—including a monkey-shaped lamp they named after one of their daughters.

    You may know the Novogratz from their Bravo show 9 By Design, or their HGTV show Home By Novogratz. But what Ali wanted to know was how they picked the names for all of their kids: Wolfgang, 15; twins Bellamy and Tallulah, 14; Breaker, 12; twins Five and Holleder, 7; and Major, 4.

    Why Five? “He’s the fifth child,” says Cortney. “We ran out of names.”

    They clearly got their inspiration back for Holleder and Major, but not without causing some tension in the extended family. “Robert’s mother, I’m not kidding you, wouldn’t talk to us for the longest time,” Cortney revealed. “Of course now, Five is her favorite grandson.”

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  • The Secret to Teen’s Skateboarding Success

    Nyjah Huston started skateboarding at age four, and competed in his first X Games at 11. Now, at 18, he’s still one of the youngest competitors in his field. But just this past month, he brought home a gold medal, wowing the crowd with an impressive display of technical tricks.

    Nyjah says that in his many years of skating, after countless dangerous tricks, he’s never broken anything. (Although he has done something called ‘sacking the rail,’ which sounds pretty painful.) He attributes a lot of his solid safety record to his diet. “I was raised vegan for the first 15 years of my life,” he says, “and I never drank any soda…it eats away at your bones!”

    Nyjah has also started a charity with his mom called Let It Flow, which raises money to build wells and sanitation facilities for communities who need better access to clean water.

    Nyjah also gave us a clip from his new skateboarding documentary, The Motivation, in which he shows off some of his death-defying moves.

    One of his most

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  • The Doctor Is In!

    Planning on cooking dinner this week? Whatever you do, don’t wash that chicken! Dr. Rich Besser from ABC news stopped to talk about his new book, Tell Me The Truth, Doctor, and he dropped that big truth bomb on Ali. “As soon as that water hits the surface of the chicken, it sprays all over your kitchen,” Dr. Besser warned. “You will find the germs from the surface of your chicken all over your cutting board, your light switches, everything.”

    So what DO you do about all the bacteria that cover your raw chicken? “As long as you’re cooking your chicken thoroughly to 165 degrees, it’s gonna kill all of those germs,” he says.

    Important health warning out of the way, Ali got down to the really embarrassing stuff—the stuff people are usually to shy to ask their doctors. Namely—should someone be worried if he or she farts too much? What about it they sweat too much? Or not at all?

    To hear the doctor’s diagnoses, check out the video, and go to our Facebook page to tell your embarrassing

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  • Best Blondes: From Beach to Bottle

    Spring is here, the weather is changing, and so are celebrity hairstyles: Sofia Vergara, Drew Barrymore, and Beyonce recently went blonde. But going blonde can be risky sometimes, even for a Hollywood actress. Comedian Selena Coppock, author of a new book called, “The New Rules for Blondes,” joins Ali to talk about celebs who make it work, and those who don’t.

    “I’m actually surprised you were able to do quite a thick book,” Ali tells Selena. “For a blonde…people expect a pamphlet from us.”

    Selena and Ali broke it down into natural blondes and bottle blondes. Some of their favorite naturals? There’s Cameron Diaz, “a classic California blonde,” Cybill Shepherd, and “the spirit of blondeness,” Miss Piggy.

    The best bottle blondes? Selena loves Madonna, a natural brunette who “lives the blonde dream,” Lady Gaga, and the quintessential bottle blonde, Marilyn Monroe.

    The ladies also discussed celebs who can ‘go both ways’ as blondes and brunettes, throwing Linda Evangelista and Reese

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  • Joey Fatone’s advice for One Direction

    Today, Ali welcomes the multi-talented Joey Fatone! You of course know him from *NSYNC and Dancing with the Stars, and now he’s got a new show on the Live Well Network called on My Family Recipe Rocks!

    Ali couldn’t let Joey off easy and not ask him about his *NSYNC days. After he revealed the band’s pre-show ritual that occasionally kept the audience waiting (check the video), he gave her his advice for the boy band of the moment, One Direction. “Stay off twitter. Back then with *NSYNC we we didn’t have Twitter, didn’t have Facebook. It’s such an immediate response on stuff now that you gotta kinda be a little careful.”

    Joey’s new show, however, is all about food. “I go to people’s homes,” he explained, “I go ‘hey, whaddaya got cooking?’ They go ‘this is what it is,’ I eat their food and I go home. It’s great.”

    The show features ordinary people in ordinary real kitchens, just cooking up what their family has passed down from generation to generation. The weirdest thing Joey’s eaten,

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  • Sherri Shepherd on losing weight, staying healthy…. and Gwyneth

    When Sherri was diagnosed with diabetes, she weighed 197 lbs and had to take three different medications. This was right before she started working as a co-host on The View. Now almost five years later, she’s dropped about 40 pounds, and is completely off medication, managing the disease with diet and exercise.

    Along the way, Sherri learned some valuable lessons about diet an exercise that, she says, can help anyone. It’s all in her new book, Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (Even If You Don’t Have It).

    Sherri’s number one tip for anyone who’d trying to start a healthy lifestyle? “You have to be forgiving of yourself and you have to be your best friend and build yourself up.”

    And as for exercise, which Ali hates, Sherri says, “you don’t even have to go to a gym. You can turn on the music for 30 minutes and dance with your kid.”

    Ali and Sherri discussed some of the other celebrity diet advice out there. Ali brought up Gwyneth Paltrow, who says, “I like to do fasts and Read More »from Sherri Shepherd on losing weight, staying healthy…. and Gwyneth
  • Sandra Lee: Throwing The World’s Largest Bake Sale

    Food Network Star Sandra Lee stopped by Daily Shot to chat about her 25th cookbook, Every Dish Delivers, and her efforts to fight childhood hunger by throwing the world’s largest bake sale. It’s the second time she’s throwing the event, and 100% of the proceeds go to the No Kid Hungry campaign.

    While the massive event takes place this Wednesday in New York City, Sandra says it’s part of a year-long plan to throw bake sales all over the country to raise awareness of the more than 16 million children struggling with hunger nationwide.

    Sandra told Ali that her dedication to this particular cause stems from a childhood spent on welfare and food stamps. “I was one of those kids who was standing in line…like, ‘I’m nobody, I got food stamps,’ and I felt so awful and embarrassed.”

    Now, celebs such as Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Wendy Williams, and Ty Pennington are joining her in her annual fundraiser, which she hopes will inspire others to throw bake sales of their own.

    As for Sandra’s

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  • Don’t ‘catch up on sleep’ over the weekend

    Are you tired? Probably. Roughly one-third of working Americans are sleep deprived, according to a CDC report. But there are some important tweaks you should make in your sleep habits and coffee consumption that can help. Jihan Thompson, Health Editor at O, The Oprah Magazine stopped by Daily Shot to share a few of them.


    First, look at the big picture. Work drama, relationships, financial anxiety all cause stress, and stress disrupts sleep. “Being chronically stressed is eventually going to wear you out,” says Jihan. “Get out and do something you enjoy, and that’s going to bring your anxiety levels down, and that means when you get in bed, you’re going to be able to sleep far more soundly.”


    When people find themselves awake in the middle of the night, they tend to toss and turn and wait for sleep to come. Instead, “try a memory game, or a math equation, or counting back from 300 by threes,” Jihan suggests. When you’re doing basic math you cant think of anything

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  • Ali and Tim Gunn on Fashion's Worst Event

    On a recent visit, the wonderful Mr. Tim Gunn stopped by to talk with Ali about fashion mistakes. (It's a topic he RARELY addresses, choosing to focus on the positive as much as possible.)

    That said, talk turned to the White House Correspondents dinner, which Ali attends most every year. Tim called it, "The worst [dressed] big event I've ever been to in my life." In honor of this year's White House Correspondent's dinner, happening Saturday night, we give you this delicious conversational nugget which previously ended up on the cutting room floor. To hear what Ali and Tim have to say about "bad taffeta," and "antebellum gowns with hoop skirts," please check out the video!

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