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  • Anna Chlumsky on VEEP and Being Pregnant

    Anna Chlumsky stopped by to talk about playing Amy Brookheimer, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff on the HBO series VEEP.

    Anna says that she actually got a lot of pointers on the job from Barbara Boxer’s Chief of Staff. Ali, who grew up in DC, said Anna’s portrayal of the character is spot-on, “Constantly on the blackberry, a little frenetic, and your life is gone.”

    Ali also asked about Anna’s background as a child actor, and while you may think “My Girl” was her first role, she actually scored her first job—a modeling gig--at ten months old. In the years after her hit movie, she went to college and then tried some non-acting gigs. She worked in an entry-level job for Zagat guides, which, “was really a step above telemarketing,” and then worked as an editorial assistant in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy division of Harper Collins, where she says she developed her geeky side. “Reading about princesses and mages…the wizardly cover art, it’s pretty fun for a 9-5 job."

    Ali also asked six-month

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  • Stocks and Bods

    In a special edition of Daily Shot, we tackle personal finance. Did you know that, according to a recent study, only 66 percent of women, compared with 89 percent of men, said they have general investment knowledge regarding stocks, bonds, and mutual funds? So we decided to do our part to even out the knowledge gap. Basic investing is a hard thing to grasp if you, like us, find numbers boring. So we figured that the best way to illustrate the concept was to have three attractive, shirtless men help us explain it.

    We also asked Lauren Lyster, co-host of The Daily Ticker on Yahoo! Finance to help us bring you a segment called ‘Stocks & Bods.’

    First, a simple explanation of some of the basic components of investing: the aforementioned stocks, bonds, and mutual funds…represented in the video above by three attractive, shirtless bachelors.

    See fun behind-the-scenes pics of our Finance Bachelors here!


    Stocks have a long history of outperforming most other investments. But stocks

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  • Beth Stern on 'Spoiled Rotten Pets' and life with Howard

    If you think you spoil your pet just because you have matching sweaters… think again. Unless you take your pet pig to a 5-star spa or have a Bark Mitzvah for your dog…YOUR pet is NOT pampered.

    Beth Stern, host of the new Nat Geo Wild show “Spoiled Rotten Pets,” stopped by to show Ali what real pet pampering looks like.

    On her show, Beth visited a couple with two huge pigs named Wilma and Pebbles. Beth told Ali how ‘the girls’ sleep in bed with their owners, they are fed gourmet meals, and they use their snouts to hit a bell when they need to go outside. “I gotta say, their girls were their kids.”

    Beth and her husband, Howard Stern, feel the same way about their pets. “Women fall in love with their husbands when they see them as fathers,” she said. “When I see him with our pets, I fall in love with him even more.”

    Howard gives her plenty of opportunities to fall more in love ever since Walter, the Sterns' rescue cat, came into their lives. One revealing habit, Beth says, is that Read More »from Beth Stern on 'Spoiled Rotten Pets' and life with Howard
  • Everybody Loves Kandi

    You know Kandi Burruss from Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she handles the drama with such class and sass that Bravo gave her her very own show. Kandi stopped by Daily Shot to tell Ali about The Kandi Factory, which “is all about me taking people who have always wanted to sing or perform and helping them achieve their dream.”

    Kandi knows what she’s doing when it comes to music. She wrote the 1999 hit, "No Scrubs," by TLC, which won the 2000 Grammy Award for Best R&B Song. She also wrote "Bills, Bills, Bills" for Destiny's Child and "There You Go" for Pink.

    On her show, she takes two hopefuls each week, and does her very best to turn them into star material. “We change their image, we give them a full choreographed show, and at the end of five days, they have to perform in front of a live audience”

    So how well does it work?

    “It wouldn’t be a great show if you didn’t have a little hot mess on there,” Kandi says.

    In her spare time, Kandi also runs a highly successful

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  • Stop Telling Me To Have Kids!

    Jen Kirkman does not want kids. She's a stand-up comedian with a lot of good gigs on her plate—she appears on Chelsea Lately, makes the late night talk show rounds, and has released two successful comedy albums.

    She's a busy lady, ok? But so many people asked her, "How could you NOT want to have kids?" that she actually had to write an entire book explaining the reasons why not. The book is called, "I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life Without Kids."

    Ali asked Jen what the biggest misconception was about women without kids. “It’s that I have all this free time,” said Jen. “That we don’t have enough stuff to fill our time with or that we’re not busy.”

    Another annoying misconception? That people who don’t have kids are selfish. “To me, selfish just means you do what you want. So if you wanna have kids you do that, and if you don’t, you do that. So everyone’s selfish.”

    Jen says she learned the hard way that having kids DOESN’T guarantee you won’t

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  • Five Tips For A Successful First Date

    It's hard enough getting a first date, and if you want to make it to the second date, relationship expert Matthew Hussey from NBC’s ‘Ready for Love’ has five easy tips.

    First, he says don’t overprepare for a date because you’ll just be self-conscious and uncomfortable. “Sometimes going straight from work is good.”

    Once you get there, be tactile immediately. Reach out and touch their shoulder or say hello with a kiss on the cheek. That lets your date know that this is not just an awkward business meeting.

    And once you sit down, don’t do the obvious ‘sit across the table from one another’ thing. Sit side-by-side, because that creates a more intimate vibe.

    In conversation, don’t try to be everything all at once. Matthew says, “Don’t be like, ‘I’m indoorsy but also outdoorsy. I’m a guy’s girl and also a girls’ girl.’ It looks like you’re trying too hard to please.” Be honest about what you’re actually interested in.

    Who does Matthew say should pay on the first date?

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  • The Life of a Crazy Cat Man

    Everyone makes fun of crazy cat ladies, but did you know they come in MALE versions too? Comedian Michael Showalter is a crazy cat man, and he stopped by Daily Shot to tell Ali why we shouldn’t make fun of him and his kind.

    Michael emphasized that while he lives with four cats (Billy, Louise, Sally, and Tim) he likes all animals. But what specifically makes him a ‘cat person,’ is his devotion to the species. He doesn’t just care for his indoor cats, he looks after a parade of outdoor cats. “I built some boxes outside for them to live in that I also put heating pads in, and I feed them every day.”

    He also volunteers to help strays. After taking a course at the SPCA, he learned how to humanely trap feral cats so they can be neutered, as part of an effort to control New York City’s feral cat population.

    Ali asked Michael why cats get a bad rap, and he had no idea. In fact, he explained that a cat man makes a great boyfriend because, “he’s in touch with his sensitive side and

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  • Married Names vs Maiden Names

    There’s a new tabloid rumor every day about when Jennifer Aniston will marry her hot boyfriend Justin Theroux. And while no one can figure out when the wedding will actually take place, they’re all saying that the actress is planning to take her boyfriend’s last name. So Ali sat down with comedian Ophira Eisenberg to talk about the pros and cons of changing your name when you get married.

    A recent survey found that fewer than ten percent of American women plan to keep their names after getting married, down from 23 percent in the nineties.

    Both Ali and Ophira kept their last names when they got married. Ali says she kept hers because, "I can't spell my husband's name to save my life." (If you didn't already know, Ali's husband is George Stephanopoulos.) Ophira kept hers because, "it never occurred to me once to take my husband's name."

    Both women agreed that the case for taking a husband’s name, these days, often comes down to convenience. Ali always says, “Ali

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  • Stay-at-Home Mom Tweets Her Way to Hollywood

    If you use twitter, there's a good chance you're following today's guest. Kelly Oxford literally tweeted her way to success, 140 characters at a time. The Canadian blogger had been telling stories online for years—stories about her life as stay-at-home mom of three in Edmonton. But when she joined Twitter in 2009, her witty observations started attracting the attention of people in very high places. People like Jimmy Kimmel, Jessica Alba, and the late Roger Ebert started following her. Hollywood came calling, and she ended up selling two TV pilots to the networks, and, more recently, a movie script to Warner Brothers.

    These days, Kelly and her family live in LA, where they hang out with Kristen Bell and Mindy Kaling. She has over a half a million followers on Twitter, and this month, she added ‘bestselling author’ to her resume. Her new book of essays “Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar," is flying off the shelves.

    To see Kelly’s conversation with Ali about her new book,

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  • Laughing and Crying with Andrew Jenks

    At age 19, Andrew Jenks moved into an assisted living facility in Florida in order to capture "the meaning of life" from its elderly residents. What started as a simple, low-budget documentary turned into an international hit, Andrew Jenks, Room 335.

    Since then, he’s lived the life of a 96-year-old, an NFL Cheerleader, a rapper and a homeless person--among many others--on his MTV show World of Jenks. He brought Ali a copy of his new book, My Adventures As a Young Filmmaker, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at Jenks’ childhood, his early success, and his most meaningful projects.

    Ali asked him which of his many experiences affected him the most, emotionally. He told her about one night when he was filming in the nursing home, and the power went out. Many of the senior citizens were frightened and confused. “Some of them had dementia, they didn’t know where they were walking, they were peeing in their bed, they didn’t have proper oxygen,” Jenks remembered. “The next day, I

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