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  • K-Pop: More Than Just Gangnam Style

    Just when you thought it was safe to forget about that wacky horse dance everyone started doing this past July, South Korean YouTube sensation Psy is officially releasing a follow-up to his worldwide hit "Gangnam Style" today. (The song actually leaked online Thursday.) He’ll perform his new song, “Gentleman,” for the first time live in a YouTube broadcast airing early Saturday morning here in the states.

    Whether or not the latest track hits the same level of success as Gangnam style, the fact that Psy has signed with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, shows that there’s an appetite for Korean Pop music here in the states. Actress Anna Kendrick just did a Funny or Die sketch with the K-Pop group f(x).

    So Ali asked music journalist Sam Lansky, of to explain the phenomenon known as K-Pop.

    While Psy is the best known K-Pop singer, Sam explained that he’s more “the court jester” of the genre. “There’s K-Pop that’s more serious, there’s K-Pop ballads, it doesn’t

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  • Daphne Oz's healthy eating tips

    The Chew’s Daphne Oz stopped by Daily Shot to talk about her new book, Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun.

    Daphne has been passionate about food for as long as she can remember, and now her focus is on both quality and nutrition. “I grew up the only fat kid in a crazy health nut family,” said Daphne, whose father is Dr. Mehmet Oz. Her book shows a picture of her heaviest weight, which happened to coincide with her high school prom. She calls that ‘the wake-up call’ that changed her attitude about food.

    So she told Ali the five things she keeps in her kitchen that help her make food that’s both easy to prepare and nutritious. “The key is to set yourself up for success by having things in on hand that are going to do most of your work for you.”

    First, canned beans are an easy, healthy add to stews, tacos, and stir-fries.

    Next, canned jellies and sauces add a quick extra pop of flavor to any dish.

    Dried Grains such as quinoa and brown rice are

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  • Five Big Relationship Mistakes

    On today’s episode: Matthew Hussey, a relationship expert on the new NBC show ‘Ready for Love.’ He’s got a new book out called, “Get the Guy,” but he joined Ali to talk about the biggest mistakes people make after they’ve gotten the guy (or girl), and are trying to have an actual relationship.

    The first one, Matthew said--in his charming British accent--is competitiveness. “The key to any relationship is the extent to which you see each other as a team.” Couples who compete with each other won’t stay couples for long. Ali insisted that an exception should be made for tennis.

    Next on the list is laziness, when people get too comfortable and stop doing the things that attracted their partner in the first place.

    Another big relationship destroyer is overanalysis. “A guy will say something and a woman will go back to her friends and say, ‘what did he mean by that?’” Matthew says that men tend to be less detail oriented than women, and therefore women can drive themselves

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  • No More Picky Eating

    Does your child turn his nose up at vegetables? Does your daughter refuse to eat anything but spaghetti? Chef Curtis Stone is the author of a new book called, “What’s For Dinner: Delicious Recipes for Busy Life,” and as the father of 17-month-old Hudson, he has some ideas on how to get your kids to try new things and avoid common mealtime mistakes.

    Now, Curtis once got Hudson to try a mild curry, but you don’t have to be the host of Top Chef masters to diversify your child’s palate. Curtis told Ali that one of the top mistakes parents make when feeding kids is that they run out of patience. If Hudson is spitting food back out at him, “I’ll give him a break for ten minutes, and then try again, and then he’s good as gold.”

    Another mistake? Introducing processed fun foods like PB& J too early. “What happens is, they want that, and they start thinking, well, I don’t like this carrot as much as that other thing you gave me.”

    For Curtis’s hints on how to put a positive spin

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  • What’s Your Number?

    What’s your number? Yes that number, you know the one. The most recent stats from the CDC say that the average woman has about four different sex partners in her lifetime. Which means a lot of women lied when they were talking to the CDC.

    Ophira Eisenberg is the author of the new book, “Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way To Monogamy.” She joined Ali to talk about why more is better.

    Ophira estimates she slept with around 40 different guys before she met her husband, and it’s not something she’s ashamed of at all. “The average of four is ridiculous,” she says. “That’s a lie. Or I feel bad for you.”

    As a young person, Ophira says, “I didn’t know who I was….I think of it like a scientist. You need a large sample size so you can figure out what are the controls, what are the things that didn’t work out, and then you end up with your one specimen.”

    Ali asked Ophira about the notion that women should wait a certain amount of time before sleeping with a guy. “I feel like

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  • I Don’t Get It: Grindr Edition

    If you are a gay man, or just a person who loves them, you’ve heard of Grindr, the most popular dating app out there. Some people might argue about the use of the word ‘dating,’ but no one can argue its success. In the four years it’s been around, it’s garnered more than six million users, 2.5 million of them in the last twelve months alone.

    Now, Ali may be a married straight woman, but she was dying to have a frank conversation about Grindr with someone who had used it. Like a lot of straight people out there, she was curious about the casual nature of a Grindr hookup, where guys basically choose a potential hookup from a list of nearby users on their phone.

    Sex educator Lucas Brooks offered to come in and break it down for her: how the app works, how the hookups are negotiated, and what happens when you meet up with a guy and he’s, like, fugz.

    For another example of Ali’s willingness to ask the questions everyone else is too shy to ask…check out the video. To see more

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  • Work Wife vs Real Wife

    Sure, Ali may cook her husband's dinner, remind him to pick up the kids, and wake up with him at 2am when he gets up for work. But once George Stephanopoulos is at the Good Morning America studio, he's got another lady all up in his business: Lara Spencer.

    Lara's been George's GMA co-anchor since 2011, and sits to his left at the anchor desk every morning. She gets a rare glimpse of what he does behind the scenes, during commercial breaks, and once the show is over. She's his work wife.

    So when Lara came all the way across Times Square to talk about her HGTV show, Flea Market Flip, Ali decided to challenge her to a round of Work Wife vs Real Wife. Lara asks Ali five questions about George to test her Stephanopoulos Trivia, and vice versa.

    Among the amazing revelations: the first thing George does when GMA is over, his guilty office pleasure, the one food he absolutely detests…and the Broadway musical that made him cry. Also: what you can expect on this season of Flea

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  • Ali Learns to Beatbox

    In today’s episode, Ali continues her efforts to be the coolest mom in the world by learning to beatbox. Her instructor in this endeavor is Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan, comic, musician, and professional beatboxer from The Electric Company and the hip hop comedy group Freestyle Love Supreme.

    Chris started out by teaching a few basic noises from a beatboxer’s repertoire, including the Electric Shock, the Bird, and the Spaceship. Ali also requested some pointers on making the best possible fart noise. (It’s an important life skill, people.)

    Raspberries out of the way, the lesson began in earnest. Apparently beatboxing comes down to using two words: ‘boots’ and ‘cuts.’ If you say them over and over, eliminating the consonants, you’ve got the basics. Add in a few of the basic noises listed above, and you’re on your way to being a hip hop star.

    To hear Ali and Chris’ full jam session (and maybe learn a few tricks, yourself) check out the video. Also, you can see more of Chris’s

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  • Ali Interviews a Hot Guy: Andre Holland

    Andre Holland of NBC’s 1600 Penn, and the new movie ’42,’ is a hot guy. He says he’s never considered himself to be particularly hot, but the following information proves that he is:

    1. He is attractive.

    2. He speaks a little French.

    3. He was born on December 28, and shares a birthday with Denzel Washington. (another hot guy)

    4. He was shy as a kid, and looks ever so adorable when he discloses that information.

    5. Just listen to the man’s voice.

    But Andre didn’t just stop by Daily Shot to talk about being hot. He just wrapped the first season of 1600 Penn, in which he played White House Press Secretary Marshall Malloy. He’s also promoting the Jackie Robinson biopic “42,’ which comes out on April 12. He plays Wendell Smith, a sportswriter who influenced the decision to bring Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers as the first African American player in Major League Baseball. “It’s the best role I’ve done to date, “ he said, “the most special thing I’ve done.”

    To hear

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  • Four Looks That Add 5lbs.

    It’s very possible that one of your favorite outfits isn’t doing you any favors. Tim Gunn tells Ali that there are a handful of popular clothing items that can make you look five pounds heavier than you actually are.

    Tim’s number one crime against fashion is the Capri Pant. “It’s the pant that cuts you off right at the widest part of your calf!” he says. “It makes you look visually shorter, unless you’re long and lean and have a great figure.”

    And don’t get him started on the Capri Pant’s cousin, the Cargo Capri. Because when you add pockets to capris, “you’re not only shorter, you’re wider!”

    Next on Tim’s no-no list: Floral prints. While they are very on-trend this season, Tim warns that you should weigh your options carefully. If you’re a petite size, or on the other hand, if you’re larger than a size 12, “it’s very dicey, because they’ll overwhelm you.”

    Another problem look? Skirts with hems that fall between the knee and the ankle. “It’s not only an instant route to

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