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  • Danny Pino: How 'SVU' Changed Me as a Parent

    As Detective Nick Amaro on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Danny Pino faces nightmarish storylines about terrible crimes every day. But even though the show is fiction, the actor still feels the weight of his work at home.

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    "Every now and then I'll have nightmares about it," he says. "We all do a really good job of separating ourselves from the case, but at night when you're sleeping, your brain is still kind of digesting it."

    Luckily, Danny's family life helps to keep things in perspective. He spends as much time as possible with his wife and two boys. So has his experience as a TV detective made him a more protective parent? "Absolutely," he says.

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    The actor says that whenever he takes his kids to the park, he plays a matching game in his head to make sure that everyone's looked after. He checks out the surroundings and thinks in his head, "OK, so that father's with that little girl, and that little

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  • Michael Urie on Working in Barbra Streisand's Basement Mall

    Michael Urie made a name for himself as Marc St. James on "Ugly Betty," and now he's starring in "Buyer & Cellar," a one-man show about a struggling actor who works in Barbra Streisand's basement mall.

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    So how did Urie end up in a role featuring the diva's bizarre home shopping center? "It all started from a joke," he says. Writer Jonathan Tolins was with friends watching a segment on Babs' mall and thought, "How would you like to be the guy who works down there?"

    In addition to playing her employee during the show, Urie tackles several different personas, including that of the superstar herself. "I become her, and I become the person who runs her house, I become the guy who works for her boyfriend," he explains. "I play several different people in conversation with each other as I tell the story."

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    The actor also spoke about casting trends over the course of his career. While

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  • How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

    Fall is just around the corner, but the cooler weather doesn’t mean that you have to ditch your favorite summer styles. Michelle Madhok, author of “Wear This Now” and founder of, offered up some advice to help you bring autumn to your wardrobe…gradually.

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    If you’re sad to put away your white clothing as Labor Day approaches, Michelle has some good news. “That’s actually not true anymore,” she says about the old fashioned no-white rule. “The whole key is to tone it down. As long as you add in some dark colors, you can still wear them.”

    In fact, Michele says many summer styles are still okay if you add in seasonally-appropriate elements. “If you have a maxi dress, edge it up a little with some leather,” she says. “Leather is a big thing for fall, so pair it with some of your summery skirts and it will look great.”

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    Michelle also says there’s one thing she’ll never leave the house without when

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  • Stephanie March’s Law & Order Quiz

    You know Stephanie March from her role as A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot on "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," a role she held since 2000. “When I started the show, I was not old enough to have graduated from Law School,” the actress says. Now, Stephanie knows a little bit more about the system. “People ask me all the time for legal advice!”

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    Offscreen, she's a committed advocate of women rights, and is extremely active in children's charities. Stephanie last appeared as a recurring character in season 13 of the hit NBC show, but still remains friends with many of her "SVU" colleagues. She's currently working on launching a cool new business this fall with one of the show's former makeup artists. “It’s called Rouge” she says of the NYC salon where women can have makeup done by industry professionals for affordable prices. “I’m really excited.”

    Ali also quizzed the actress about the many guest stars who have made appearances on "SVU" to test her

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  • Matt McGorry: From Nerd to Heartthrob

    Matt McGorry plays the adorable Officer John Bennett on "Orange Is the New Black," but the handsome actor and former bodybuilder started out as a somewhat nerdy kid.

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    McGorry won his school's eighth-grade science fair for a project on "surface tension," and as a gift for his good work, his parents arranged a unique present: a personal trainer.

    "At the time, I was probably a little self-conscious about my body," McGorry says about his awkward years. "I kinda hated it in the beginning, but I kept with it." The teenager soon realized the workouts were transforming both his body and his confidence. "The more work you put in, the more you get out," McGorry says. "I could see the progress."

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    The results eventually led him to bodybuilding competitions, and he became a personal trainer before he made it big onscreen. But despite his growing "Orange Is the New Black" fame, McGorry does his best to stay

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  • Why You Should Date More Than One Man at Once

    We've all heard the term "lovesick," but what about "lovestupid"? Author and relationship coach Tionna Smalls says that the biggest mistake women make when they start dating a guy is "not having a life. As soon as they get a man, they get stupid. They don't want to go to go to the gym anymore, they don't want to go get their hair done anymore, all they want to do is just do their man."

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    Tionna says women also fall into the "Prince Charming" trap and assume they're "just going to live happily ever after" whenever the right one happens to come along. The love coach has a very different view: She advises women to date more than one guy at a time until the right one works out. "I look at dating as a race," she says. "Whoever's going to make it at the end of the line will be my man!"

    She offered up some helpful categories as examples of dating different types of men. "You've got the money man, the funny man, the dude you can go to

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  • Kathy Hilton: The Best Parenting Advice Came From Paris’s Sister

    Kathy Hilton is an actress and fashion designer, but her most famous role may be that of a mom. While she has four kids, Kathy says her two daughters--socialite Paris Hilton and fashion designer Nicky Hilton--had the biggest impact on her parenting style.

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    Kathy says she was brought up in a very strict household, and when she became a mom at 19, she stuck with what was familiar. “We were raised very strict, and I was that way because that was all I knew,” she says.

    She applied the same philosophy with her older daughter Paris, who went on to make headlines for her hard-partying ways, even ending up in jail on a few occasions. Kathy says Paris gave her a run for her money "for a good 2 or 3 years."

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    During that period, Kathy’s younger daughter, Nicky, gave her an important piece of advice. “She said ‘Mom, do yourself one favor. Do not box me in like that.’” Kathy loosened the reins and saw how it affected

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  • What You Should Never Say to Twins

    Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have been competing their entire lives, and at age 35, they’re still going at it on HGTV’s Brother vs. Brother. Despite the deep-seated sibling rivalry, they agree on one point – there are some things you just shouldn’t say to twins.

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    “Didn’t you just walk by?” or “Am I seeing double?” tend to be the most cliché and annoying, but the duo has also fielded some unique questions from fans, including marriage proposals on Twitter. But don’t dare look at them as the same person. “Nothing cheapens it like ‘Oh will you marry me, Jonathan? Or Drew, I’ll take either!’” Drew says.

    Another question the brothers receive is “when one twin gets hurt, does the other one feel it?” Not normally, Drew says, “but when we were younger, we actually did have a scenario like that.” Drew injured his knee playing college basketball and had to go for surgery, while Jonathan, who was living in another city, took off from work

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  • The Haircut that Flatters Every Woman

    As a celebrity hairstylist, Kim Kimble has trimmed the tresses of everyone from Beyoncé to Whitney Houston to Lady Gaga. The style guru and star of L.A. Hair stopped by Daily Shot to reveal the one cut she believes any woman can pull off.

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    Actress Keira Knightley sports a chic bob at a cocktail party. “The bob,” she says, referring to the retro short cut. “I’ve never seen a person wear a bad bob.” If Hollywood is any indication, she may be right. Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and Keira Knightley are just some of the women who have recently been rocking the cropped look. “You can do it full, you can wear it flat,” Kim says. “It’s one of those universal cuts.”

    Kim also says there is one mistake women tend to make when deciding on a new look: a snap decision about how much to take off. “They should never make a decision irrationally,” she warns. “Plan for a hair cut…try on a wig and see what that looks like first. It’s a commitment!”

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    To find out what

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  • Why Chinese Teens Love This Woman

    If you’re an American, you may not have heard of Jessica Beinecke, but if you’re a Chinese teen, she’s pretty much a household name. Jessica is the host and brain behind OMG! Meiyu, a wildly popular video series that teaches Chinese students the most important words in American English—the slang.

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    The 26-year-old started studying Mandarin when she was 19 years old, after hearing so many people say, "Learn Chinese, you'll get a job."

    "But you actually need to speak Chinese AND have some other skill," she eventually found out.

    After graduating from college, she got a job as a translator with Voice of America, and was quickly asked if she wanted to try television. Eager to do something that could connect with Chinese youth, she developed OMG! Meiyu, which focuses on Western nuances and topics that might not be taught in the classroom – everything from idioms like “sick as a dog” to popular acronyms like “BFF.”

    “That’s not in textbooks,” Jessica

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