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  • John Gallagher Jr: Beyond the Newsroom

    John Gallagher Jr. recently wrapped season 2 of The Newsroom, but he’s keeping tight-lipped about what’s going to happen between Jim and Maggie. “This season, there’s a lot of push and pull,” he says.

    The actor did confess that he frequently tries to get Jeff Daniels to do Dumb and Dumber impressions on set. “He’s not having it,” John says. “But he is really excited about the sequel. He talks about it regularly.”

    WATCH: Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley Talk On-Screen Chemistry

    Ali reflected on her own acting experience with Jeff Daniels, otherwise known as her imaginary husband, in the comedy Trial and Error. “We had to make out, and the next day I had lunch with him and I thought, ‘Well, now we’re in a relationship,’” she says. “And he had to explain to me that when the director says cut, it’s all make believe. It was really a harsh lesson for me.”

    Aside from The Newsroom, John is passionate about this latest project, the movie Short Term 12, where he plays an employee at a group

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  • The Least Eco-Friendly Thing in Your House?

    You knew Sara Gilbert as Darlene Connor, the sarcastic middle child on the long-running sitcom Roseanne, and you know her now as the co-host of the daytime show The Talk. But the actress has another major passion outside of the ‘biz: the environment. She stopped by Daily Shot to discuss some surprising things she learned while writing her new book, The Imperfect Environmentalist.

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    Sara was motivated to get green when she started learning about the surprising effects of chemicals. “Kids are going through puberty five years earlier than they were 100 years ago,” she says. “That’s from endocrine disrupters in our environment, probably from pesticides.” The discovery led her to create a go-to guide filled with easy tips to green your life.

    So what’s one of the least eco-friendly things in your home? It’s in your living room. “Watch out for couches,” Sara says. “People put flame-retardants on couches. That stuff can lead to lower IQ, infertility…” What

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  • How to Score a Hotel Upgrade and Other Industry Secrets

    As the host of Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible, Anthony Melchiorri has seen just about every hotel horror. The hotel-fixer stopped by Daily Shot to share his wisdom about how to have the most pleasant – and most sanitary – hotel stay.

    WATCH: How You're Hurting Your Home Value

    Everyone wants an upgrade, but not everyone goes about it in the best way. Anthony’s top tip is to use social media and post on a hotel’s Facebook wall about why you’re coming and why you’re excited. “They will see that and they will typically automatically upgrade you,” he says. “Or call the front desk, let them know before you get there that it’s your birthday or anniversary.”

    When you get in your room, Anthony says it’s important to make sure everything’s up to par. There are certain things he will always clean himself. While it's common knowledge that a TV remote rarely gets cleaned, he says an even germier item is the handle of the toilet. “People wash their hands AFTER they use the toilet, so that to me is

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  • Comedian Tom Green on Reality TV

    You could say Tom Green was the pioneer of reality TV. In the 90’s, “The Tom Green Show” became notorious for Tom's shocking behavior.

    If you're not familiar, he's known for humping a dead moose on the side of the road and releasing a single called “Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song).” That’s right, the ridiculous song with the addicting lyrics like, “my bum is on the cheese.”

    WATCH: Gilbert Gottfried Takes on the Latest Internet Trend

    So, why does Tom think reality TV is worse now than it ever was? “When I was doing my show, we’d be fighting to do outrageous stuff on air and meeting a lot of resistance," he says. "Now you see how the networks embrace and really reward bad behavior, and that wasn’t really what my show was. We weren’t a reality show – we were doing all that stuff on purpose."

    Tom was briefly married to actress Drew Barrymore in 2001, and Ali asked if they were still in touch. “No hard feelings there," he says "I’m happy for her, she’s obviously married again and doing

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  • Bridal Gowns: What's the Most Forgiving Shape?

    Randy Fenoli has helped hundreds of thousands of brides find their perfect dresses, and he stopped by Daily Shot to talk to Ali about the secrets to looking good on that special day.

    WATCH: Married Names vs. Maiden Names

    There's one shape that Randy says is the most forgiving for every woman, "Of course an A-Line is going to cover anything." But rather than just covering flaws, he thinks women should emphasize assets with an hourglass shape. "It's about silhouette and proportion…. If you're fuller on top, get a dress that's a little bit fuller on the bottom. If you're smaller on the top, get something that has a little embellishment up here."

    The top thing a bride should keep in mind when picking a dress, Randy says, is, “which dress makes you feel the most beautiful. Because when you feel beautiful, that’s what makes a beautiful bride. It’s about that confidence.”

    But would Randy ever lie to a woman if she were wearing the wrong dress? “Yes I would,” he says. “If you’re standing in front

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  • Real Body Style: Thrift Shopping 101

    August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day, and if anyone can tell us how to handle racks and racks of secondhand styles, it’s Sandee Joseph. The fashion blogger showed off her chic thrifted outfit and gave some of her best shopping advice for real body women.

    WATCH: Plus Size Fashion Tips

    First off, don't be intimidated if you're not a size 2. Thrift shops are swimming with three things you should always aim for: blazers, skirts, and blouses. "They're the easiest pieces to add to your wardrobe," she says.

    Second, don’t be afraid of hitting up the men’s section for a great button-down, especially if you’re busty. “I have the issue of button down shirts that gap in the middle, so I’ll go to the men’s department and get myself a white blouse,” she says. “Roll it at the sleeves, belt it, pop up the collar, make it cool. Add some chains to it to make it more feminine.”

    WATCH: "House of Curves" Star on Real Body Style

    Another tip? Befriend the salespeople. Sandee says she’s gotten close with

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  • Michael Symon: The Best Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

    As an Iron Chef and Co-Host of The Chew, Michael Symon can cook with pretty much anything. But there’s one ingredient that really takes him back to his roots.

    “My yaya made her own Greek yogurt,” Michael says, “Those are the best foods… the foods that bring you back to childhood.”

    WATCH: The Chew's Daphne Oz on Tips for Healthy Eating

    Michael says his favorite thing to cook using Greek yogurt is a flavorful roast chicken. “I whisk together some yogurt, honey, garlic, and fresh herbs, and I marinate the whole chicken in it,” he says. “It makes it more tender and it makes it more juicy.” You can find the recipe for Michael’s dish below.

    And what about Ali? Being married to a Greek, she cooks with the stuff too. “The greatest salad dressing I make… white balsamic, mustard, olive oil, and a tablespoon of plain yogurt,” she says.

    WATCH: Nadia G's Recipe for a Romantic Dinner

    So do people care more about food now more than ever? The chef thinks that the success of The Chew shows how much

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  • Gilbert Gottfried: The Joke that Offended HIM

    Stand-up comedian Gilbert Gottfried got famous as a cast member of Saturday Night Live in the eighties, and since then, he's been everywhere: late-night shows, TV, movies, commercials. You know, he's the one with a voice like a bicycle horn who talks with his eyes closed.

    In fact, after his turn as the voice of Iago the parrot in Disney's Aladdin, he became a ubiquitous voiceover talent. But for the most part, Gilbert's humor can't be considered anything close to PG. His humor is proudly raunchy and often controversial. In fact, he's gotten into trouble over comments he made about 9/11 and was fired as the voice of the Aflac duck for tweets about the Japanese Tsunami.

    WATCH: Comedian Sandra Bernhard on Censored Scenes

    He stopped by Daily Shot to talk to Ali about his stand-up show at NYC comedy club Carolines, and they discussed the line comedians walk with their audiences.

    “People pick and choose what to be offended by,” Gilbert says, citing Mel Gibson’s racist, sexist, violent and

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  • Do You Have To Dump Friends To Be Successful?

    Miki Agrawal, author of Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, Live Happily Ever After has done everything from investment banking to playing professional soccer, to starting a sustainable underwear company.

    WATCH: Tabitha Coffey: The Business that Taught Her Everything She Knows

    Succeeding in business is all about who you know, and Miki says you’ve got to get your friends involved on the ground floor. Once she has an idea for a business, she puts together a “meeting of the minds,” where she invites all of her “smartest friends from different industries” together for a brainstorming session.

    But to have a good group of friends you can count on, “Step 1, overall, is to eliminate negative relationships in your life.” So how do you get rid of those people? Miki put together a list of “inspiring friends and depleting friends.”

    WATCH: How to Break up with Your Friends

    She explains what she means by ‘depleting friends’: “Do they wanna just get drunk on weekends? Do they

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  • Cronut Chef Gets in Line

    At New York City’s Dominique Ansel Bakery, hundreds of people line up in the wee hours of the morning to try to get their hands on a Cronut. At the Daily Shot studios, we welcomed the chef by making him wait in an absurdly long reception line, and our hidden cameras caught it all.

    The charming Frenchman took it quite well when Ali revealed the prank. “It’s okay, I was excited to see you.” Cue Ali’s swoon.

    WATCH: Sandra Lee and the World's Biggest Bake Sale

    So how does the acclaimed pastry chef feel about being known as the Cronut guy? “We’re so much more than a Cronut,” he says. “I do new things all the time.”

    One of those new things is the bakery’s frozen s’more, a homemade marshmallow, wrapped around vanilla custard and chocolate wafers, placed on a smoked branch and torched to order. “The fun part is that the outside is going to be slightly warm, and the inside going to be frozen, so it plays with the texture and the temperature as well,” the chef says about his latest innovative

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