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  • Andrew Jenks: Single and Looking

    Andrew Jenks may be a smart and successful young filmmaker, but he still has trouble dating in New York City as a twenty-something. “How do you meet someone in NYC in some sort of normal environment outside of some random bar?” He asks. “It’s just surprising how hard it is in the city because there’s what – 7 million people or something? I don’t even know the people who live on my floor in my building.”

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    His dating woes inspired his new project “It’s About A Girl,” a web series that follows the experience of looking for love in your twenties. “This is a passion project of mine,” he says. “The series follow the same guy going down two different paths.” One path being a confident guy who’s able to approach a woman, go on a great date, and build a relationship, and the other being the reality – “his struggles with a variety of women who he just can’t connect with.”

    The documentarian is also involved with another passion: inspiring young filmmakers.

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  • True Blood: Gross Behind-the-Scenes Ritual

    It's hard enough being an actor on True Blood. Sometimes you have to wear fangs, sometimes you have to walk around naked, and most times, you're covered in fake blood. But if you mess up your lines or hold up production in some way: prepare to be punished.

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    Carrie Preston, who plays the saucy redheaded waitress Arlene on the hit HBO show, revealed the cast's bizarre behind-the-scenes ritual: the Toad of Shame.

    At work one day, someone found a dead toad on the set. “It was flattened,” she says. “They had it laminated, and now whenever someone does something where they screw up or hold up the set or do something they have to wear it around their neck all day long.”

    Carrie also shared a behind-the-scenes secret from True Blood, explaining something called “sock fittings.” But think again if you’re assuming it’s meant to keep actors’ feet warm. “There are lots of naked boys on True Blood,” she says. “They can’t do the full monty.

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  • X-Factor’s Sweetheart, Carly Rose Sonenclar 1 Year Later

    Carly Rose Sonenclar won the hearts of viewers last season as the little girl with the big voice on X-Factor. One year later, she’s still making waves as a teen singing sensation.

    “It’s hard to tell when you’re in that bubble what’s actually going on outside,” she says of her time on X-Factor. Now that she’s not competing, she’s focusing her efforts on a debut album and her first-ever set of concerts.

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    Carly Rose is looking forward to her upcoming NYC concert August 10th at the Best Buy Theater, and this particular show is close to her heart. It benefits the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a organization that aims to improve the lives of sick children around the world. A limited amount of tickets are still available.

    She’s also in the studio working on her debut album, but think again if you’re expecting manufactured pop songs written by other people. Carly Rose is writing a bulk of the songs herself, and plans on staying true to

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  • Interview Gone Wrong? Ali’s Awkward Chat with the Impractical Jokers

    Sal Vulcano and Brian “Q” Quinn are two of the four guys who get paid to prank people for a living as part of the cast of Tru TV’s Impractical Jokers.

    WATCH: "Why Do Men...?" Your Questions, Answered

    The real-life best friends met during their freshman year of high school, when they would make each other laugh by playing “nose people,” a game where one of them put his nose on the teacher’s behind as she walked by. “The goal is to put your nose on someone for as long as you can without them noticing,” Sal explains. “That got us all a-laughin’,” Q added.

    But, as you'll see in the clip, the buddies don't agree on everything, and aren't shy about confronting one another—a brief , hot-headed disagreement nearly derailed the entire interview. (To see how Ali got things back on track, watch today's episode.)

    WATCH: Man Talk Decoded

    Despite making people feel uncomfortable as a profession, the jokers do have one stunt they regretted. They tried to baby talk to adults, and they practiced by

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  • Ali Interviews a Hot Guy: Nolan Gerard Funk

    Nolan Gerard Funk is fluent in French and German, used to be a gymnast, and was listed as one of the “35 most Boneable Guys” online. But not only is he smart and flexible, he’s also a talented actor.

    WATCH: Ali Interviews Another Hot Guy: Andre Holland

    In addition to singing his heart out on Glee and joining the cast of MTV’s 3rd season of Awkward, Nolan stars opposite Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons, as Ryan, a struggling actor who complicates Lohan’s life. “My character’s having an affair with Lindsay, and it’s sort of this morbid Romeo and Juliet storyline,” he says.

    His growing celebrity status has warranted some peculiar fan mail. “There’s one where they turn my face into a cat, and there’s one Photoshop my head on the body of a dinosaur,” he says. Luckily, he brought along the strangely hilarious pics.

    WATCH: Celebrity Man Crushes

    To find out Nolan whisper sweet French nothings to Ali and find out if his favorite on-screen romance was Jennifer Lawrence or Lindsay Lohan, check out

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  • Never Scraped Your Tongue? Here's Why You Should.

    August 6th is National Fresh Breath Day, and cosmetic dentist Tom Connelly, DDS, stopped by the Daily Shot studios to clear up some bad breath rumors and give his best tips for staying fresh.

    While people are quick to blame certain foods for bad breath, Dr. Tom says it may have more to do with stress and anxiety. “Those stress hormones are increased, your salivary production is decreased and bacteria thrive,” he says. “Those bacteria produce those smelly gases and sulfur compounds. That’s bad breath.”

    WATCH: Health Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

    But if you’ve ever tried to check your breath by cupping a hand over your mouth, forget it. You can’t smell your own breath. “Your brain filters it out,” Dr. Tom says. “It’s not information you need to know.”

    So what’s the one thing people can do to improve their breath? Tongue scraping. “I can’t tell you how many of my patients have never cleaned their tongue” likening the lack of cleaning to someone who doesn’t clean a shag rug. Taste buds

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  • Ira Glass: The Story He Couldn’t Tell

    Ira Glass just celebrated the 500th episode of the award-winning public radio show This American Life. Over the course of its 18 years in production, the program has proven to be a true labor of love. “It take 3 or 4 months to do one episode,” he says. “Each one’s like an independent movie but without the pictures.”

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    Ira says the time-tested elements of solid storytelling are the keys to the program’s success. “We’re doing a very old-fashioned thing,” he explains. “We’re doing very old-fashioned stories where there are characters you relate to.”

    Relatability is essential, and that’s why he won’t produce one particular story he’s been pitched. “Twice we’ve been pitched the idea of a story of pedophilia from the pedophile’s point of view,” he says. “When you’re doing stories like we do, you want them to have emotion. So it’s a story problem of ‘who do I relate to in this story?’ It gave us such creeps that none of us has ever

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  • Shailene Woodley: "Don't Photoshop Me"

    Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley are already getting rave reviews for their starring roles in The Spectacular Now, a film about two complex high school seniors who are drawn to each other despite running in different circles. But while prepping for the roles, the two had to think hard about how they wanted to come across.

    “I wanted to work out because it was going to be my first sex scene,” Miles says. “I wanted to get some abs, abs are really cool.” But Shailene, who doesn’t wear any makeup in the film, thought it wouldn’t be right for his character.

    WATCH: Woman who Avoided Mirrors for a Year

    “It was both of our first on-screen love-making experiences,” Shailene says of the young actors’ intimate scene. “It was a very safe environment.”

    “Pineapple was the safe word,” Miles joked.

    Kidding aside, both young stars are mindful of the way they’re portrayed on and off screen. “I hate when I see young adult movies when people look like fake little plastic Barbie dolls.” Shailene says.

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  • Celebrity Man Crushes

    Roger Hailes thinks all straight guys get man crushes, whether or not they want to admit it. Luckily, he was comfortable enough with his masculinity to reveal the many men of Hollywood who infatuate him.

    “My first man crush had to be Burt Reynolds in Cannonball Run,” Roger says about the mustachioed actor. “He just embodies masculinity. You look at him on TV and you can almost smell him.”

    WATCH: Men: It's Ok to Cry at These Movies

    So what constitutes a man crush? Roger explains that it’s a kind of non-romantic idolization. “It’s usually achievement-based crushes,” he says. “You like their life so much.”

    Another one of Roger’s crushes is Channing Tatum. “I think he’s hot, he says. “And if you’re a straight dude and you can’t admit that Channing Tatum’s hot, you’re so worried about being gay that you ARE gay.”

    WATCH: The "Hot" Women Guys Don't Find Attractive

    There’s always something about a bad boy, and it’s the same with man crushes. Roger says his bad boy crush is Kevin Federline, much

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  • Best Recipe for a Romantic Dinner

    Nadia G isn’t a “vanilla” sort of cooking host. As the star of Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen, she rocks animal print, stilettos and some serious tattoos while cooking up a storm. Today, she’s sharing some of her best dishes with Ali.

    Drink too much last night? If you’re hung-over, “you probably want to eat something nice and greasy.” She says. Nadia recommends chicken friend steak or poutine, but takes it to the next level if you’re really hurting. “I like to do a celery pineapple smoothie, ‘cause the key there is that it’s gotta taste as good going down as it does coming up.”

    WATCH: Juice Cleanse - What's the Point?

    On a diet? For a ‘bitchin bikini body, Nadia would make a caramelized onion and fig egg-white sandwich. “The key with low fat eating is you have to make something really flavorful that makes up for the lack of fat,” she says. “Caramelized onions are perfect.”

    If Ali wants to seduce George [Clooney], Nadia suggests cooking up a cozy and comforting sirloin shepherd’s pie to win

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