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  • Beatles Secrets Revealed

    How do you score an interview with Paul McCartney? Emmy and Peabody Award-winning comedian Paul Mercurio says you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Mercurio, who works on both The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, was backstage when he saw the rock legend just hanging out, unattended.

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    Figuring he’d never have the chance again, Mercurio approached McCartney, chatted with him for about ten minutes, then asked to interview him for his podcast, The Paul Mercurio Show. Sir Paul agreed instantly, and later that day they were chatting on the phone like old friends.

    “He talked about the early days, they had no money, they were in a van. Somebody broke the window in the van,” Mercurio says. “It was very cold out and they would sleep in the van, so they slept on top of each other to stay warm. So they called it a Beatles Sandwich.”

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    Mercurio also tells Ali about

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  • One Thing That Makes ‘The Talk’ With Kids Easier

    Talking to kids about sex is not something parents look forward to. The way your parents talked to you may not work these days. Ali’s daughters are 10 and 8, and she says they are starting to ask questions she isn’t always sure how to answer. So she asked Bruce Feiler, bestselling author of ‘The Secrets of Happy Families” and 12 other books, for some helpful hints.

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    “It’s not ‘a talk,’ it’s a series of talks,” he says. “There’s one when they’re 18 months, there’s one when they’re four, there’s one when they’re six, and there’s ten. And you wanna have it before they’re 11, 12, 13, 14, because by then, they’re tuning you out.”

    “It’s easier to have these conversations if you’re not looking them directly in the eye.” Why? Kids are looking at devices so much these days that “eye-to-eye contact can be overwhelming.”

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    The best place to talk about these topics, Bruce says, is in the car where you’re not looking

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  • Hollywood Parents Who Got It Right

    You know her as Ellie on Cougar Town, but aside from being a star actress, Christa Miller is a devoted mom to three children. While her Hollywood status has allowed her insight into many celebrity family dynamics, it’s also exposed her to some of the more bizarre trends out there.

    What’s one thing famous parents do wrong when raising their kids? “Giving kids stupid names,” Christa says. “You’re starting already. Just give a regular name!”

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    Among the celebrity moms who are getting it right, she says, “I know some good Hollywood parents that are very strict and 'on it'… Jen Garner and Reese Witherspoon.”

    Christa mentioned Reese’s rules on social media, and another celebrity friend who requires her kids to sign responsibility contracts when getting their first phone.

    Ali confessed that she’s often “shocked at the sense of entitlement” among kids with famous parents, sharing the story of “a pre-kindergarten girl just walking out of school because

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  • Shapewear Dangers

    As a gastroenterologist, Dr. Roshini Raj gets all sorts of crazy medical questions. She turned them into a book called “What the Yuck? The Freaky and Fabulous Truth About Your Body.”

    Dr. Raj joined Ali to talk about some some common medical misconceptions, and the ladies got on the topic of shapewear. “I’m a mom of two,” the doctor said, “Shapewear is my best friend—at times, in limited doses.”

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    But, she said, shapewear can betray you if you wear it for extended periods.

    “The truth is when you’re constricting everything in the abdominal area for too long, you can cause some problems.”

    Among them? “Pain and discomfort, particularly for people with Irritable Bowel [Syndrome] who are prone to getting kinda gassy and bloated anyway.”

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    Another group that should exercise caution: people with acid reflux. “We always recommend that people wear looser clothing because if it’s too tight in the midline area, it

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  • Stacy Keibler's Spicy Moment with Ali

    Stacy Keibler has the entertainment world all aflutter after her high-profile split from George Clooney. Thankfully, Ali was quick to let the actress know that she’s better off without him.

    Ali told the story about a Clooney sighting she had while having dinner with friends in Washington, D.C. They spotted each other, and George walked over to the table and kissed her. “He kissed me and I went ‘hmmm… not so great,” Ali confessed. “I don’t get hype.”

    Ali wanted to make sure Stacy knew what a real connection felt like, so she grabbed her face and planted one on her. “That… that you stick with for life!” Ali proclaimed.

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    Stacy is already focusing on what’s ahead, namely her new Lifetime show Supermarket Superstar, which highlights aspiring food industry entrepreneurs pitching their recipe ideas to a panel of mentors. “They get the fast track to get all the tools they need to develop their product,” she says, “So they have a chance to

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  • Josh Duhamel Talks Fatherhood Fears

    Josh Duhamel is starring in the new movie “Scenic Route” which hits theaters this August, but the celeb is busy preparing for a different sort of role… being a dad.

    The actor and his wife, singer Fergie, are expecting their first child soon. “It’s something that we’ve always wanted,” Josh says. “I’ve always had a real affinity for kids, but I’ve never had to keep them. I play with them, get them all riled up, and give them back.”

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    The beaming dad-to-be couldn’t be more proud about how great Fergie is doing. “My wife is handling the pregnancy amazingly well,” he says. “She looks so damn cute and she’s happy, she hasn’t been sick. It’s been really good.”

    So has she had any weird cravings? “Yeah, but she had weird cravings before she was pregnant,” the actor joked. In reality, “she’s pretty conscious about what she eats and she’s stuck with it. She wanted to make sure she was feeding the baby good things.”

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  • Disney's Zendaya on Dancing, Debut Albums, and Being a Role Model

    With a starring role in the Disney series Shake it Up, an impressive showing on Dancing with the Stars, a new album and a new book on the way, it seems like there’s nothing Zendaya can’t do. But the 16-year-old didn’t always plan to be an entertainer.

    “At first I was supposed to be the first girl in the NBA,” says the 5'10" star. “That died quickly.”

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    She fell in love with the arts when her mom worked as a house manager at the California Shakespeare Theater. “I got captivated with it,” Zendaya says. “I was an 8-year-old who liked Shakespeare. That doesn’t usually happen.”

    Her growing fame landed her a series on Disney and gave her the chance to compete on Dancing with the Stars as the show’s youngest-ever participant. She balanced schoolwork and practice and made it to the finals – finishing in second place.

    While Ali said it seems like the Dancing’s sexy outfits are just held together with “crazy glue, duct tape and staples,” Zendaya insists she had

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  • Best and Worst Design Trends

    He’s America’s most famous house flipper, and when it comes to renovating, Jeff Lewis knows what works. The Bravo star stopped by the Daily Shot studios to talk about the biggest renovation mistakes people make, and the best and worst design trends around.

    First mistake? Spending too much of a renovation budget on one room. “They never get to finish the rest of the house,” Jeff says. “When you remodel a room, everything else starts to look bad. You have to make sure to spread that money evenly.”

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    The second mistake people make is furnishing the entire house from one store. “That’s the easy way out.” He says. “I like to mix up styles. You don’t want it to look like you just furnished your home out of a catalogue.”

    Though it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest in design, Jeff says there are some great trends that are here to stay.

    “Using sustainable materials. Things are being repurposed and I love that idea. They’re taking wood from

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  • Katie Couric: The Interviews That Made Her Most Nervous

    She’s interviewed everyone from muppets to world leaders, and Katie Couric stopped by Daily Shot to tell Ali how she gets tough people talking.

    “I think most people just wanna feel comfortable, they want to feel as if you’re really interested in what they have to say.”

    But when you’re interviewing someone who’s in trouble, or who might have something to hide, the veteran journalist says, “It’s all about the tone you use. I think you have to be skeptical but not cynical."

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    Katie says that, after all these years, she can get star struck. “I think any time you’re in the White House and you’re interviewing the president,” she says, “it’s one of those pinch me situations.”

    And as calm as she always seems under pressure, there have been at least two interviews that made her memorably nervous.

    “I was very nervous when I interviewed Ross Perot because he was so pugnacious and belligerent if he was challenged,” she said, launching into an amazing impression of the

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  • Plus Size Style Tips

    Style blogger Alissa Wilson was frustrated with the lack of resources for plus size women, so she started Stylish Curves, a blog that encourages women to love their bodies by showing them how and where to shop.

    What does she say is the biggest mistake women make while shopping? Paying too much attention to the tag. Women “look at the size on the tag as opposed to shopping for their body shape,” she says. “They’re so concerned with that number, that they don’t give themselves the opportunity to look at other items that will fit their shape.”

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    Alissa also explained why shapewear is a girl’s best friend. “If you’re going to wear a body-hugging dress, you need foundation,” she says. “It helps create and define a shape as opposed to being all willy-nilly.”

    That holds true most of the time, but the summer is more of a challenge. “If it’s like 90 degrees, you just gotta be ready for all the jelly.”

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    And when the

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