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  • Best Friend Breakups

    Stars are just like us. They have nasty friend breakups. Paris Hilton has done it, Madonna has done it, and you probably have, too.

    Carolina Bermudez, one of the hosts of "Live From The Couch" on WLNY-TV in New York, has had many terrible break ups with her girlfriends. She stopped by Daily Shot to solve the mystery: How do you break up with a friend without making her so mad she blasts your bathing suit cellulite photos all over the web?

    Paris Hilton, who made a public statement in 2005 regarding her friendship with Nicole Richie, was not exactly quiet when she decided to put a big ol’ X on her friendship with Nicole. And everyone knew when Kim Kardashian was also put on Paris’ ex-best friend list.

    Now, Carolina says, “Nobody wants to be friends with Paris.”

    Carolina admits, “It’s never pretty,” but as people go through different stages in their lives, sometimes it’s inevitable. So, is there a right way and wrong way to end things?

    Carolina says, “Ignoring people is totally the

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  • Sex, Lies, & Cookies

    What do cookies have to do with true love? Lisa G from the Howard Stern Show explains in her new book, “Sex, Lies, and Cookies,” and she stopped by to chat about it with Ali. More importantly, she brought baked goods.

    “Every chapter has a recipe that reflects the craziness that was going on in my life,” Lisa said. There are 25 recipes in the book, including ‘Lisa Goes Nuts Brownies’ and ‘Linzer Broken-Heart Cookies.’

    “Magicians have smoke and mirrors. I used sex and cookies to masquerade what I was all about,” she explained.

    The cookies Lisa made to win a man’s heart were the ‘How-To-Get-A-Man Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Squares.’ And she swears they worked.

    WATCH: Sandra Lee throws the world's biggest bake sale

    However, the lesson it took her many years—and many recipes—to learn, was to stop and think whether the guy was even worth baking for.

    “Let him take you out on nice dates and let him win your affection. THEN bake him cookies.”

    “So if Howard Stern were a cookie,” Ali asked, “what

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  • Noisy Neighbors Help Guy Get Over Bad Breakup

    Charlie McDowell had just been dumped, and was heartbroken. In fact, he was lying on his floor, sobbing, when he heard a voice from above. It was his neighbors—two girls—having a really loud conversation. He was so busy being annoyed, that it actually distracted him from his heartbreak.

    The distraction proved helpful. And that was the beginning of Charlie’s relationship with his upstairs neighbors, whom, he says, he had no choice but to listen to. They were just that loud, and the ceiling was just that thin. At first, to deal with the annoyance factor, he just started tweeting some of their more fascinating statements. And eventually, he was inspired him to write an entire book called, “Dear Girls Above Me.”

    WATCH: Five Big Relationship Mistakes

    Charlie grew up with a lot of sisters, so he thought he understood women pretty well. But the more he listened, the more he learned. Particularly about dating. “Being smart is more interesting” he says, “and that’s what I look for in a girl,

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  • Our Daughter Didn’t Like Us At First

    Actress Nia Vardalos had major box office success with her 2002 movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” But off-screen, she was having absolutely no success at becoming a parent. After years of miscarriages and failed in vitro fertilization treatments, Nia and her husband, actor Ian Gomez, decided to adopt through the U.S. Foster Care system. Her new book, “Instant Mom,” is about how she got the call one night that they had been matched with a little girl, then had only fourteen hours to get ready.

    WATCH: Elisabeth Rohm fertility struggle

    Nia tells Ali that Ilaria, now eight, is a happy and talkative child. But the beginning was a little rough. While Nia and her husband had met the little girl during an evaluation phase, there was an adjustment period. “I don’t want to sugar coat adoption,” Nia says. “She punched and kicked and screamed and was mad and wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t sleep.” But after a couple of weeks, Nia said, “she just blossomed.”

    WATCH: Giuliana Rancic on surrogacy


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  • Health Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

    What health issues are you most sheepish about discussing with your doctor? ABC’s Dr. Richard Besser, author of “Tell Me The Truth, Doctor,” returns to Daily Shot to talk about what you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to snoring, sleeping, and sex.

    Ali says the majority of her friends are about to file for divorce because of their husbands’ snoring. Dr. Besser explained that snoring increases with age, but it’s not something you should just ignore. “Snoring can be a sign of obstruction,” he says. “Pauses in breathing—that can be really bad for the heart.”

    WATCH: Dr Besser: Don’t Wash Your Chicken!

    Another sleep interruption to pay attention to: increased bathroom trips at night. “If normally you sleep through the night, there’s been no real change in your life, but now you’re getting up to pee once or twice a night, it can be a urinary tract infection,” Dr. Besser says, or even something more serious, such as diabetes or a blood pressure issue.

    WATCH: Tweak Your Coffee Routine


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  • Weird Crime: Why Does It Always Happen in Florida?

    As a correspondent for OMG! Insider, Michael Yo is used to keeping up with celebrity news, but he may have another thing coming when Ali quizzes him on current events.

    When Michael came to NYC to do a show at the famous comedy club Caroline’s, he stopped by Daily Shot to play a round of “WTF?” (What the ‘Florida,’ that is.) The Sunshine State may be famous for its beautiful beaches and retirement community, but it’s also a hotbed of crazy news stories. Florida’s more absurd crime trends are celebrated in the popular Twitter accounts "Florida Man" (@_FloridaMan) and "Florida Woman,"(@_Flor1daWoman) which post headlines reporting the latest wacky Floridian antics.

    Inspired by Florida Man and Florida Woman, Ali reads some strange news stories and asks Michael, "real or fake?"

    WATCH: Another guessing game with Real Housewives.

    Did a Florida woman really get arrested for stealing beef jerky from a Walmart? Michael thinks it's possible. "Everyone wants to steal something," he says. "And

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  • Spilled Secrets About On-Screen Sex Scenes

    How many times have you watched a steamy sex scene on TV and thought, “How awkward was that to make?”

    Well, Betty Gilpin who plays Dr. Carrie Roman, the very single, sexually-charged first-year resident on Nurse Jackie, says those sex scenes are so awkward. “My spirit leaves my body and watches from the ceiling and makes fun of me.”

    Her character is lucky enough to sleep with Dr. Cooper, played by the oh-so-adorable Peter Facinelli. Betty says, “He couldn’t have been sweeter and more respectful.”

    That being said, Betty still had to strip down on set with the cast and crew watching. We know you’re wondering, “was there anything between them?” Just sticker underwear shaped like a martini glass and a single sock on Peter.

    Betty was concerned about how her boyfriend’s parents, who are in the medical field, would react to the steamy scenes and her portrayal of a doctor who sleeps her way to the “middle.” “Oh no, that happens all the time!” They said. Betty was surprised to learn that

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  • Lauren Conrad On Sexy Summer Styles

    Lauren Conrad got her start on the reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, but she’s since parlayed her talents an empire, with multiple fashion lines, a few NY Times Bestselling books, and a lifestyle website.

    When she stopped by Daily Shot, Ali asked her to play a round of “Summer Fashion Trends: Sexy Or Stupid?”

    See Lauren Conrad's Summer Style Slideshow

    Ali started with a few denim trends. Lauren thinks geometric and floral prints are sexy “if worn properly.” Bleached denim falls in the ‘stupid’ category. Striped black and white denim is sexy, “as long as it’s a vertical stripe, and the rest of your outfit is really toned down.”

    WATCH: Wardrobe Must-haves

    Lauren was also surprisingly pro-overalls. “Maybe with like a little more feminine shirt,” she said. “Kinda just cute ‘em up. They’re like a weekend outfit.”

    As for the ubiquitous summer crop top, Lauren says it’s sexy, “with something high-waisted so you really only see like maybe a half an inch of skin.” But of course, you

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  • Tough Tabatha On Being Bullied As A Child

    You know Tabatha Coffey as the no-nonsense hairstylist who turned struggling salons around on her Bravo show “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” and now helps all types of businesses on, “Tabatha Takes Over.” She tells Ali, “I would love to take the DMV over, and the airport would be next on my list.”

    WATCH: Small Business Strategies

    But Tabatha wasn’t born the tough-love business guru she is today. “I was really obese as a child,” she tells Ali. “And we would go swimming during the summer which was mortifying because…the bathing suit, and all the kids would call me ‘orca.’”

    Anyone whose seen Tabatha knows she’s far from obese these days. So what changed? “I was tired of it. A lot of vanity went into it, which is ok, because it’s a good motivator. I think now it’s just health reasons. I want to be healthy.”

    She also tells Ali that she learned both her hairstyling skills and her business sense from the restaurant her parents owned when she was younger. “My parents owned strip clubs in

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  • Men: It’s Ok To Cry At These Movies

    Ali’s husband George has been known to cry at his share of movies, and it doesn’t make her love him any less. But she knows that men, in general, don’t like to admit that a movie has made them cry, because they think it makes them lose ‘man points,’ or something. So she invited Roger Hailes from the Yahoo! Show, Mansome, to talk about which movies men will freely admit crying over.

    WATCH: Why Do Men...?

    Roger first mentioned Old Yeller because, “I don’t care if you’re the most macho dude in the world, if you watch Old Yeller, and don’t cry, you hate dogs.”

    Next on the list? The football movie, Rudy. “He was small, but he had a lot of heart!’ Roger shouted, emphatically. “I spent a lot of time on the bench as an athlete, so it really hits home.”

    Roger’s third tear-jerker is Deliverance. “I cried out of fear. Also I watched that movie when I was nine.”

    “You were probably crying because you had horrible parents,” Ali replied.

    WATCH: Man Talk Decoded

    To see the top two movies a man

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