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  • 4 Simple Ways to Decorate Boldly

    Easy Ways to Decorate BoldlyEasy Ways to Decorate Boldly

    Want to give your rooms a new look? These super simple tricks deliver major results for a minor investment.

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    1. Repeat Yourself
    One is nice, two is better, but for maximum impact, three is the magic number. If you're skeptical, take a look at the pages of a decorating magazine or catalog-you're certain to see trios of identical stools, vases and other items. The triad seems to be the point at which a group of objects turns into a significant statement.

    2. Try a Tray
    It's hard to overstate the usefulness of a tray. Place one on a coffee table to corral a group of decorative objects, or on an ottoman to transform it into a cocktail table. And don't forget the tray's main purpose: serving food and drinks. Look at discount home stores for great deals on wood, leather, brightly hued plastic and fabric-covered versions. Or browse thrift shops and flea markets for enticing bargains with quirky vintage charm.

    Plus: Decorate Your Home

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  • Save Big! How to Navigate Grocery Stores, Drugstores, Dollar Stores and More

    Grocery Store Game PlanGrocery Store Game Plan

    Sure, shopping for all your groceries at the supermarket is convenient, but it might not be the cheapest strategy.

    And consumers may be starting to realize that: According to a Food Marketing Institute study, the number of people surveyed who visited a supermarket dropped from 87 percent in 2011 to 71 percent in 2012, while warehouse clubs, dollar stores, drugstores and ethnic markets saw double-digit growth in foot traffic in that time.

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    Get in on the game with this advice on where to bag the very best deals.

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    Plot out exactly where to go to get a winning price on everything you need by using our handy guide!

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  • Get Your Brows in Shape!

    4 Steps to Perfectly Shaped Brows4 Steps to Perfectly Shaped Brows

    Learn about the tools and tricks you need to make your arches look their best-with less time and effort than ever!

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    Step 1: Do a Quick Trim
    Tidy up any extra-long hairs to make tweezing or waxing a lot easier. Start by combing brow hair up using a small spoolie (mascara-like) brush or comb. Then snip long hairs that stick out above your natural brow line with a pair of grooming scissors. Repeat that step, but this time brush hairs downward and cut accordingly. Be conservative-you're just snipping hairs that stick way outside the edges of your brow shape.

    Step 2: Plot Out Your Lines
    To find your best arch, start by placing a pencil vertically along the side of your nose. Brows should begin where the pencil hits. Next, line the pencil up with your pupil. Wherever it intersects with your brow marks the high point of your arch. Finally, tilt the pencil from your nose to the outer corner of your eye to determine where your brow

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  • Squeeze More Home-Cooked Meals into Your Busy Schedule

    Eat Healthy with a Busy Schedule

    Meet the Fort Family: The Fort family from Euless, Texas, is an active crew. So dinner prep often falls by the wayside, making their host of restaurant menus look mighty tempting. Diet Coach Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, taught them that whipping up a healthy home-cooked meal doesn't have to eat up your entire evening.
    What they typically eat: • Burgers and fries • Tacos • Chinese takeout • Burritos • Pizza • Fried chicken tenders

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    Strategy 1: Stock Up on Healthy Staples
    You'll always have a head start on dinner if you keep healthful frozen and pre-prepped foods on hand.

    Fill your cart with these smart picks:
    Frozen unseasoned vegetables: Already cleaned and cut, they're major time-savers. Toss into stir-fry or serve as a side dish.
    Frozen precooked shrimp: A fast way to add protein-they take five minutes to heat up.
    Chicken breasts: Use them in sandwiches, wraps and pasta and even on pizza.
    Bagged salad or spinach:

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  • Stock Up on Multi-Tasking Superfoods

    Stock Up on SuperfoodsStock Up on Superfoods

    Looking to pack some serious health benefits into your daily routine? Try including these five multi-tasking superfoods in your weekly meal plan.

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    With free radical-busting antioxidants as well as fiber, this fruit crams a lot of goodness into a small package. Plus, blueberries taste good and are readily available. Try frozen ones if fresh aren't in season. Stir into yogurt, blend in a smoothie or spoon on a waffle.

    Sweet Potatoes
    Dark orange vegetables are one of the best ways to fuel up on vitamin A as well as potassium. Sub them for white potatoes. Bonus: their rich flavor means you aren't as tempted to pile on butter or sour cream.

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    Vitamins A, C and K (which can help build bones) and loads of belly-filling fiber-is there anything this plentiful and inexpensive vegetable doesn't provide? No wonder nutritionists give it the thumbs up.


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  • Secrets to Hanging Wall Art like a Pro

    Tips for Hanging Wall ArtTips for Hanging Wall Art

    Turn your pictures into a beautiful display on your walls with these easy tips.

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    Assess Your Space
    One small object on a large expanse of wall will look lonely, while a too-large piece on a sliver or wall will seem overwhelming. Aim for a balance of art and empty space.

    Keep It Similar
    All the pieces you hang on a wall should have something in common, whether they share a look (such as black-and-white photos), theme (flowers, for example) or palette. If your pieces are dissimilar, try placing them in matching frames and mattes.

    Know Your Style
    If your furnishings are traditional, stick with symmetrical groupings, and hang pieces in a grid pattern. Asymmetrical arrangements work well in contemporary rooms; hang the focal point first, then add the other pieces.

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    Hang It Right
    Make sure the focal point of your arrangement is at roughly eye level, about 60" from

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  • Throw Your Pet a Purr-fect Party!

    How to Throw a Pet PartyHow to Throw a Pet Party

    Every dog and cat has its day, so use these tips to make your furry friend's next birthday an extra special occasion.

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    MAKE IT A POOCH-A-PALOOZA: Invite the neighborhood hounds to fete your pup.
    Choose a location. Fenced-in outdoor areas are ideal. Don't have one in your yard? Head to a dog-friendly park ( where canines can roam off-leash. As you're planning, make sure you can bring in food.
    Set the mood. Print a few enlarged photos of your pooch to display. Make a sign by cutting a bone shape from cardboard and writing your furry friend's name on it. Party hats make for a cute photo op.
    Plan the menu. Of course you'll serve treats, but put them out of canines' reach so owners can control portions. Keep plenty of water bowls at ground level. And don't forget the owners: Consider a hot dog (cute, right?) bar with plenty of toppings.
    Have a ball. If you're hosting the event in your yard, turn on a lawn

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  • Turn Back the Clock with Youth-Boosting Makeup Tricks!

    Youth-Boosting Beauty TipsYouth-Boosting Beauty Tips

    Don't have tons to spend on an arsenal of anti-agers? These youth-boosting products and reader-proven tricks can help you look younger and fresher than ever-in mere minutes.

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    Skin: Make Primer a Must
    Think primers seem pointless? Think again. Unlike moisturizers, they have smoothing ingredients that fill in fine lines, making them look less obvious. Why not consider one with color-correcting benefits so it evens out your skin tone, too?

    Eyes: Define With Color
    Pros say gray, plum and teal are the most flattering, age-defying colors. Gray works well as a light contour over your crease. A wash of plum flatters every skin tone. And teal has eye-brightening benefits.

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    Cheeks: Blend That Blush
    Skin often dulls as we age. For a flush that looks natural, work a cream blush onto tops of your cheekbones.

    Lips: Skip Matte
    Opt for lip color

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  • Tidy Up! 4 Easy, Stylish Storage Solutions

    De-Clutter Your Home Now!De-Clutter Your Home Now!

    For many of us, it's a fact of life: We have too much stuff and not enough places to tuck it away. But there is a remedy. By integrating stylish storage solutions into your decor, you can organize and stow all the things that accumulate in your living room but still keep them close at hand. Plus, these pieces will spruce up your space. Read on―a happier, more orderly life awaits.

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    1. Divide and Conquer
    Separate rooms visually while increasing your storage capacity with a freestanding bookcase. Despite the unit's large size, the open construction allows light to flow through so the shelves don't weigh down the room. Choose a style that blends with your furnishings, and remember to add pretty touches, such as vases of flowers.

    2. Work the Room
    Integrating a desk into your living room can solve a variety of organizing challenges. Use it as a bill-paying center, a place where the kids can do homework and still feel part of the

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  • When to Wash Sheets, Furry Friends, Jeans and More!

    Your Go-To Wash GuideYour Go-To Wash Guide

    As seen on the TODAY Show this morning with Executive Editor Nina Willdorf:

    A while back, we asked ALL YOU readers how often they wash their sheets. Turns out, the majority of our readers strip the bed every 10 to 14 days, while a good many go three and even four weeks in between washings! Eek! That got us thinking that perhaps some guidelines about when to wash what might be useful. Below are our suitable guidelines for when to wash--well--everything!

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    Sheets should be washed once a week to remove a buildup of debris, dust, sweat and other icky things. Use hot water (130 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit) and a hot dryer cycle to kill all germs.

    If you live near a large body of water, somewhere with extreme weather conditions, drive a lot or park outside, a once a week washing is a good idea in order to protect the finish. Otherwise, every two to three weeks is sufficient.

    Let your nose be your

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