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  • Healthy Recipe Swaps that Save You Calories (And Money!)

    Healthy Recipe SwapsHealthy Recipe Swaps

    Save some calories (and money!) with our handy guide to healthy recipe swaps.

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    • Fresh out of white wine? Reach for white grape juice instead.
    • Red wine can easily be replaced with pure cranberry juice.

    • If you don't have whole milk in your fridge, opt for 1/2 cup evaporated milk + 1/2 cup water instead.

    • If you don't have a carton of eggs on hand, search your fridge for egg substitute. One quarter cup will fill in for 1 whole egg.

    Other dairy products
    • 1 cup of half-and-half can be replaced by 7/8 cup milk + 1/2 Tbsp. melted unsalted butter.
    • In lieu of 1 cup of buttermilk, combine 1 cup milk and 1 Tbsp. lemon juice or vinegar. Let stand for 10 minutes before using.
    • In baking recipes that call for heavy cream, you can substitute with 1/3 cup melted unsalted butter + 3/4 cup milk for each cup the recipe calls for.
    • Sour cream can easily be swapped for the same measurement of plain

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  • Minimize the Clutter and Chaos of Documents

    Put Papers in Their PlacePut Papers in Their Place

    Sort your papers and save your sanity! Use these steps to sort papers and minimize the clutter in your home.

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    Clear the Clutter
    • Pave the way for a more streamlined tax season-and beyond-by ridding your workspace of junk mail (including junk e-mail) and excess paper. Having a clean desk and in-box makes it easier to identify and respond to important tax documents when they arrive. Spend time opening junk email and click on each Unsubscribe link. Then go to to opt out of catalogs, credit card offers and donation requests. Make a sweep of your house to collect errant to-do lists, sticky notes, credit card statements and receipts-anything paper-and place them in a folder or box.

    Sort Documents
    • Go through bins of paperwork you keep, tossing what you don't need and sorting the rest into folders (such as home repairs and tax forms) that can go into a filing cabinet. Compile a master list of all your tax-related to-dos

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  • 5 Quick Tricks for Gorgeous Hair

    Quick Tips for Gorgeous HairQuick Tips for Gorgeous Hair

    Even if your mornings are too hectic for blow-drying and fussing with flatirons, these snappy hairdos can make it look as though you had time to spare.

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    Style 1: Defined (Natural) Curls in 4 Minutes
    • This is one for the already-curly girls. Because spirals lack moisture, the key to a soft, frizz-free feel is hydration.
    • When you get out of the shower, immediately apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner before towel-drying. That gives a soft foundation, so any styling product you use afterward won't dry with a crunchy or tacky feel. Blot excess water with a damp towel.
    • Next, divide hair into four sections and apply a quarter-size dollop of a water-based gel to each, raking fingers through to evenly distribute the product. Using the same towel, begin scrunching each section: Lift hair from ends to scalp, scrunch once and drop.
    • Then hands off! Too much touching roughs up curls and creates frizz. For the softest bounciest results, let

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  • Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Smarter, Not Harder

    Clean Smarter, Not HarderClean Smarter, Not Harder

    Crush your chores without breaking a sweat! Pinpoint your preferred approach, then use these tips to tidy up your entire home in record time.

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    Everyone has a basic tidy-up "personality" that affects the way they get things done (or don't!). After you identify your style, learn how to turbocharge your cleaning tasks, maximizing your strengths and using some easy work-arounds to rectify your weaknesses.

    If you are a multitasker...You're a sprinter, blitzing your way through the house, picking up clutter with one hand, steering the vacuum with the other, while that foaming cleanser is loosening soap scum in the shower. Meanshile, you're using your MP3 player to learn Spanish. In your zeal to do it all, you often run out of time--meaning that some chores are left unfinished, and you have to start them over again. To clean smarter:
    Divide and conquer. Make two lists: hands-on tasks (clear clutter, dust, vacuum, mop) and hands-off tasks (do laundry,

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  • Step Your Way Slim!

    Walking Exercises Walking Exercises

    Simply lace up your sneakers and get inspired by our easiest weight-loss strategy ever! Forget about having to slog through long workouts to shape up and slim down. Getting fit can be a walk in the park (literally).

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    The secret: Take 10,000 steps per day. Those who do have the lowest body mass index (BMI) and body fat, according to the latest studies. Follow these tips to help you get to 10K, mixing and matching as you like. Losing weight has never been simpler or more fun!

    1. Sign up for a weekend walking tour. Bring your family and join other locals and tourists on a trip around your town-which could easily cover a mile. Check with a nearby visitors bureau or visit or a similar site. (2,000 steps)

    2. Take the five-minute walk with your kids to the bus stop (or to school if you're close) instead of driving them. Then walk to pick them up after school. (2,000 steps)

    3. Vacuum your house for 20 minutes, moving

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  • Would You Eat Expired Food?

    Is eating expired food safe? Is eating expired food safe?

    Is eating expired food safe? How can you tell if it's still okay to eat expired eggs, dried goods, milk and meat?

    If you trash your grub as soon as the expiration date hits, you're not alone. A recent survey found that 90 percent of Americans do the same-even though that date might only indicate the food's peak quality. Slash your grocery bills (without risking your health) by finding out how long past the date these staples are edible.

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    How long they really last: Three weeks past the sell-by date in the fridge; one year in the freezer (out of shell).
    Safety tip: Store in their original carton in the fridge instead of in egg cradles in the door, where they'd be more vulnerable to temperature changes as it opens and closes.

    DRIED GOODS (including pasta, flour and rice)
    How long they really last: Pasta and white rice last 8 to 10 years; white flour lasts 1 year from purchase date. Whole grains (brown rice and whole-wheat

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  • Start 'Em Early! How to Teach Kids About Money

    How to Teach Kids About MoneyHow to Teach Kids About Money

    You teach your children their ABCs and how to clean their room, so why not give your children what it takes to be successful with money? There's no need to overwhelm yourself-or the kids-by diving straight into IRAs and 401(k)s. Start by introducing age-appropriate concepts, throw in some fun online games and tools, then let your children learn by doing. Once they see the joys and benefits of watching their dollars grow, you'll be happily assured that you're instilling in them fundamental tools for lifelong financial riches.

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    Age 3 to 7: Teach Them The Basics
    Include her in daily transactions. When you're making a deposit at the bank or buying groceries, explain what you're doing and why: "I'm giving the cashier money so we can have this food for dinner tonight." Allow her to ask questions so she comes to understand the concept of value exchange.
    Use cash when you can. Little kids have a hard time grasping the idea of credit.

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  • 11 Surprising Hidden Tax Deductions

    Tax DeductionsTax Deductions

    Each year, millions of dollars in tax deductions and credits go unclaimed. Make sure you land the fattest check possible from the IRS by factoring in the following events and activities.

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    1. Home Improvements
    Renovations that save energy, like wall insulation and a new water heater, don't just cut your electric bill. You can claim a tax credit for 10 percent of what you paid for such items, or 30 percent on alternative energy options such as solar water heaters and wind turbines.

    2. Refinancing Your Mortgage
    Although most homeowners know to deduct the interest on their mortgage, refinancing also qualifies. Deduct points paid (one point equals 1 percent of the loan amount).

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    3. Good Deeds
    Deducting donations you've made to churches and other charities is a no-brainer, but other expenses you incur for a worthy cause also can be shaved off your income.

    4. Summer Camp

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  • Secret Cleaning Weapon: The Lemon

    DIY Cleaning SolutionsDIY Cleaning Solutions

    Add a twist to your cleaning routine with this multipurpose citrus fruit - the lemon. The acid in lemons has antiseptic properties and a fresh scent, making it a natural solution for your household chores. Save money by using this citrus fruit to replace costly cleaning products.

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    Kill microwave smells. Fill a heat-resistant bowl with water and half a lemon and zap for five minutes.

    Bust dust particles. Mix 10 drops lemon oil, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and a few drops olive oil in a spray bottle. Spray onto surfaces; wipe with a cotton flannel cloth.

    Attack a stain. Add ½ cup lemon juice to a load of white laundry, then let dry in the sun.

    Polish wood. If it's varnished: Add a few drops of lemon to ½ cup warm water. Spray onto a slightly damp cotton cloth and wipe furniture. If it's unvarnished: Mix 2 teaspoons each of olive oil and lemon juice. Apply to a soft cotton cloth. Use wide strokes to distribute evenly.

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  • 10 Unique Ways to Decorate with Wallpaper

    DIY Decorating IdeasDIY Decorating Ideas

    Wallpaper is so much more than a substitute for paint! Update any item in your home (and save some money!) with some scraps of wallpaper. Get creative with these intriguing projects, many of which you can pull off in an afternoon!

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    1. Arrange like art. Mount wallpaper remnants (especially antique or hand-painted ones) on fiberboard frame, then hang on the wall.

    2. Paper the furniture. Cover the surface of a coffee table or bureau; coat with polyurethane or have a piece of glass cut to fit on top.

    3. Fake a headboard. Affix a paper rectangle to the wall above the bed; make sure your paper is a few inches wider than the mattress.

    4. Light up a faux fireplace. Line the inside with a pretty pattern.

    5. Divide and decorate. Cover the panels of an old screen with a variety of cheerful prints and solids. Or make your own screen by joining bifold doors (available at home improvement centers) together with hinges.

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