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  • How to Find Cheap Gas During Summer Travel

    By Alyssa Goldman,

    With summer travel in full swing, now's the time to get acquainted with the best money-saving gas apps. We took the guesswork out of choosing among the plentiful supply and compiled a list of the best gas apps. Each has its pros and cons, but any, or all, should have you speeding along cheaply to your summer destinations. Better yet, they're all free.

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    Save money with these gas apps.1. GasBuddy. Unpassable in the fast lane of gas apps, GasBuddy helps you locate nearby gas stations and supplies real-time gas prices. How are prices so accurate? This best gas app motivates the community of users to update prices with weekly offerings for the chance to win $250 worth of gas.
    Pros and Cons: GasBuddy garners nearly all positive reviews and a 5-star rating. iPhone users who commented in the iTunes store say the gas app is extremely user friendly, the navigation feature works like a charm, and prices are almost always accurate. Read More »from How to Find Cheap Gas During Summer Travel
  • 6 Cheap and Practical Grilling Accessories

    By Alyssa Goldman,

    To make your outdoor cooking experience even more enjoyable, load up with these cheap grilling accessories. We found five helpful grilling utensils for less than $12 and one for nearly double that.

    Weber 6432 Silicone Basting Brush

    The Weber 6432 Silicone Basting Brush is a penny shy of $10 and a best seller in the "meat & poultry basters" category at Amazon. A cheap grilling accessory that wins 4.7 stars out of 5, this stainless steel basting brush has silicone bristles and safely goes in the dishwasher. Reviewers say it comes at a very reasonable price given the stainless steel handle and easy clean up. And, it neatly holds the juices and flavors that you'll be slathering on food as it grills.

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    Brinkmann Stainless Steel Grilling Tongs get a cool grip, for just $5, on whatever you happen to be grilling. Made of stainless steel with hardwood handles, the tongs are easy to clean and can be locked when not in use. This cheap grilling

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  • Tips for Staying Connected While Traveling Abroad

    By Louis DeNicola,

    Staying connected while traveling without going broke is as easy as finding an Internet connection. Internet cafes abound and basic smartphones accept hundreds of free or cheap apps that ensure connectivity while exploring the world. Some apps are so popular they've become household names -- Skype, for example -- while lesser known options claim a following within the travelling community.

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    But first things first. Always, always remember to turn off cellular data once you've boarded the plane for departure. Although you may be able to make calls or access 3G or LTE networks overseas, the roaming data and call charges could leave you with a phone bill that doubles the cost of your trip. Breathe deeply, though: There are plenty of ways to stay connected cheaply while traveling.

    There are several options for inexpensive wifi while traveling.

    Establishing connectivity. Open Wi-Fi connections are common in most cities around the globe. In case your hostel or hotel comes up short,

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  • Hit the Sand with Cheap Beach Shoes

    By Teal Pelish,

    With beach season in full swing, there's no time like the present to pick up a pair or two of cheap water shoes or flip-flops. Proper foot attire at the shore protects feet against the blazing hot sand and debris embedded in the underwater floor.

    Here are our picks for affordable beach footwear.

    Cheap sandals.

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    Cheap Flip-Flops. The ultimate in cheap summer flip-flops is Old Navy's version of this all-time classic. Prices start at a mere $3.94 a pair, and if you decide to purchase two or more, the price drops to $2.50 each. If your taste runs to a more stylish alternative, this retailer sells an abundance of options at reasonable prices. For an even cheaper buy, Kmart sells classic and cheap flip-flops for women at $1.99 a pair, available in six colors. Be sure to check out dollar store venues like the Dollar Tree, which offer these basics for a buck.

    For a bit more flair, Target's in-house brand Mossimo flip-flops

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  • Best Hiking Boots Under $90 for Frugal Nature Lovers

    By Louis DeNicola,

    Did you know that more than half the U.S. national parks let visitors in for free? Even outside those designated confines, miles of trails crisscross the country and require no entrance fee. All you need is adequate protection: sunscreen, perhaps a good hat, and sturdy shoes. The latter can cost hundreds, but has selected four pairs of hiking shoes and boots that are relatively cheap -- $90 or less -- and earn positive ratings from experts and casual hikers alike. They're supportive, lightweight, and equipped to keep feet dry and comfortable. (They're available for men as well as women.)

    Men's Merrell Moab Ventilator

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    The Merrell Moab Ventilator (starting at $79) fits perfectly if you need something that's light and comfortable but provides plenty of grip for your outdoor adventures. Experts at Outdoor Gear Lab have declared this hiking shoe the best value out there for women. As you might expect from the name, the

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  • How to Find the Best Rewards Cards

    By Louis DeNicola,

    In the right hands a frugal and disciplined shopper can use rewards credit cards to save on every purchase. Finding the best cash-back or rewards credit card for your shopping habits can be tricky, though. Each card comes with slightly different rules, unique rewards programs, and fees that can reach several hundred dollars a year. Luckily, consumers can turn to several resources to find the right card.

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    Sites like BankRate and NerdWallet offer filters that narrow the hundreds of credit card options to the few that best fit your situation. Your credit score is one factor that affects which cards or interest rates are available to you, a fact that takes into account when helping you find the best cash-back or rewards credit card. By supplying your name, address, and Social Security number, the site returns a list of cards you qualify for. If you want the card with the most benefits

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  • What Baby Gear Can You Safely Reuse to Save Money?

    By Raechel Conover,

    Baby gear these days is downright expensive. Even cheap cribs start at around $150 and cheap electric breast pumps cost more than $100. The good news is that many baby items can be reused if you've already had one child, or if you're open to used baby gear handed down from friends and family or found in secondhand stores. Below are some items you may be able to reuse under the right circumstances.

    Try used baby gear to save money.

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    Baby Clothes and Linens. Baby clothes, burp cloths, swaddling blankets, cloth diapers, crib bedding, and the like are all perfectly fine to reuse. Just be sure to give any used baby stuff a good wash with hot water and you're all set. Granted, baby clothes get stained easily and often, so if it's something that you can't get clean or you don't think you'll actually use, then toss it.

    Cribs. Cribs can be reused with a few important precautions. If your kids will be close in age, then a crib used previously by an older

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  • Go Beyond Socks and Ties with Father's Day Gifts Under $20

    By Alyssa Goldman,

    Dad may say he wants only to fire up the grill this Father's Day, but surely he'd appreciate a thoughtful present. Having trouble finding a cheap Father's Day gift that won't get buried in his closet or sent back to the store? With the holiday coming up on Sunday, June 16, we've compiled a list of memorable yet affordable ($20 and under) ideas to consider.

    Blade Buddy

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    For the penny pincher: Did you get your frugality from your father? Help him save money -- and his skin -- with the Blade Buddy (starting at $20), a product that keeps disposable razor blades sharp for months. Given that those pricey little cartridges are typically thrown out after only a week or so, this cheap Father's Day gift is not only good for Dad's wallet (and yours) but also good for the planet. The brand alleges that razor blades and packaging account for 2 million pounds of waste each year.

    For the Sunday funnies reader: Cartoonist Jeffrey Brown

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  • Sprint into Summer: Best Running Shoes Under $100

    By Louis DeNicola,

    With the sun now setting later and later and warm weather spreading across the country, many people tired of treadmill monotony have taken their runs outside. Don't hesitate to join their ranks because you're afraid the "perfect" running shoes will cost an arm and two legs. Here are four picks from that are lightweight, supportive, and breathable, yet reasonably priced at $100 or less. (Not shopping for yourself? They're available for men, too.)

    Start running in a pair of cheap running shoes.

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    The Saucony Kinvara 3 (starting at $61) is known for being light and flexible while still providing enough support for long distances. Memory-foam pods in the heel of the shoe keep runners' feet well cushioned. One online reviewer marvels that these shoes have held up for more than 600 miles of wear and tear. They come in 10 different color combinations.

    The Saucony Guide 6 (starting at $100) is a stability shoe, which provides added

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  • Easy Tips for the Grillmaster

    By Louis DeNicola,

    You don't have to be a carnivore to love a good barbecue. Plenty of vegetarians also partake and many in both factions surely lay claim to BBQ tips that often involve BBQ sauce. So for those who shy away from outdoor cooking because of the perceived fuss and expense, here are a few simple and cheap barbecue tips that should get your fires burning.

    Grill at home with these easy BBQ tips.

    (A quick note on terminology: For the Southerners in the crowd, we're technically focusing here on grilling as opposed to barbecue. Barbecue calls for slow cooking meat at low temperatures, often enhanced by BBQ sauce, whereas grilling is flash cooking over very hot coals. The terms are broadly used interchangeably outside the South.)

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    Meaty BBQ tips. Our first BBQ tip involves ground beef. There's a cost benefit analysis worth doing in order to determine how lean the meat should be. Fattier blends are less expensive, but leaner is healthier. However, when

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