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  • Where to Find Fun Beach Gear for Less

    By Teal Pelish,

    Memorial Day weekend is the official start of beach season. And while May is a bit early to hit the sale racks in search of cheap beach gear, there are still bargains to be had. Here are some deals on basic beach necessities for everyone under the sun.

    Flip Flops. It's time to ditch the shoes and don the sandals. Old Navy is offering its all-time favorite flip flops in a wide range of sizes and colors at the extraordinarily economical starting price of $3.94 a pair; grab two or more at $2.50 a pair. If you're in the market for a more stylish deviation of this cult classic, you'll find an abundance of reasonably priced varieties from which to choose.

    Be stylish with cheap flip flops!

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    Beach Basics. Sun bathe on the sand or dry off after a swim with a fun and festive beach towel, an absolute must-have piece of cheap beach gear. Colorful printed beach towels are available at Kmart, starting at $4.99 and topping out at less than $10.

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  • 6 Reasons Why Temp Jobs Can Be Great

    By Louis DeNicola,

    It seems that every month the official job report tells a different story. First it's all bad, then we're slowly climbing out of the recession, then there's a retreat. For all the back and forth uncertainty, the simple fact is you need a steady income to sustain yourself, and your family.

    For many people these days the temp agency is a surefire way to land a job, even if it's part-time or short-term. For employers facing ambiguous economic signals, temporary workers provide the necessary labor without the cost of benefits or the complicated process of letting someone go if work dries up.

    If you're shying away from a temp job while continuing your search for a full-time position, don't. Here's why you should consider pursuing both routes simultaneously.

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    1. They're working for you. Temp agencies, also known as staffing agencies, respond to the needs of their paying customers -- the companies that

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  • The 5 Must-Dos of Apartment Hunting

    By Alyssa Goldman,

    Renting an apartment can be daunting, not to mention anxiety-inducing. So start with the most fundamental apartment-hunting question: What should I be looking for?

    Friends, family, and coworkers all have opinions. But the key to apartment hunting is finding a space that you like and feel safe in. Here are some practical tips to help you locate your home sweet home.

    1. Set a price range. Browsing through Craigslist might be entertaining, but knowing what you can afford will save you lots of time and energy. More importantly, being realistic will stave off disappointment.

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    The first step in apartment hunting is determining how much your life costs each month (think entertainment, food, medical expenses, savings, clothes, fitness, etc.). Subtract that total from your monthly income and whatever remains can go towards rent. Remember to figure in an average cost for utilities (if they're not

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  • Shopping Online for Non-Standard Sizes Without Breaking the Bank


    Clothes and shoes in larger sizes often carry larger price tags, especially in bricks-and-mortar stores. Online, however, you'll find a wealth of retailers that offer cheap plus-size clothing.

    Cheap Plus-Size Clothing for Men. Big and Tall Mart sells men's clothing up to size 8XL. Much of the clothing here is comparable in price to, or cheaper than, regular-size clothing. This online vendor also offers scrubs, which can be very hard to find in larger sizes. Men seeking cheap plus-size clothing that's work-related, such as coveralls and ANSI jackets, will find sizes up to 6XT. While much of the focus is on casual clothing, this online store also carries dress pants, coats, and jackets.

    Online shopping can be a bone for hard to find sizes.

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    Bargain Catalog Outlet offers both big and tall sizes as well as cheap women's plus-size clothing. The men clothes selection is not as large as you'll find in some online stores, but prices are very low, starting at about $10 for

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  • 6 Ways to Save Money on Summer Trips to National Parks

    By Alyssa Goldman,

    National park trips can make ideal summer vacations: They're relatively inexpensive, appropriate for all ages, and brimming with entertaining activities. Even with the high season fast approaching, there are ways you can save on travel to national parks. Here are six tips for exploring national parks on a budget:

    This year take a road trip to a National Park or two.

    1. Carpool. Not only will you save money on gas by piling family and friends into one car, you'll also save on entrance fees: Most national parks charge per vehicle, rather than per person, which can make a tight squeeze worth it. Within large parks, take advantage of free shuttles and try to avoid getting gas until you get back to civilization, where it's more plentiful and affordable.

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    2. Obtain a pass. If you're a frequent visitor of national parks, it might benefit you to purchase an annual pass from the National Park Service. For $80 a year you gain unlimited access

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  • A Guide to Low Priced Bathing Suits for the Whole Family

    By Louis DeNicola,

    It's just about time for swimming pools, water slides, and beach days and that means cheap swimwear for men and the kids are must-have items. If the youngsters have outgrown last year's swimsuit and your guy's trunks are now too big (or too small), check out any or all of the retailers noted below as you search for budget-friendly replacements.

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    Find styles for her, him and child.

    Taking a not-so-scientific approach to finding cheap swimwear, we scoped out the cost of bathing suits for men, boys, and junior-size girls offered through the online shops of six major retailers. After estimating average costs at Gap, JC Penney, Macy's, Old Navy, Target, and Walmart, we found that men's and boy's swimwear or a junior girl's one-piece swimsuit or two-piece bikini are readily available for less than $25. In several cases we found a cheap bathing suit priced below $10, although in limited styles and colors. At the

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  • How to Find Cheap Movie Tickets

    By Louis DeNicola,

    With dinner and a movie easily costing upwards of $70, the stereotypical date night has been priced out of many peoples' budgets. Indeed, it's natural to wonder whether cheap movie tickets are just a relic of days gone by. In some cities matinee tickets go for more than $10 a pop, and IMAX, 3-D, and other special screen options often add on extra charges.

    Save money at the movies!

    To give you some relief from sticker shock, we hunted down ways to save when going to the movies. Solutions come from startups, corporate promotions, and even from theaters that reward loyal customers.

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    Launched last July to help college students in Santa Cruz, CA afford summer movies, Dealflicks has since spread to theaters across the country. The company helps movie theaters fill up seats that would otherwise sit empty by allowing them to discount ticket prices at the box office (exactly how much is at the theater's discretion). Through the company

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  • 5 Cheap Swimsuit Websites for Women

    By Alyssa Goldman,

    The only thing more frightening than trying on a swimsuit? Seeing its price tag and shelling out big bucks.

    But fear not. Whether you're a beach bum or a pool-side mom, there are plenty of cheap swimsuit websites for women. The best part -- you can try on the swimsuit in the privacy of your own home. This site aims to be the one-stop shop for affordable and fashionable swimwear. Regardless of the need -- a bathing suit for a water aerobics class or for a cruise - Swimwear Country stocks a suit for every occasion. Shoppers can find big-name brands at budget prices at this cheap swimsuit website, and most of the inventory sits within the $30-$50 range. Even swimwear in the "designer bikinis" subsection is priced at relatively reasonable rates ($50-$190). In the "clearance" section, some bathing suits cost as little as $16. To minimize returns and exchanges, the site provides a sizing chart for each suit. As for shipping and

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  • Cheap Vegetarian Meals and Healthy Dinner Ideas


    Like many things in life, preparing and enjoying cheap healthy meals requires just a bit of forethought. Keep your kitchen stocked with staples like canned beans, pasta, brown rice, quinoa, nuts, and frozen veggies. Liven things up with perishables like fresh fruits and veggies from the farmer's market, lean cuts of meat, low-fat dairy, and cheap bags of baking potatoes. And make sure the spice cupboard isn't bare: seasonings are your best friend in healthy cheap recipes because they let you cut the sodium that's often added to boost flavor.

    There are numerous options for cheap vegetarian cuisine.

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    You can easily turn cheap healthy recipes into vegetarian delights by skipping the meat and adding protein in the form of beans or eggs. If you're looking for cheap low-calorie vegetarian meals, just avoid recipes that call for meat. And that means fish and seafood, too -- strict vegetarians don't eat these foods, either.

    Good recipes are a must-have resource for the vegetarian cook,

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  • 7 Cheap Graduation Gift Ideas

    By Alyssa Goldman,

    Whether your graduate has completed high school or college, he or she should be equipped with certain tools for the next chapter in their lives. We've compiled a list of cheap graduation gift ideas that will help your soon-to-be college student survive the dorms and help your new adult survive the real world.

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    1. Toolbox. Because grown-ups are responsible for fixing things in their apartment or dorm room, the first item on the life-kit list is a toolbox. A hammer will come in handy for hanging artwork, a screwdriver is perfect for assembling furniture, and a wrench will stop that leaky sink. A 53-piece tool set from Apollo Precision Tools includes all the essentials for home repairs and costs less than $30.

    2. Shower caddy kit. For a high school graduate heading off to a college dorm room in the fall, a shower caddy is a must. Make the pre-college shopping a bit easier by stocking the caddy with personal care

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