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  • Five Benefits to Having a Second Child

    Five Benefits to Having a Second ChildFive Benefits to Having a Second Child

    After having a fast and furious natural child birth ( 3 hours from start to finish) I was convinced I would never ever have a second child. Of course right around the time those baby faced cheeks started to lengthen in the toddler years I realized that in fact I was ready for baby number two. I loved being a momma, and I really wanted a sibling for my little girl, but i had tremendous doubts- how could I ever love another as much as I loved her? Would having another be a mistake? Here's five things I've learned about the benefits of expanding my family.

    1. The expandable heart : just as having your first child made you realize what true love was really about, your second child makes you realize just how expandable the human heart really is. Each child is so very unique from the other and each one has a room of their own in your heart.
    2. Sibling love: Siblings have an incredibly special bond. When I watch my children together each day I feel such a deep satisfaction
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  • Best Vegetables to Plant in Sandy Soil

    Best vegetables to plant in sandy soilBest vegetables to plant in sandy soil
    I live in subtropical Mackay and want to start a vegetable garden. The soil is so sandy that it loses any nutrients I put in it. What vegies could I plant in my soil and climate? Any tips for keeping them alive?

    Highly productive plants such as vegetables need good soil, and the more you can improve your soil, the better the results will be. To do this, add copious organic matter - compost, animal manure, blood and bone, and worm castings. Soft mulches such as lucerne, pea straw, spoiled hay or sugar-cane mulch also break down readily to add organic matter. Green manure crops, grown from legume seeds specifically to be returned to the soil, are inexpensive and very effective. Added regularly over the years, these materials will create wondrously fertile soil. You can grow a diverse array of vegetables in your climate. I suggest you buy Annette McFarlane's book, Organic Vegetable Gardening (ABC Books, $35), as an excellent guide to help you along the way. It includes planting charts

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  • What Your it Bag of Choice Says About You

    Your eyes may well be the windows to your soul, but we believe your handbag reveals more about your personality than a staring contest ever could. In fact, your handbag is probably the one fashion item you consistently wear the most, and anything that you trust to shuttle all your daily necessities and to match all your outfits should be pretty darn distinctive. And in the world of accessories, there are a few carryalls that have reached icon status. We're highlighting six…and the personalities we think they reveal. So, tell us, which bag are you?


  • 5 Things to Know This AM

    If you thought the Louboutin "sex" shoes made a statement that could be interpreted multiple ways, we encourage you to take a shot at these Prada smoking sandals. For starters, they may be the safest way to enjoy a cigarette. (Sea of Shoes)

    Get ready for some spring cleaning. Here's how to edit your makeup bag down to a few essentials that work twice as hard. (Stylelist)

    History's biggest style hits get treated with (a bit too much) starch. Check this artist's clever recreations that are beautiful, but have the potential to cause a few paper cuts. Ouch! (Ecouterre)

    It might be a bit too late for March Madness, but these custom Nike kicks could seriously electrify a basketball court. (Trendhunter)

    You didn't need another 10 reasons to love Prabal Gurung, but Sally Hansen gives them to us anyway. We thank you Sally...and so do our wallets. (Elle)


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  • Makeover Season: Spring's Hottest Hair-Color Trends

    HairColorTrends_OpenerHairColorTrends_Opener We're not sure about you guys, but we are bored out of our minds with our hair right now. What is it about March that just makes everything feel so blah? Time for a change, right? So, let's bust out the dye - because nothing freshens up a drab 'do quite like a new color. We asked Tracey Cunningham, a celebrity colorist and Redken creative consultant for color, to recommend three hot hair colors for spring, then had a trio of real girls try them out on their own locks. Check out their tress transformations and get Tracey's tips for scoring seriously cool strands this spring. And then you tell us, what's the most serious color leap you'd be willing to take this season?



    Dark-haired girls are going warmer for spring, adding hints of caramel, cocoa, and golden undertones to their manes. "My clients are loving the illumination technique of darker roots with lighter ends," says Cunningham. "It's like ombré, but it's more light-handed - not everyone wants so much contrast. This

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