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  • Bundle Up: 5 Coat Styles You'll Love for Fall

    Maegan TintariMaegan TintariCoats, coats, coats-we love them in leather, in wool, in cotton, in silk. Whether long, short, playful, or sophisticated, great coats and jackets make for a well-rounded wardrobe for all occasions and weather types.

    In preparation for the chilly months ahead, we've rounded up five fabulous coat staples that'll help you be prepared for whatever comes your way. And don't worry, we've included options that will fit any budget: high-end (splurge on this investment piece-you'll have it for years to come!); mid-range (you can't quite spend the big bucks, but want something that will last a couple of years); and budget-friendly (you still want to look stylish, but can't afford to blow any serious dough right now).

    The Trench Coat

    A perfect trench will get you (stylishly) through rainy days of every season, and a classic khaki colored one will never go out of style. Find one with a simple and timeless cut that will look great year after year, and throw it on during those chilly, rainy daysRead More »from Bundle Up: 5 Coat Styles You'll Love for Fall
  • The Cutest Halloween Treats Ever

    I love, love, love Halloween. Every year as a child I'd dress up as a witch, and it never got old. Actually, it still hasn't. But while my costume-wearing days are becoming fewer and fewer, my delight in Halloween parties and party food has not waned.

    Take these adorable mini ghost meringues, for example. I first made them the year after I graduated from college, when my three roommates and I threw a major Halloween bash, and I'm planning on making them again next week for a potluck with some friends. Whether you're organizing a spooktacular extravaganza or a wickedly fun get-together with a few close pals, these ghoulishly cute ghost meringues will do just the trick (or treat!).



    6 ounces ultrafine sugar
    3 egg whites
    1/2 pint heavy cream
    2 tablespoons dark chocolate chips


    You'll find that there are loads of different meringue recipes to be found online. I like Delia Smith's method-it's simple, you can make them ahead of time, and you'll end up Read More »from The Cutest Halloween Treats Ever
  • Buying in Bulk: Your Budget’s New BFF

    woman shopping (photo: shutterstock)Photo of grocery shopping courtesy of Shutterstock.Some items are easy to cut when you're trimming the fat off your budget-your gym membership when you only make it there once a month, the mani-pedi you splurge for every other weekend. But when it comes to saving money on groceries, it's a bit tougher-you've always got to eat! So, if you want to save on food, you're going to have to get strategic about it.

    My recommendation? Buy in bulk. While this may sound counterintuitive, especially if you're just shopping for one or two, it's the cheapest and easiest way to buy those things that you always reach for in your cupboards. Not yet a Costco convert? Here are four steps to get you started on bulk shopping (and saving).

    Buy a Bulk Store Membership

    Your first step: Get a membership at your nearest bulk store. You don't need to become an extreme couponer with a warehouse in your basement that would leave you ready for a nuclear fall-out-just visiting once or twice a month can help you save on things you know you'll use. And yes, these Read More »from Buying in Bulk: Your Budget’s New BFF
  • Pink Slip Power: How to Survive a Layoff

     Alejandra Mavroski Alejandra MavroskiThe day it happens feels like a normal one-at first. Your boss calls you in for an impromptu meeting. Maybe it's a new client, you think. Then you hear, "I've got some bad news." A lump forms in your throat. "Business is slow and in this difficult economy, we are being forced to let you go." Shock and panic set in. Then comes the kicker, "It has nothing to do with your performance."

    If this situation is all too familiar, you're not alone: 143,927 workers were affected by mass layoffs in April 2011 alone. It's happened to me…twice. As hard as it may seem at first, a pink slip is not the end of the world-and it may even be an opportunity to move forward faster than you otherwise would have. Here's how to keep your head held high in the toughest of times, from someone who's been there.

    Keep Calm and Carry On

    Though it may seem impossible to believe at the time, it will all be okay. Try to keep your composure in midst of that horrifying moment. If you find your boss saying something Read More »from Pink Slip Power: How to Survive a Layoff
  • Office-Friendly Halloween Costumes--Inspired by On-Screen Working Gals

    I love Santa Claus and his cadre of eight tiny reindeer just a much as the next gal, but as far as the holidays go-Halloween wins. Visions of rotting my teeth out with a bucket o' Skittles while "on a break" from handing out candy dance in my head. I've been a car mechanic, Medusa (an angsty little 8th grader with sprayed green hair and artfully arranged bobby-pinned plastic snakes), and Michael Jackson (twice! I don't know why my mom didn't stop me).

    Questionable parental judgment aside, this year, I've been assigned the tricky task of making sure you've got an incredible (yet office-appropriate) costume. We all know showing up as a sexy sailor, nurse, cat, or pirate isn't an option-but how can you be creative (and-let's face it-cute) in something that still looks borderline professional?

    Here's my best suggestion for all you festive 9-to-5ers: Dress up as your favorite cubicle dweller from the big (or small) screen.

    MCDDEWEFE044MCDDEWEFE0441. The Devil Wears Prada

    Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) &
    Read More »from Office-Friendly Halloween Costumes--Inspired by On-Screen Working Gals
  • 6 Things You Can Do to Ramp Up Your Job Search (This Week!)

    Do you live for the weekends? Do you despise Monday mornings? Are you majorly stuck in a rut or in a job you hate-or think there's got to be something better than what you're doing right now?

    I used to live a double life-working all day at a job I hated and then coming home and being a "job applicant" after work and on weekends. I was totally stuck and didn't know how to get out. I didn't care (or really even know) what jobs I applied to-all I knew is that I needed a change. It took years for me to finally figure out that this approach didn't work. The truth is, I needed to understand myself better before I could understand how to job hunt. And as soon as I did that, my dream jobs just starting popping up left and right. Eventually, I didn't even have to apply for jobs-they just came to me.

    Take it from me-there are many mistakes that job searchers make when trying to get out of a career rut. But there are also solutions. Here are six things you can do-this week-to get out of that

    Read More »from 6 Things You Can Do to Ramp Up Your Job Search (This Week!)
  • Living in Limbo: 5 Survival Tips when You're in Between Jobs

    Let go. Laid off. Corporately restructured out. Downsized. So many ways for a company to tell you you've been terminated, but they all translate the same: You don't have a job anymore, and it sucks.

    Sure, your mentors will tell you, "In a few months, you'll realize it's the best thing that could ever have happened to you." Your colleagues will pout, "Lucky you. Wish I could get out of here." Your friends will say, "Now you can do what really makes you happy and have fun again!"

    And all of it may very well prove to be true. But while you're in the midst of transition-from the moment you turn in your security card to the day you find a new gig-it's easy to get down on yourself and forget who you are and what you have to offer. To help ease into (and even enjoy) what I call "living in limbo," here are five tips to give you some perspective:

    1. Realize it Ain't You

    In these situations, many of us shoulder more than our fair share of responsibility and blame. My advice? Knock it off. Read More »from Living in Limbo: 5 Survival Tips when You're in Between Jobs
  • 5 Better Ways to Network on Twitter and LinkedIn

    Social media was once described as a professional cocktail hour-a way to connect, share, and interact with others beyond the confines of your cubicle. But now, it feels more like an epic college kegger; the kind where you find yourself wandering in a sea of red cups, the clamor of rowdy partygoers drowning out any real conversation and eliminating the chance to forge relationships that don't involve 3 AM tacos.

    So, how do you bring that party back down to a reasonable size, and actually connect with people you want to talk to? Half the battle is being able to sift through the noise. Here are a few easy ways to identify and jump into the right conversations with the right people for you and your professional interests.

    1. Seek out the Authors of the Content You Read

    Who are the social influencers in your area of expertise? Identifying these people is particularly useful in seeking out great conversations. One of the best places to start is the blogs or websites you go to for Read More »from 5 Better Ways to Network on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • The 4 Worst Party Spills and Stains (and How to Get Rid of Them)

    Party StainsParty StainsI'm one of those people who would rather go to a party at someone else's place than host one myself. All of the fun with none of the work? Yes, please.

    Occasionally, though, I do suck it up and throw a get-together. And when I do, someone inevitably spills, cracks, or shatters something (and oftentimes, I have to admit, that person is me). Fortunately, with a few tricks up your sleeve, these party fouls don't have to turn into disasters. Here's how to solve even the most stubborn messes.

    1. Red Wine on Your Couch

    • Paper towels
    • Clean white towel
    • White wine
    • Club soda (maybe)
    You knew you shouldn't have gotten all fancy and let your friends drink out of actual wine glasses instead of sturdy plastic cups-but you did, and that red wine spill on your couch looks catastrophic.

    There is hope, but you've got to snap into action fast-couch fibers absorb liquids quickly and the longer the stain soaks in, the worse your chances at removing it. Start by blotting the Read More »from The 4 Worst Party Spills and Stains (and How to Get Rid of Them)
  • Navigating a Personal Crisis at Work

    Normally, I am that reliable co-worker you can always count on-the one who never calls in sick. But that all changed a year ago, with a first trimester miscarriage, the loss of my aunt who I was extremely close to, and another miscarriage where I had to have surgery.

    This rollercoaster of unfortunate events could have knocked me down, made me not want to get out of bed, and affected my performance at work. But instead, I chose to stay positive and do everything I could to keep going, especially at the office.

    I hope that you will never have to deal with a personal crisis, but if you do, here are three things that helped me move from my bed to my desk-and get the best assessment ratings that I've ever received at work.

    1. Don't Worry About Work When You're Picking Up the Pieces

    After my first miscarriage, I headed right back to work and didn't give myself enough time to grieve and heal. I consumed myself with my job, and I used it as a way to not deal with what had happened.

    But Read More »from Navigating a Personal Crisis at Work


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