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  • Sweating it Out: How to Break into the Fitness Industry

    Become a Fitness Instructor

    My resume in the fitness industry looks like this: I've led an impromptu kickboxing class for hyper tween girls as a camp counselor, dressed as an '80s aerobics instructor for Halloween (highly recommended, by the way, for anyone looking to keep warm and comfortable in knee-high socks and sneakers all night), and sometimes given in to the urge to mimic a Body Pump routine when "Edge of Glory" comes on the radio.

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    Sounds like the makings of a fitness instructor, right? Not so fast.

    Fortunately for my hypothetical clients, getting your foot in the fitness door takes more than a side ponytail and a love of Gaga. But what exactly does it take? To find out, I asked a few pros to set me straight and strong. Here's what I learned.

    Certification is Only the First Step

    The process to become a certified personal trainer or a certified group fitness instructor isn't as standardized as the one to become, say, a

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  • 8 Super-Productive Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump

    Beat the afternoon slump.

    The afternoon slump is an office job hallmark. You know that sluggish stretch around 3 PM when your energy level dips, your motivation takes a nosedive with it, and you've still got another few hours before calling it a day? Yeah. The worst.

    You've probably heard all the common tricks to combat afternoon fatigue: Eat a protein-rich snack, organize your desk, watch a funny YouTube video. But considering you're at work an average of five days a week, 50 weeks out of the year, none of these workaday workarounds are going to be effective day in and day out.

    Need some new ideas for keeping your mind from going to mush in that post-lunch, pre-pack-up period? Check out these eight outside-the-box solutions for clearing your afternoon fog.

    1. Do Office Chair Yoga

    Stretching it out at your desk does wonders for your energy level (not to mention your chi). Plus, you may not realize it, but sitting at your desk for 8+ hours a day can do more than tire your eyes, fingers, and

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  • How to Break into the Wedding Industry

    Wedding Industry

    Are you a creative type with a soft spot for true love and elaborate events? If you enjoy a detail-oriented environment, a high level of innovation and originality, and well, a little bit of romance, then the wedding industry might be just right for you.

    As the founder of wedding inspiration engine, I work with all kinds of people in the wedding industry-from florists and photographers to those who run all-out event production companies. So, to help you navigate the wedding and special event industries, I sat down with a few of my favorite vendors and's own editorial director to hear more about their stories and what it takes to break in.

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    Bess Wyrick Bess Wyrick Bess Wyrick

    Owner and Creative Director, Celadon and Celery Events

    Brief Description of Job: As the creative director, I spend a lot of my time researching great vendors for fabrics, furniture, lighting, flowers, props, and other décor items. It's important

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  • No Sad Desk Salads Here: 6 Recipes You'll Be Excited to Eat

    Think a lunchtime salad can't be delicious, healthy, and satisfying? Think again! The key to a winning bowl of greens is a combination of delicious ingredients-with different flavors and textures-that will fill you up and provide you with the nutrition to keep you energized for the afternoon without weighing you down. With just a little prep over the weekend (wash your greens, chop some fruits and veggies, boil a few potatoes, cook some soba noodles), making energizing and filling lunches for the week is relatively effortless. So instead of having another bland salad (or food coma-inducing take-out meal), try one of these six recipes-you'll be looking forward to lunch all morning.

    1. Avocado, Corn, and Cilantro Bliss

    If you're not a salad person, this may just transform you into one. And if you are a salad person, get excited, because this delicious (and simple!) combination will undoubtedly become a regular part of your repertoire. Just make extra-you're sure to want more than Read More »from No Sad Desk Salads Here: 6 Recipes You'll Be Excited to Eat
  • Tired of Forgetting Names? Try These Tricks

    Remembering names

    You spot that acquaintance at the market and begin to wave. As you walk toward each other, an emphatic "hey" slips out-followed by a startling black hole of silence.

    What on Earth is her name?

    "Hey girl!" Your cheeks flush as you try to decide whether to just confess or wade through a conversation without revealing your memory lapse.

    Forgetting a name can make for a pretty painful social encounter, but in a professional relationship, it can be lethal. So, if you know you're not great with names, or just want a little boost for an upcoming event you've got on the calendar, try these strategies for enhancing your memory.

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    1. Really, Really Focus

    The most important thing you can do when trying to remember names is to really focus on the person's name-and nothing else-when first meeting him or her.

    In many networking situations, it's so easy to be distracted by other things that your focus isn't really on the

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  • How to Hunt Down a Hiring Manager's Email Address

    Hunt down a hiring manager's email

    We all know it's better to address a cover letter or pitch email to a specific person rather than just saying "Dear hiring manager." And not just any person, but the right person-the person who could choose you for the job.

    But even once you figure out who holds the power to hire for the position you seek, getting your note to land in his or her inbox is often easier said than done. Sure, some hiring managers post their email addresses in obvious places, making it easy to contact them. But others go out of their way to keep their contact information private with the hopes that they won't hear from unsolicited job seekers (like, er, you).

    Ironically, the people who are difficult to get in touch with might actually offer more opportunities: If it's not easy to find their email addresses, fewer candidates are emailing them-and your email stands a better chance of getting read.

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    All it takes to get your foot in

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  • 5 Ways to Erase “Like” from Your Work Vocabulary

    Erase Erase

    Many of us occasionally drop the word "like" into work conversations without even thinking about it.

    "I think we sent out like 1,500 invitations."
    Many of us occasionally drop the word "like" into work conversations without even thinking about it.

    "I asked him for the report, and he was like, 'It's not going to happen today.'"

    "She's, like, pretty frustrated with her new boss."

    And while you can use it here and there without any repercussions, it's easy to unwittingly cross over to saying "like" frequently, which detracts from your message and overall professionalism.

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    Take it from me: I was blissfully unaware of my own overuse until a, let's say, straightforward colleague pointed it out to me-and I've since been on a mission to eradicate the word from my vocabulary.

    In the same boat? Join me on my journey, and try out the strategies below.

    1. Slow Down

    I'm known as a mega fast-talker

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  • How to Convince Employers You’re the One (When You’re Not Convinced Yourself)

    Convince Employers You're the One

    You never forget your first.

    I still remember my very first phone interview with laser-vivid clarity. I was sitting at my parents' kitchen table, fingers twirling through an actual phone cord (how retro!), trying to persuade a woman I'd never met that I was The One To Hire.

    The gig was a paid internship at a prestigious public broadcasting company and-even though I'd never worked in radio before-I knew I had the goods. Well, mostly.

    As I responded to each question she threw my way, my heart was beating like a caffeinated hummingbird. The frightened animal portion of my brain was looping three words: "Please-hire-me-please-hire-me-please-hire-me."

    Meanwhile, another portion of my brain was looping 11 different words: "I'm really awesome. I think. No, I am. Wait, am I?"

    Somehow, despite my hummingbird heartbeat, I was able to convey that I had a "body of work" to bring to the table-English tutor! Student journalist! Published humor columnist! Able to recite Garrison

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  • Is it Ever OK to Go Over Your Boss' Head?

    Go Over Boss' Head

    While some employers like to boast that they're "flat" organizations, the reality is, all of us report to someone at the end of the day. If you're lucky, you'll have a boss that knows what he or she's doing and will become a great mentor and ally for you.

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    But, bosses are people, too, and sometimes they make a mistake or (gasp!) don't have all the answers. What then? What if you can see a disaster coming from a mile away, and your boss doesn't see it? Or what if your manager is doing something you know isn't right? Are you supposed to just sit idly by while carnage ensues?

    The answer, as you may have guessed, is not a simple yes or no.

    Whether your boss is a rock star or ridiculously under-qualified, this person is still your boss, and someone put him or her in that place for a reason. Which, in short, means you need to respect that as much as possible. That said, there are a few serious situations where going over your

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  • 7 Ways to Kick Off the Fall Stress-Free

    Kick off fall stress free

    Your lunchtime outings were longer and sunnier during the summer months, making for a nice break from work stress. But that's when sounds of silence in the corner office were deafening. Summertime has made a graceful exit, and here we are, kicking off what is arguably the busiest time of the business calendar.

    Coming into fall, we all tend to step up our career game (it might have something to do with those new boots we have to pay for). But your work stress level doesn't have to ramp up along with it, if you get a handle on how you're going to manage it ahead of time.

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    To help you get those new boots walking in a positive direction, here are some keys to creating a stress-free return to more cubicle time in autumn.

    1. Revisit Your Morning Work Routine

    The sun gradually rises later in the fall, but instead of grabbing a few extra zzz's, try to get into the office just 10 minutes earlier than usual this month to reorient yourself to what might be

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